Glutton Berserker ch.189

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 189 – Readjusted Eris

It was clean ground with greenery.
We disembarked from the airship of Libra and proceeded through the forest where the monsters slept.

The scenery was still the same as when I visited before.
What makes it different is that now I’m here not only with Roxy.

[It is further to the south from here, right?]

[If what Libra said can be trusted.]

[What is over there?]

Myne replied to my question before anyone else could answer.
So helpful. She’s more experienced in this matter anyway. Meanwhile I’ve only seen it from a distance.

[Mergadia, the imperial capital of Gallia. Those who have fallen asleep should have begun to move, regaining their original functions.]

[Do you mean the machine angels?]

What Roxy mentioned were the lost weapons of Gallia.
That’s probably the first thing that came to her mind. Well, me too.

[Un. That’s just one of the imperial capital defensive systems.]

[ [ One of!? ] ]

Both me and Roxy raised our voices in unison.
Myne proceeded to reveal something scarier.

[What Fate has encountered so far are mostly those still in larval state. We’ll be fighting the adults more often now.]

[It’s like there’s still something beyond Area E…]

[It is. Area E is merely the entrance. Greed should’ve told you this.]

[No wonder Gallia had reigned over the entire world for so long.]

[Un. from the point of view of common people, the imperial capital was like where the Gods reside. They can only kneel in the face of such power.]

If an unqualified person stepped in, it is highly likely that the defense system will be activated.

[I’ll handle the monsters and the angels. Make way for Fate to proceed.]

[Will you be alright on your own…?]

Myne glared at me in response.
I couldn’t help but feel worried.
But she’s the strongest girl I’ve ever met after all.

[Alright. But don’t overdo it.]

[I will.]

What I’m more concerned about is Myne’s wrath skill turning her into a demon. The last time I fought her, along with increased fighting capability, two horns also grew on her forehead.
There’s a saying that the best offense is the best defense….. That’s exactly how Myne fought.
She was even capable of overwhelming the black shield. I could subdue her only with the help of her sister, Luna.
The wrath demonification changed the body of its user in order to achieve the next rank of power by drawing power from its user’s anger. However, the user is still human at heart.
But it also rendered its user closer to being devoured by the wrath skill. There’s always a price to pay.
It’s just like the gluttony skill. In the end the skill would run berserk.

Myne was always worried about my gluttony skills, perhaps because she knew best about the price we have to pay.

[Now the problem is Lust.]

[Eris, huh…]

I turned to look at Eris who was walking a few steps behind us.
She didn’t even pretend to try to join our conversation. Remaining silent just like the black bayonet Envy did.
Even when Snow kept pulling on her skirt or poking on her butt, there’s no reaction at all. If she wasn’t under anyone’s control, she would’ve reacted a long time ago.

[Snow has been pranking her all day, but she’s still here.]


[Please stop that at once.]

Roxy hurriedly held Snow away from doing another prank.

[All of you, did you forget something?]


[I don’t know.]

[Eris-sama is a Queen!]

Now that she mentioned it, she WAS the Queen of a country. And Holy Knights served under her.
In other words, for Roxy, a holy knight, Eris was the most esteemed individual.
Roxy was born a holy knight, so I understood. As for me, my meetings with Eris usually consisted of her trying to tempt me with her Lust skill. So I’m more vigilant whenever I’m around her.

Moreover, 80% of someone’s impression of others came from the first meeting.
After what I’ve been through, it’s very hard for me to see Eris as a queen.

[Even after her majesty ended up like this, you guys still treat her like you always do… poor her.]

[It’s her karma.]

[You bet.]

[You two!]

Eris was currently pretty much Libra’s henchman. He gave us the black bayonet envy for her to use because it’s otherwise too dangerous for Eris to travel to Gallia.
We still don’t know whether Libra will truly release Eris or not. But the possibility of that actually happening cannot be ruled out yet. He’ll at least keep things ambiguous until we successfully close the Door to His Land.
But I still wanted to make sure if Eris can work together with us properly.
Especially with her acting like an emotionless doll so far.



She replied. I guess communication is allowed this time around.

[To what extent can you control the black bayonet?]

[I am mainly a support fighter. I can provide you with more battle power than you normally have.]

Since it wasn’t the first time we fought together, I’m aware of how amazing the support that Eris and the black bayonet can provide.
Eris’ support range was as vast as the distance her bullet could reach. Against invisible enemies, she could easily detect them and suppress them with bullets that automatically tracked the target.

