I Was Called Incompetent ch.68

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 68: Undulation

[I-I just can’t calm myself…]

[Oh, is that so? On my part, I feel somewhat nostalgic.]

The throne room… I got nervous because I had never entered such a room full of elegance.
On the other hand, as expected from a maid of a legendary king, Levi looked comfortable with her surroundings.
Even as we sat on such a fluffy sofa, she did so with familiarity. 

After that, the people who were ordered to guide us here silently left the room.
Who are these two people…was what they’re probably thinking judging from their expression.
Well, that’s only natural I guess.

Asna, who was brought to the palace along with us, was in another room to get a new dress.
She was on the verge of death both physically and mentally… I hope she can talk after calming down.
What happened to her… was most likely caused by the Hero…
While thinking about that, the gorgeous door was opened daringly and the King of Celt entered alongside Eddie.
Both me and Levi immediately got up and bowed.

[Please, no need to be courteous. If you bow your head, then I should be sitting on the floor.] 

King of Celt, with his short dark brown hair flowing behind him and a fine beard of the same color, laughed.
Wearing fur-decorated armor and a red cloak, his figure truly looks like a King now.
Prompted by the King in all of his majesty, we could only sit back on the sofa.
The King then proceeded to sit across us with a gold-decorated glass table acting as a buffer. 
Eddie-san stood behind the King with his hand folded behind his back.

[Your Majesty, thank you very much… for saving Asna.]

Anyways, I need to thank him…
It would not have happened without the king’s assistance after all.

[…I should be the one who says that. Not to mention my life, you even saved our Celt’s pride. That is the least we can do to repay you, Rhode…]

[That is correct. We all have to thank Rhode-dono. I was originally planning to resign from my position as Knight Captain after the execution because I couldn’t stand my helplessness… but, thanks to you, I don’t have to anymore.]

Is that so…?
He’s very worried about it after all.
Then the King talked apologetically.

[Eddie… it’s also my fault that you have to go through that ordeal…]

[Your Majesty… then please tell me why didn’t you tell us about your illness? Are we not trustworthy enough?]

Eddie turned his sad eyes toward King Celtic.
The King was of course aware of his fault.

[Forgive me… I didn’t want to make anyone worry. But let’s keep that aside for now. I wish to talk with Rhode first. Now that we’re not in a rush like last time, we can talk about everything in more detail. Right?]

[Understood. I will tell Your Majesty everything…]

At the same time, my communication stone started ringing.
From whom is it, at such time…

[Please receive it. Don’t mind us.]

[Ah, pardon me, Your Majesty… yes, Rhode’s talking…?]

『Yo, it’s Ban.』

[B-Ban-san!? What happened so suddenly…]

[Ban…? Rhode, you are also acquainted with Ban!?]

『That voice…isn’t it…old man Orlando? Eh, what is Rhode doing that he’s with you now!?』

To be able to casually call a King ‘old man’… what a scary guy…
Or rather, it seemed that they knew each other.

[Well, various things happened… I thought I’ll inform you about it later…]

『I have no idea… it seems that you’re in the middle of something, am I intruding?』

[Ah, not at all… it might be better if Ban-san participated in this talk as well. Your Majesty, Ban-san is already aware of my background.]

[I see. Then Ban, you should join the talk.]

『Nn? Rhode, have you probably… revealed that to old man Orlando too?』

[Let’s just say… I’ve broken my promise with you, Ban-san.]


Thus I briefly explained what happened in Celt to Ban-san.
As I talked about saving the King and rescuing Asna, Ban-san listened while occasionally responding with a [hmm].

『It can’t be helped. I would’ve done the same if I were in the same situation. However…』 

[Yes…the news might get out.] 

[You mean…to the one who created the concept of incompetent?]

『Yeah… I don’t know where that person is, but he or she is certainly still in this world…』

[Then we should commence a gag order… Make haste, Eddie. Especially to anyone related to the media.]

[Yes! Right away!]

Eddie-san left the room immediately.
But, it’s probably useless.

『Even if the news doesn’t appear on paper…..we can’t stop rumors from spreading. It will eventually reach their ears. Rhode, you gotta step carefully from now on. I mean very carefully』

[Yes, I get it….]

So far I had never been specifically targeted, but that might change after this. 
I need to be vigilant.

[Well then, I must ask you to start from the beginning once more. I may be able to help.]

[Alright, from the beginning it is…]


[Which means… It’s neither demon nor dragon?]

『Can’t say for sure right now. Titanomachy is also suspicious…』

[What about the temple?]

『They’re a special case…right now they’re untouchable and it’s a hassle to deal with them』

[It’s exactly as Ban said. They are nigh untouchable, even for a king like me. If it’s not solid proof, it’ll be hard to shake them.]

[So there’s nothing we can do as of now…]

The discussion boiled down to the fact that we had very little proof.
What we currently lack is a decisive factor and thus the discussion came to a dead end.
For now, the number one question is “Why was such a concept created?”, and our biggest concern is not knowing the clear answer to that question.
Without knowing the motive, it’s difficult to see the whole picture.

[In the end, we’re still lacking materials….so to speak? But we’re definitely on the right path. There’s no choice but to keep searching. Ah, by the way… why did you contact Rhode, Ban?]

『Ah… I nearly forgot. Well, it’s not exactly a big deal…..but recently there are way too many dragon-slaying requests posted around where I am. I didn’t know where Rhode was so I thought to contact him and confirm the situation. By the way, I’m currently in Greece. Not so far away from Armenia.』

Greece…One of the five major nations located to the west of the Valhalla continent.
Armenia has had a large number of dragons since ancient times because it is close to the continent of the dragons in the south of Greece. It is a mid-sized nation that is famous for having many dragon-hunting Knights.
Both countries should have originally had a high proportion of dragons, but since Ban-san bothered to contact us, it must be much more than usual.
This information… I didn’t know because I hadn’t visited Celt’s Adventurer Guild yet.

[How about Your Majesty?]

[Well… I haven’t received that many requests lately. My body was reaching its limit after all…]

I see… so it’s been a while since the King received any request.
Given his previous condition, it’s only natural.

『Even so… I didn’t know that old man Orlando was suffering from magic syndrome…』

[Of course, you didn’t… But it’s just because I didn’t meet Alice back at the Olympus meeting. She would’ve seen through my ruse easily.]

『Ahー…so you didn’t get to meet her back then. No wonder…』

[Well, sorry about that… Anyway, let’s confirm this with the Adventurer Guild. Anyone!?]

Right after the King called out, a soldier immediately left the room and returned as fast as he left.
Everyone worked real fast… this Kingdom has many excellent human resources.

[Reporting, Your Majesty. According to the Celt’s Adventurer Guild, there are currently more requests for monsters than dragons. Moreover, there are reports that it is more than double the usual number.]


[Yes, Your Majesty! Since the number of requests goes up and down, it cannot yet be said that it is abnormal. However, the Adventurer Guild is currently monitoring it due to the large number.]

[I see…well done. You’re dismissed.]

[Yes, Your Majesty!]

The soldier saluted and left the room.
The number of monsters is growing… I felt like the world was slowly heading on an unpleasant path.
Peaceful time… Strong Adventurers growing smaller in number…incompetent…disturbing movements of dragons and demons…Titanomachy… temple…everything overlaps into a jumbled mess.

[The world is about to move violently now. I think… we are about to witness an undulating change.]

At the same time, the door was knocked from outside. When the King responded, Eddie-san… along with Asna entered the room.

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