I Was Called Incompetent ch.71

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New chapter with more mystery about Asna and the Hero’s party.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 71: Happiness

[I still cannot see it… the magic column is still left blank.]

[I see…]

[Everything will be alright… Do not be worried.]

After returning to our room, I had Levi  “look” at Asna, but apparently, only the part where her magic description should be is missing.
Asna tried to act strong after hearing the result, but that facade crumbled easily when Levi gently hugged her. She proceeded to put her hand on Levi’s back and buried her face in her shoulders. 

Up until recently… She’s been preoccupied with surviving day by day.
Now that things had calmed down, being reminded that she could no longer use magic… most likely felt painful.
Oh, by the way…

[Levi, how about Asna’s skill and feat?]

[Oh, yes. It may not be a special kind of skill, but it is fairly strong nonetheless. Asna’s skill is called “Magic Resistance”, which can lessen the harm caused by magic. Any kind of magic at that too. In other words, even a dragon’s breath will cause much less harm to Asna than any regular person. She is also resistant to the effects of drugs that carry magic power.]

[Of course…with that kind of skill…]

I see…no wonder Asna wasn’t inebriated after being fed drugged liquor.
Of course, some drugs were concocted from various materials to produce a certain effect, but there are cases where magic power has to be used in place of certain materials.
Well, it might be an unpleasant memory for Asna…but at least we know slightly more about it.

[Rhode-sama, when will we depart for Ist?]

[Let’s buy what we need tomorrow, then depart the day after. It’s a long way to Ist, but we can shorten the journey with Epoly’s power. It’s also best to let Asna remain unseen as much as we can…so we’ll have to go through the wilderness.]

[As you wish.]

[Un, got it.]

There would be an article about a dead incompetent girl tomorrow morning to help cover her tracks… and everyone on Ist would be willing to protect Asna.
That is all for now. I need to inform Gagan-san tomorrow.

[Alright, let’s get some sleep now. You two can use the bed.]


[Looks like he’s fast asleep already…]

[Un…perhaps he is very tired…]

Rhode-sama turned off the light and immediately fell asleep not long after.
Perhaps still exhausted from the long trip, I also felt slightly sleepy.
But, I was still concerned with Asna who was lying next to me.
Mostly about how she feels…toward Rhode-sama…

[Levi-chan…you like Rhode, don’t you?]


[Shuーsh! You’ll wake Rhode…]

[Pa, pardon me…but why ask that…]

I have not made it clear as far as I remember…

[Fufu…it’s easy to see, you know.]

[Uu… then… What about you, Asna?]

Hearing my retort, Asna’s face turned sad.
She’s blushing but looked sad at the same time…seeing her like this made my chest stuffy.

[I… I’m no longer qualified to have that kind of feeling…to him.]


Her words were laced in regret.
I could already tell with just a single glance.
Asna, too, likes Rhode-sama.

[It’s fine…hearing Rhode say “Thank you” is more than enough already. I’m satisfied with that…yes…it’s fine.]

[Bu, but, I am sure Rhode-sama still…]

[Levi-chan…you know how kind Rhode is, right?]

[U, un…]

[Rhode, he surely…likes you. Even when he’s dealing with other things, he always took a moment to check on you. That’s why…it’s fine.] 

Asna had the chance to spend more time together with Rhode-sama.
If I have to be honest… I am jealous of her.

[I…why did I do all that to Rhode… I honestly still don’t know for sure. He’s so kind, and we had so much fun together… I might’ve been told that it’s because of the world anomaly or something…but I still can’t forgive myself. So I’m happy enough as I am now. I could apologize to Rhode. And he treats me normally… Moreover, there’s no way I can win over Levi-chan.]

She laughed after saying so.
If I were in her shoes…would I be able to laugh it off as well?
Saying all that to someone who barely knows Rhode-sama, let alone to someone he just met…?

[Asna… I…]

[And Levi is kindhearted too. That’s why I cannot win over you… uun, I have no intention to win anyway. But I will pray for the safety of you two from Ist. Can I do that?]

Asna grabbed my hand.
And I squeezed back in response.

[Asna…let us live together once everything is over, shall we?]

[Ee… but what about Rhode…]

[No need to ask him. I am speaking for both of us…alright?]

[Ah, I get it…after all, Rhode is…]

[ [ Too kind ] ]

The two of us giggled.
Oh, that reminded me…

[I almost forgot. There is another one…people like us.]

