I Was Called Incompetent ch.64

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Episode 64: King

[Wahahah…! Guh..!]

I managed to defend against its attack and evaded away.
By chance, my last wish came true. But I doubt that I’ll come back alive.
Even so… why is this fellow being so close to the city…!

Originally, the request only wanted me to investigate the case of monster sightings in this area.
Only A-rank monsters tend to appear here which are easy to handle.
However, this fellow here is at least an S-rank. Moreover, this one seemed to be an individual with a second name, which makes it stronger than its regular kin.

[What’s the name again… Guvilial was it….? Goho goho….! Uh! Dag…nabbit!]

Guvilial is a quadrupedal monster.
Its entire body is covered in long hairs, each one is as durable as steel.
It could manipulate its hairs freely and attack with them. When weaved together, its hair attack can be very fast while still as heavy as a spear strike.
Its sharp claws also give it an edge in close to medium-range combat.

The fellow I’m fighting right now is bigger than normal. Not to mention the hair which is also longer.
It certainly had lived for quite a while… but if it’s the old me, I would’ve…

[Nuguh… n, no way…]

My vision turned hazy.
In addition to the blood I coughed out, I’m also losing blood from the wound the Guvilial inflicted on my flank.
With my sudden decline in power since a month ago, I know I’m not up for this task, but…

[It will be difficult… but at least, I’ll take this fellow with me…!]

Steel hair was rushing at me one after another.
I tried to use the trees in the forest as cover, but hairs tore through them instantly as if the trees were made of paper.



My life is destined to end soon.
I simply took a shortcut to the end.
Honestly, I wish I could say goodbye to everyone… but well, I just have to be selfish.
I’m sorry for going out without any warning… forgive me.

With all my strength, I wrung out my magic power to the last drop.
Since my life is about to end… let’s go out in a blaze… However!

[You’ll be accompanying me!]

As the hairs were speeding towards me, I cast my magic…

[Haaaaaaaa! Trample, Sword of the King, Caledfwlch!]


When the sword of the suddenly appearing young man struck the incoming hair, they were crumpled and buried on the ground as if something very heavy had trampled upon them.
A young man in red and black armor stood in front of me, confronting the Guvilial to protect me. 


[Wh, who, are you…!?]

[I’m just passing by as an adventurer. We’ll talk later.]

[A, alright… Guh, geho! Geho!] 

The man is injured… I want to treat him right away, but I need to get rid of this creature before me first.
The hair monster was still having trouble extracting its spear-like appendages that had been trampled by the power of Caledfwlch from the ground.

[Levi, please take care of the old man. We’ll handle this one.]

[As you wish, Rhode-sama. Speaking of which, that is a Guvilial. It can use its steel-like hair as a weapon. Do be careful. Are you alright? Be careful…]

[Hah… ha…. Sorry… geho!] 


The Guvilial roared in desperation while trying to pull its hair out. But Caledfwlch’s power was too great.
This sword, which is said to help shape the dignity of the king who once wielded it, has the power to make the opponents prostate.


Caledfwlch – The Sword of King

A legendary sword created by Orculia, a legendary forge that existed in ancient times.
It is said that the magic stone embedded in this sword carried the significance of a King’s existence.

Its power could pressure anything to bow down to the ground.

However, if the wielder touches anything else during use, the ability will be canceled.
In addition, the ability will not affect an opponent who is equal or better than its wielder.

Rank: 【SS】
Ability: 【SS】



At the moment, instead of on the body, I had used the ability on the hairs that were attacking the old man.
It seemed that the hair had a predetermined range, so it wasn’t able to reach the old man after I interfered.
The Guvilial may have finally realized that pulling out its hair is near impossible. I saw the rest of its hair starting to rise.
Most likely it’s planning to attack me with its remaining hairs.

[But it’s too late for you.]

The moment I finished saying that, a scorching lightning spear fell from the sky, beheading the Guvilial.
Losing its head, the Guvilial collapsed to the ground without having a chance to retaliate in the end.
At the same time, a man in orange-colored attire fell from the sky and landed perfectly.

[Thanks, Brionac. The timing was perfect.]

[All, because Master distracted it. There is nothing much to it. Well then, I shall excuse myself.]

[Sorry, it’s such a brief call. I’ll summon you again soon.]

[There is no need to be sorry. My wish has already been fulfilled. Until later.]

With Brionac returning to the notebook, I headed toward the wounded old man.
His body was full of scratches and wounds, but the one on his flank was particularly bad.

[You, you are… what power…]

[Let’s save that for later. For now, Excalibur…]

[Hold on a second, Rhode-sama. This person is ill. And he is in such a dire condition… where he could die at any given time. Why is mister in here with such a body… and you are…?] 

[Hahaha… it’ll be too long to explain… let’s just say that it’s to fulfill my selfishness one last time. More importantly… thanks to you… I can at least last until I return to Celt…. Thank you.]

[No worries, it won’t be your last. Asclepius!]

I summoned Asclepius from the notebook and proceeded to materialize her.
She appeared with a smile, still all flowy as the first time.

[Thank youー Rhode-samaー]

[Hi, Asclepius. My bad for asking right away, but…]

[Yeーs. If it some illness, please leave it to meー]

[Is, is that… summoning magic? From a wand to a person….]

[Oh my… the magic syndrome. It must have been painful… but rest assured. This may be very painful so be preparedー]

[Wha, what in the world…]

Once Asclepius hit the old man’s head with her wand, he started to clutch his chest in pain, much like what happened to Tia’s mom.
But this is….

[Gu…AAAhhhhhh! Wha, wha… guooooooOOOOOH!?]

[Is, isn’t this a lot more severe than the last time…?]

[That is because the magic syndrome is normally incurable… therefore the pain is on an entirely different level compared to that timeー. At worst, this will probably last for a few hours.]

[A, a few hours!? Will he be still alright….?]

[Nnー….it does look like he is in a lot of pain, is he not? But this person will otherwise die today or tomorrow. Such a serious condition cannot be treated half heartedlyー] 

I see… in that case, one can say that it’ll be like being revived from death.
But still, does it have to be so painful…?

[Rhode-sama, I will bring the carriage in.]

[Yes, I got it. I’ll fetch some water then. Asclepius, would you please look after the old man?]


Going to a nearby river that I saw while flying, I used Trident to carry the water in a ball.
When I returned with a water ball floating on Trident’s tip, I saw that Levi had already brought the carriage in.
After relieving Asclepius from her task of tending to the old man, we deposited him inside the carriage.

[For a few hours… just how bad is his condition]

Hearing me muttering so, Levi replied while handing me a compass

[Well…. As Asclepius-sama said, he is in such a state where it would not be strange to die at any given moment. Rather, it is no exaggeration to say that… it is a miracle that he is still alive.]

[I see… Levi, how about his name?]

Her knowing the old man’s physical condition means that she had “looked” into him.
At first glance, I could tell that he’s wearing rather expensive armor. So he might be a high-ranking adventurer, a merchant, or a noble who got separated from his group.
Someone in the city should be able to recognize him.

[About that… the old man’s name is Orlando-Godrick Celt…]

[Eh? That can’t be true…!]

[But yes, he is most definitely His Majesty King of Celt himself.]

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