I Was Called Incompetent ch.69

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 69: That day


[Pardon me for the wait. Your Majesty, the gag order is being enacted already. Other than that, Asna-kun wished to see you in person…here she is.] 

[I see… Eddie, a chair then?]

Asna bowed her head deeply and then sits in a chair prepared by Eddie-san.
She’s wearing new clothes and probably bathed as well considering how she looks clean now.
She’s still the same Asna as I remember her, albeit thinner. 
Even though we didn’t see each other for only one and a half months, Asna seemed smaller compared to the last time I saw her.
She took a deep breath before bowing her head deeply.

[Your Majesty, Eddie-san, and… Rh, Rhode… thank you…thank you very much…!]

Her shoulders were shaking as Asna said that.
The King stood up from his chair, approaching Asna, and kneeled before her.

[Oh Asna… honestly, I should apologize to you. But I don’t know how to properly do so. Therefore for now… I can only say sorry and bow this stupid king’s head]

[P, please don’t, Your Majesty! I, it was… it was something out of my foolishness…! Having been able to continue living…is more than enough for me…!]

[That is the same for me. Both of us were supposed to die today…but both of us were saved by Rhode.]

[Y, yes… what I did to Rhode was unacceptable. The same applies to what I did to that family. Even if I only ended up scaring them, I still feel guilty all the same. But even so, Rhode is… Uuu…he…]

What if I was in her shoes?
Will I also accept death out of remorse?
Can I apologize the same way as Asna did?
I… I was at a loss for words…
And so I also stood up from my chair and approached Asna as the King did.

[Asna… I’m alive now…partially thanks to Asna as well. Of course…it was…painful…but you still… Anyway, it’s alright now.]

[R, Rhode… Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Forgive me… Forgive me…!]

Asna cried so hard.
Just like I did when Crown-san comforted me with his words.
So I put my hand on her shoulder…as gently as I could.
We got to the main topic only after Asna calmed down.
We must know how Asna came to be an incompetent. 

[Asna, what happened…can you tell us?]

[Un… I’ll tell you…everything.]

And then she started to recount.
When she first became an incompetent…that day.


Beyond the mountain, we could see the huge wall of Celt’s capital city. 
The large and splendid city was mostly built from stone bricks, giving it a gray cityscapes as the sun shone above it. 

『Wow…so that’s Celt’s capital city…』

『That’s right, Asna. The high wall protects the Royal Capital. People need this permit to go in and out. 』

The Hero showed me a piece of paper as he said so.

『Roy, we’ll finally get to sleep more relaxedly after a while. So, how about throwing a welcoming party for Asna tonight?』

『You’re right. Milia, Lilith, Jean, I’ll leave that to you all.』

『Got it. Asna, let’s have some fun today.』

Lilith hugged me and stroked my head.
I was so happy…she was kind to me after all…

『We’ll have to buy a lot of liquor. Milia is a heavy drinker after all.』

『Jean, is there anything wrong with a woman being a heavy drinker? Nn?』

『So scary. I hope Asna doesn’t end up like you.』

Everyone started laughing after hearing Jean jokingly said that.
I was glad that I got to join this party… I didn’t know how I could be of help, but I at least would try to do my best.

『Well, everyone, we should get to the city first.』

Following the Hero, we went down the mountain and entered the Celt’ Royal Capital.
The party immediately found an inn and went shopping, except for me and Lilith.

『Jean-san’s magic is truly amazing, isn’t it? Not to mention it’s faster than carriage, she didn’t look tired at all after using it the entire journey.』

『That’s rightー. She likes to play around, but traveling is easier with her around. Milia’s magic is also very useful.』

『Lilith-san’s magic is also amazing! You can find anything with it.』

『I guess so. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to join the Hero’s party. Ah, let’s just call it detection magic, for convenience sake. If there’s another chance next time…I’ll teach you about it.』

『Okay! Well… I mean, will I be of use at all for this party? I’m anxious…..』

『Are you still worrying over that? Let me assure you. Roy needs your magic. You should be more proud, especially since I found you!』

Lilith hit my back.
It’s a bit hurt… but I’m happy.

『Yes! I will do my best!』

After the two of us talked for a bit more until the hero and the others returned from shopping. My welcome party started soon after.
The drink tasted weird at first, but since everyone seemed to enjoy it, I decided to endure it for a bit.
Even after several glasses later, I found myself only slightly tipsy. Probably due to some sort of alcohol resistance I didn’t know I had.
By the time I realized it, it was already 2 in the morning.

『Oh, it’s this late already? Well, we’re late, but let’s proceed as scheduled.』

『Right. There should be no problem.』

『Oh, it’s starting? Well, it can’t be helped.』

『Then let’s get it over with already.』

With that, everyone stood up and surrounded me.
What are they…?

『I’m sure I put in quite a lot…..maybe it’s her constitution.』

『Perhaps. Well, go for it, Milia.』


『Excuse me…what…..what are you!? Nnngu!?』

All of a sudden, Milia, who was standing behind me, seized and restrained my hands. All the while, Lilith covered my mouth with a cloth.
It was so sudden, and I was clueless back then. So they managed to restrain me without much trouble.
W, why…!?
What are you trying to do!?

『Okayー. Ready to goー』

『Alright then. Asna, I will now take your magic.』



The moment the Hero grabbed my face, something seemed to seep out of me… I felt like that.
I was frightened that I tried to cast my magic in a hurry…

『It’s useless, Asna. Too late.』

But why…? No magic came out…!
The feeling of something seeping out from my body continued.
All I could do…was growl.
How many minutes had passed?
The Hero finally let go of me and my restraints were released.
I’m still conscious…but unable to move my body.


『Ho, you’re amazing, Asna. To still be conscious after that. I don’t know whether you’ll remember this when you wake up, but thank you. I need magic like yours. My previous one has been completely used up…..I asked Lilith to find a replacement and we found you.』


『Be honored, Asna. You are now part of the Hero.』

The meaning…

『Congrats. And…thank you.』

No…I’m scared…

『Now sleep…..okay?』


『…..right?…..next time…..』

This is bad…very drowsy…

『……bye……….ood night……』

And right then, I finally lost my consciousness.


[When I woke up, I was in the middle of the square. There was a crowd around me, and everyone was looking at me… with eyes as if they’re looking at trash. I was told that I was an incompetent. So I tried to show them my magic but nothing came out… After that, you already know…]

[Asna, it’s fine now…]

I held Asna’s trembling hand.
What came after that… I knew better than anyone else.

[Asna, thank you for telling us everything. You better take some rest now… Eddie, would you please…?]

[Yes, understood, Your Majesty. Asna-kun, shall we…?]

Eddie-san helped Asna leave the room and take a rest.
Seeing her uncertain steps and how powerlessly Asna leaned to Eddie-san, I couldn’t help but feel saddened.

『Roy…that bastard…』

Even if I couldn’t see his face, I could still sense the resentment in Ban-san’s voice.
It was the same for me.
The Hero Roy…doesn’t care about what becomes of his victims.

[In the past…both me and Eddie have met Roy before. But Eddie didn’t say anything about him…]

「Eddie-sama’s skill,〝Evil Scrying Eyes〟……it allows him to recognize someone’s “evil intent” by detecting negative emotions and guilt in their heart…but I guess there are no such things in Roy’s heart, to begin with…」

『Alice has also taken a “look” at him. Her only comment back then was [scary]. What she saw in him was nothing but endless darkness.』

Nothing but endless darkness…
So that’s what Ban-san meant by “Roy was not the kind of guy you think he is”…

[Even so, I still don’t get it… Why did Roy leave Asna alone?]

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