[Ah… Rhode is popular, isn’t he…ahaha…]

[It is problematic…]

[I know. We are in the same boat after all, right?]

[Mu, certainly…fufu]

I had a good time talking to Asna.
After all…we got to put our feelings into words.
This way, everyone can understand each other.
The warmth from her hands… Taught me that.


Dragon Continent Dragonia.

In this desolate land of death, dragons who were once defeated by humans and expelled from Valhalla lived.
Dragons are long-living and strong.
Therefore, their number hasn’t decreased…no, it’s accumulating instead.

Of course, some of them were hungry for blood, flesh, and magic, thus ended up crossing the sea for their appetite and desires.
However, those who did so were mostly ignorant younglings.
Older and knowledgeable dragons understood the strength of humanity.
They won’t leave Dragonia just yet.

Dragons who recklessly went to the human continent were considered as “incompetents” by other dragons.
The meaning may be different, but to the dragons, incompetents are similarly useless beings.
True dragons are those who chose to remain in Dragonia.
Those who chose to build up their strength to defeat both the humans and demons to become the top of the world.

Zagrama was the largest volcano in Dragonia.
At the top of the mountain, whose name means “God’s summit” in the dragon’s tongue, seven dragons were gathering around the crater where one could see the boiling magma.

There are 7 types of dragons.
Wyvern – the winged dragons that specialize in their flight capabilities.
Andragora – dragon species known for their powerful breath attack.
Grand Dragon – dragon species known for their sheer size, the largest among all dragons.
Vritra – dragons with strong and large forearms.
Hydra – dragon species with multiple heads.
Leviathan – dragon species that inhabit the sea.
And lastly, the strongest among all dragons, the heavenly dragon species Novagun.

The 7 who had gathered on Zagrama were the chief of each species.
Truthfully, they didn’t get along well with each other.
Each species had the pride that it was the strongest and each of them barely even talked, let alone cooperate. 

However, that was only up to 100 years ago.
A dragon managed to change that.
And that dragon is the head of the Novaguns, now the king of Dragonia… The dragon king Jormungand.

[Everyone…you have gathered…]

Not many humans know this, but elder dragons could speak.
As mentioned before, the dragons encountered on Valhalla are mostly reckless younglings who are still weak.

All other dragons present bowed to Jormungand.
They knew that Jormungand is much stronger than them combined.
However, it’s not only because of his strength that the dragons of other species willingly submit to him.
Jormungand has the qualities of a King.
His words carry mysterious strength, bonding the dragons together, something that was unfounded centuries ago.

Jormungand is, so to speak, the Hero of the dragon race.
There is something in him that makes other dragons believe that, under his leadership, they will be able to take over Valhalla.
This was why the other dragon species decided to join his banner.

[My King…the time is near, yes?]

The head of the Vritras, Zahak, spoke up first. 
Smiling as he moved his large forearms.

[The reconnaissance results from the other day were excellent…it was as we expected.]

Vivre, the chief of the wyverns, had used his subordinates to attack each town.

[The seaside is completely vulnerable. We can tear and devour them any time we want.]

Humans had lived in peace for too long.
Therefore, their defenses against attacks from the sea and air remained unchanged through ages.
From the perspective of Unsegira, the head of the Leviathans, these defenses are no better than a scrap of paper.

[My kin are going as fast as they can… But we are slow-footed after all.

Fafnir, the head of the Grand Dragons, sighed after saying so.
Due to his size, his sigh alone is already similar to a gust of wind.

[Don’t worry about it, Fafnir.]

[Right right…each of us has our strengths and weaknesses.]

[We are often called chatterboxes though!]

[Your kind’s giant body is our best shield.]

[That’s it, all of you. We are delaying the meeting.]

That was Midgardsormr, the head of the Hydras. His multiple heads started talking all at once.
His fangs are extremely poisonous, even a scratch is enough to kill.
Bearing 10 heads, he’s considered as the strongest among the hydras.

[Nuhaha! My King! To where my breath is directed at…will be all up to you]

This one was the only Andragora who could use the breath of all elements, Nidhogg.
No one in their right mind would stand on the path of his breath attack.

[Now, sharpen your nails. Bare your fangs. Our waiting is finally over. The day of our triumph is just around the corner. Valhalla…will finally be ours.] 

The seven turned into seven streaking lights of different colors, rising to the sky.
The black dragon king roared, itching to dye Valhalla crimson.
The true dragons’ long-lasting will. 
Their desire will be unstoppable so long as the Hero of the dragons leads them.

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