I Was Called Incompetent ch.66

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Chapter 66: Everything

[It’s time.]

The simple words conveyed what she needed to know.
Asna’s chain and manacles were removed and were replaced with a rope around her neck.
She let the soldiers do their job without any resistance.

Eddie, the knight captain who was watching such a situation from behind, still strongly felt that she was not guilty as charged.
Although he was not aware of its name, he has this skill named “Evil Scrying Eyes”.
And these eyes, which had accurately pinpointed many evildoers in the past, did not view Asna as one.
However, he had no way to stop her execution now.

Asna climbed the stairs leading to the ground floor with a soldier urging her.
She could feel her life declining with each staircase she takes.
Her face looked calm, but of course, she’s still scared deep inside.
She’ll die today.
She’ll be put on the execution table and be decapitated by the executioner in front of the people.
All that is just around the corner now.

There’s no miracle. Only death awaits.
Even so, Asna kept her eyes forward.
After everything she experienced on the street, Asna felt that what is about to come is warmer in comparison. 

Her guilt overpowered her fear of death.
Due to her naturally tender personality, she still felt conscious about the fact that she had pushed Rhode into the path of suicide.
There’s no way to know whether he’s truly dead or not, but the guilt is still eating into her all the same.

For the orphan Rhode, Asna was pretty much his next closest confidante after his deceased parents.
Therefore, the hatred caused by the world’s anomaly should’ve rendered Asna to be very unlikely to support Rhode, even if it’s only on the surface. 

And yet, her innately tender persona made it so that, despite the hatred, Asna was unconsciously unable to directly express her hate to Rhode.
In addition to that, the small inkling of love she felt toward Rhode before it became known that he’s an incompetent may have also played a part.

Once she turned into an incompetent just like the old Rhode, she started believing that she deserved to die after what she did to Rhode. She could only laugh wryly after realizing how stupid, vicious, and cruel her thoughts were.
Therefore, she only had one wish now.

That is, to be given a chance to apologize to Rhode.

She’d love to be able to apologize directly to him, but alas, that’s impossible.
Now she can only do it as her final words before the execution.
She knew that the newspaper would not record anything an incompetent said.
However, since she can no longer meet him in this world, there’s not much she could do about it.

After climbing the stairs, there was a long dark passage.
The plaza, where the execution would be held, was just up ahead.
When she exited the dark passage into the bright plaza, Asna found that there were already many people gathering there.

Those people started to jeer at her right after she appeared.
Asna lowered her head, taking in the jeerings submissively.
And yet it didn’t stop.
After all, to those who were unaware of what happened, she’s just an incompetent criminal who attacked an innocent family.

Under Eddie’s command, she stood in the center of the execution table and was instructed to kneel there.
She kneeled as told, and she stretched her back with her body upright.
Eddie was staring at her with pitiful eyes, but he started speaking according to his position.

『Be quiet.』

Eddie’s voice amplified by the magic stone stopped the noisy people’s voice.
In the eerie silence, Eddie finally continued.

『This is an incompetent girl who suddenly attacked an innocent family. She will therefore be beheaded here and with her death shall she atone for her sins.』

Afterward, Eddie threw a glance at Asna.
She neither smiled nor mourned, not even a pinch of fear could be gleaned from her calm face as she stared at everyone on the plaza. Something that didn’t fit her situation.
His heart lurched.

Suddenly, Eddie approached her and put the voice amplifying magic stone near her mouth.
His action surprised not only the people watching but also the soldiers on the execution site.
On his part, he knew that this is just to ease his conscience.
Hating himself for being unable to do anything else, this was the only thing he could do.

He never gave a soon-to-be-executed criminal a chance to speak their last words before.
It’s because it may interfere with the executioner’s duty, not to mention that mad rambling and cursing of a sinner on the verge of death may adversely affect the people who came to watch the execution.
However, Eddie broke this ban himself, thinking that Asna had something she needed to say before she died. Especially after his previous encounter with her in the cell room five days ago.

[Say what you want to say. That’s all I can do for you.]

Asuna responded to Eddie’s words with a weak smile.

[Thank you…very much…]

When the conversation between the two people, which only them could hear, was over, Eddie inserted his magical power into the magic stone. 


I thought that I wouldn’t have any chance to do this.
My original plan was to shout [Rhode, forgive me] before I died.
But now a powered magic stone was presented to me to speak up.
So let’s tell them everything.
All of it, from the beginning.
Thus I took a deep breath.