[After readjustments, we have regained our original strength.]


[Yes. Envy is the same. It is now stronger than your current black sword.]

[No need to remind me that…]

Losing Greed may not equate to me losing mastery over all of his forms. However, it’s true that I’m still unable to handle the fifth stage properly.
Because it’s way too powerful, it also requires a more delicate control than other forms.

[You will certainly need my support when you are facing Dean.]

[So reliable.]

[At your service.]

She picked the hem of her skirt with both hands and bowed.

[Then, allow me to give you a sample.]

We were going through the green valley.
Toward the direction of the magic power lump that I’ve been sensing for a while now.

[Is that… a person?]

Myne prevented Roxy from checking.

[No. A lamia… who used to be a person.]

A huge snake with an upper body of a beautiful woman.
I noticed that it’s been sending sharp gazes at us. I didn’t use appraisal skill on it since who knew if it has a way to counter it and blind me.

[Roxy, stay guard near Snow. Let Myne and I handle this, Eris will be our support]

Before I gave her any instructions, Myne had already gone to charge.
The lamia was also approaching us rapidly despite not having legs.

There were three aboveground. And underground…


I heard Roxy’s voice calling for my attention.
Alright. I know now. There were about two more.

Avoiding the cracking ground by jumping sideways, I also struck at the emerging head of the Lamia who tried to bite me.
It was a rather shallow cut. I know because the Gluttony skill didn’t activate.

I was about to give chase, but the other lamia burst forth from the ground.
Now should I deal with the newer one or… just when I thought so, I could hear the noise of a gunshot.

A jet black bullet caused the lamia’s head to explode.
Is that supposed to be a support weapon? What a joke… that is powerful enough to be an offensive weapon.
So it’s true that its power had been improved.

I finished off the lamia in front of me.


《Gluttony Skill activated》

《Strength+1.8E(+8), Vitality+2.5E(+8), Magic+2.0E(+8), Spirit+1.2E(+8), Agility+2.5E(+8) will be added to your stats》

《Poison attack, poison resistance will be added to the skill list》


It seemed to be an ordinary monster in this area judging from its stat.
Moreover, poison!? I really don’t want to think how devastating it would be if done with the stats of Area E. Thankfully I was able to guard Roxy and Snow.

Myne seemed to be familiar with this monster. But just in case, let’s tell her about it.

When I was about to inform Myne about the monster, she’s fighting off the three lamias at the same time.

[The lamia has a poison attack. Don’t get hit by its attacks!]

Tilting her head to my words, she easily slayed the attacking lamias at the same time with a single swing.

[I did not know that.]

[Aren’t you familiar with it already?]

[Monsters are too weak. They never attacked me before. New information!!]

Myne’s eyes were shining, maybe I was glad that she gave me the information.
It was a stark contrast to the splattered corpses of the lamias behind her.
She’s a reliable warrior after all.
Myne then rushed to my side, looking a bit worried.

[You alright?]

[Nn? It’s just a gluttony skill though?]

[Un. Eating an area E is usually painful for Fate before.]

[Strangely, I don’t feel anything. Perhaps I’m in tiptop shape.]

[….I don’t think it’s a good sign. Especially with Luna no longer there.]

Myne stated her doubt. Increasing stats shouldn’t be that easy after all.

[I’ll do all the fighting. At least until we reach the capital. Fate shouldn’t eat too much.]

[But that will put extra burden on Myne.]

[No problem. Fate’s condition is more problematic as it is.]

Roxy and the others joined us as we speak, but I guess they’re only able to hear the last part of our conversation.
Lagging behind for me, Roxy said,

[Will it be alright? I can help with my angel form…]

[No, you need to save it.]

[But… Myne-san.]

[Please rest assured. I will act as your support. This is also Libra-sama’s will.]

As if responding to Roxy’s worry, Eris stepped forth with the black bayonet in hands.
Right afterward, several gunshots could be heard.

[I have attacked all monsters detected by magic perception within range. All clear.]

Me and Roxy confirm the magical power of the surroundings. No reaction.


[You gotta be kidding me…]

[Uwaa! All of them have been defeated!]

Snow was excited at the show.
Myne was strong…. But this Eris might be just as strong.
Eris spun the black bayonet to shake away the heat after firing it consecutively, then put it back into its holster.

[Now, let us proceed. We are commanded to escort everyone perfectly to the capital.]

Eris said with a dry tone, as if the battle just now meant nothing at all.

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