『My name is…..Asna Lindtail. I originated from Ist in Nibelugh. First of all, to the family that was frightened by me the other day……I’m sorry.』

I bowed my head.
My voice echoed in the silence, nobody else spoke up to now.
When I raised my head and looked around, I found everyone was glaring at me.
Un… this is most likely how the world is perceived through his eyes.

『I had a childhood friend. A boy who lived in the next house. I’ve been playing with him since I was a kid. He was very kind and the best childhood friend someone could get. I wish we could get along with each other as it is… or so I thought. 』

I knew that everyone remained silent only because there’s this man letting me speak. They might not hear me properly still.
Even so, I continued to speak.
I hope that it’ll reach Rhode somehow.

『When we turned 15, we obtained our magic. I got myself fairly good magic, but he… turned out to be an incompetent.』

Hearing that, the people on the plaza began to show discontent.
It’s only natural.
They only knew me as an incompetent.

『Our relationship, which was my best childhood friend until then, was changed completely since then. The moment he turned out to be incompetent, I began to feel that he was a pathetic creature. I even secretly thought he’s better off dead. I enjoyed seeing the townspeople make fun of him, and I felt superior by giving him a meal and pretending to be sympathetic.』

The discontent became louder.
Even so, I marched on.

『Such days continued for 3 years, until one fateful day, I was asked to join a certain party by a particular someone. At that time, I was overjoyed because I thought this particular someone was leagues beyond an incompetent like my friend could be. Then, when I happily told him about this, he had a look of despair on his face, just as I imagined he would. I enjoyed it. I was the only one in the town who treated him decently, and I knew that he might be inclined to die if I were gone.』

Truly… I was the worst.
I permitting me deserve to die.
But I have to say everything before I die.
And above all… I need to apologize…..!

『S, so…..later that night…..I held a farewell party in my house with my other friends. Afterward, I had a small talk with them in front of my house. I suddenly noticed that the window to his room was still open…..and then an unpleasant feeling overflowed in me. I said out loud that I won’t be returning to Ist for a while, and that… I didn’t care about him anymore. Even as far as telling everyone that he’s better off dead… I did so deliberately! Because I knew that he would be listening!  Because I had no gall to speak all that terrible things to him directly…!』

I desperately held my tears back.
For I no longer deserve to cry.
This man is letting

『The next day…I visited his house before I departed, but he didn’t come out. Not many knew this, but apparently, he had gone somewhere. Thinking back, I should’ve been scared and worried… but I was happy instead. I simply thought that he’s finally gone for good…..!And then…I left the town just like that』

The noises were getting louder.
It’s alright…I’m almost done.

『Then I was brought here by party I joined and for some reason lost my magic…..I become an incompetent just like him.』

I deliberately hid the hero’s involvement.
No one would believe it if I said that I lost my magic because of the hero. It’ll only incite more anger if I said so. 
Besides, I couldn’t care less about that anymore.
As long as I can speak to the end and apologize to Rhode, then…

『I believe that it was a just dessert for me. However, being in the same position as he once did, I came to realize just how horrible I was to him. But it’s all too late now.』

The end is coming.
It’s all good… I got to speak up till the end.
I could only hope it can reach you… I hope…
Ahh… it’s no good… I’m already…

『Th, that’s why…..before…..before I die…..! Thank you for giving me the permission to speak…..thank you…..!A, and…..uuu…..Rhode!Forgive me…..!I know it’s way too late to apologize……but please, forgive me…..!』

There I said it…
With this… I have nothing left to worry about.
The tears won’t stop flowing.
But I had no more strength nor right to wipe it.

[Is that all?]


[I see…]

The plaza was noisy.
I kept hearing cries and jeers like [Liar] or [I’m not going to be fooled].
But I ignored them and set my head to the wooden stand.
I could see the executioner raising his ax, and as it disappeared into a blur.
This is the end…

『Then, I will now execute the sentence. Purify this person’s sins and may her soul have eternal peace… 』

Rhode…I’m sorry…!
At that time, a breeze blew and a violent metallic sound rang over my head.




I recognize that huffing sound.

[Asna… I only get to hear you…by the end.]



I was at a loss for words.

[Who the hell are you…!]

My tears won’t stop flowing.

[My name is Rhode Irvine. And I have come here…to stop this execution!]

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