Gacha Girl Corps ch.72

Weekly chapters (2/2)

This chapter supposed to be released last week, but since FGOJP Summer event released on last wednesday, the chapter got postponed. (It’s because I want to include the banner, sorry about that).

I have added an colored illustration from the LN on this chapter.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Sushi

Chapter 72 – Manastone Collecting 101

[Now that we are done organizing our gear, what’s left is registering Luna at the Adventurers Guild, and confirming her capabilities.]

[Muu… do I really have to register?]

[Nn? Isn’t that kind of a given? Since you’ll be a part of our party from now on. …Is there some problem I’m not seeing?]

Having sorted out the new Gacha stuff, we sat in our chairs around the table once more.

When I spoke of the 2 remaining things I had planned for the day, Luna’s facial expressions blatantly went south after hearing what I said.

What’s wrong? Did I say something not to her liking?

[Okura-dono, I think we should hold off on registering Luna at the Adventurers Guild for the time being.]

[Eh, why’s that?]

[Luna physically appears younger than any of us here, will the Guild even allow her to register at all?]

As Estel said, Luna looks the youngest among us. She looks like a 10 year old by human standards.

So we’ll be partying up with a little girl to hunt monsters, I get the point they are getting across.

[Umu, highly unlikely I suppose.]

If I still went ahead and did it, I’ll probably end up getting arrested by the city guard and end up behind bars. I’ll be headline news the next day for sure.

Back in my world, I would have been brought in for questioning no question asked. It’ll be a tall order to talk my way out of that, even for someone as gentlemanly as I.

[The way you answered that felt annoying. Though if that means I won’t be registering, then I’ll leave it at that.]

My answer to the earlier question hit a nerve for Luna, and she gives a dissatisfied retort.

But, since the topic of not registering her at the Adventurers Guild was favourable to her, she didn’t pursue the matter.

Does she have an aversion to being affiliated to somewhere? Hーmm, I don’t really get it.

[Can’t we just outright say that “she’s a Vampire”?]

[…Hold that thought. Should we even be talking about Vampires at all?]

The topic then moved to bypassing the “youthful appearance” problem via claims to the Vampiric race and proving it by showing her prowess.

But, should we really do that? I have yet to see any demi-humans――beastmen that have kemomimi and tails, long eared elves which are famous in fantasy settings―― since coming to this world.

GC had both… But what about this world?

[In any case, we need to gather more information before we make a decision about this.]

[Hーrmm… it can’t be helped. We’ll give up on registering at the Adventurers Guild today.]

Even if there are demi-humans in this world, I haven’t the slightest idea about their standing in society in this world.

We should avoid publicly speaking about Luna for now.

With her appearance of a youthful little girl, nobody would notice anything suspicious, thus we shall avoid saying anything unnecessary.

Registering as an Adventurer was for the sake of collecting information, and earning some upkeep as we collect manastones anyway. The rest of us have already registered, so maybe there’s no real need for Luna to register.

1 of my plans got sacked, all that’s left for today is to check out Luna’s moves.

[Well then――]

[Hold uーp!]

Right as I was about to heave my heavy ass up, I was stopped by Noru’s upraised hand.

Been a while since I heard someone say that.

[What’s up?]

[Howsabout we postpone checking Luna’s abilities. She herself said that she’s not good with daylight, so why don’t we prepare the rooms where Okura-dono and Luna will stay in today?]

[Ooh, Noru made a good point there. I’m starting to like you already.]

I’ve been getting blocked by Noru a lot today… her points have been valid, but something feels off too.

Luna claims to be weaker in daytime, so assessment of her abilities can wait until it’s cloudy or something. There’s also the matter of preparing our rooms.

It would feel out of the way to do the preparations after we come back from hunting.

Though, Luna sounded strangely pleased with Noru’s postponing suggestion.

It feels like there are other reasons for that, besides avoiding the sunlight.

[Well… I guess we’ll just prepare the rooms today then. Luna, you’re good with this, yes?]

[Whatever works. I’m not really that bothered about going out under the sun, I’m not going to object if you have decided we won’t be doing that. I’m certainly grateful to have the time to set up my room.]

She worded her reply in a way to sound as if she had no other choice but to “do what she was told to do ”, after crossing her arms.

Luna wanted to pimp up her room either way, that has now become our plan for today.

[To be honest, I’m spent from the recent flow of events. I’ve lost count of the number of times I wanted to go home while we were out hunting… I need a break from all that.]

[That’s right, Onii-san, would it be alright for us to have some R&R for some time? Shisuha’s tired too, yes?]

[Eh… Ah, right. I’m exhausted as well, yes.]

[You girls don’t really look all that tired to me.] (Luna)

Noru started speaking her thoughts about recent events, after we decided on our plans for the day. Estel agrees, then talks about taking time off.

Shisuha didn’t appear all that tired when the topic was passed to her… but she played along after getting stared at by Estel.

Luna being the newbie that she is, could only wondrously look at what was unfolding.

Recent events, huh… There’s the Prime Subjugation, House Extension, Goblin Labyrinth, the CompGacha’s death march… It’s pretty bad when you look back at it like this.

[When you think about it, recent events have been pretty tight. Sorry for not realizing sooner.]

[Oh, there’s no need to apologize. Rather, it’s more surprising how Okura-dono seems fine from all that.]

[Ahー, y’know, I’m used to the tough(manly) life after all.]

To think we actually went out to farm manastones for the CompGacha, despite how busy we already were… It was quite the thoughtless move, I should reflect on it.

Noru appeared impressed by “me”, but that’s nothing to be impressed about.

There’s no way I’ll throw in the towel first, I’m just doing my bestest. Mind over matter, it’s just something along those lines for me.

[So that’s that, Luna, hope you don’t mind us taking time off shortly after summoning you.]

[I don’t mind. I’m not the type that likes fighting anyway. I prefer cooping up in the darkness of my room.]

[That’s no good! Spending that time with me would be more… Uuu, why are you being so wary of me…]

I should let the girls rest now that we can afford to. It’ll be bad if we start the next thing, and end up having no time to rest.

I sort of feel bad that there’s nothing for her(Luna) to do shortly after summoning her, but she herself is happy with the current arrangements.

Preferring to stay in a dark room… Don’t tell me, she’s one of those “I don’t wanna work~” types? Ahー, I really hope that’s not the case.

When Shisuha stood up and attempted another approach at Luna, her(Luna) smile quickly turned into a growl with fangs bared and all that. She’s (Shisuha) totally being seen as a threat.

[So then, today has become a day off, yes?]

[Yeah but not just today, we’ll be taking a break for a while.]

[Many thanks. Now that that’s done… It’s time to get to the real main topic, there is something I would like to discuss with Okura-dono today.]

[Nn? Whatchu wanna talk about?]

After double checking our current plans, Noru thanks me then proceeds to speak of her real motive.

All that redirection she has been doing… Has all been a setup for this. It’s surprising for Noru to want to talk like this. I wonder what this is about?

[The thing is, I had a discussion with Estel during our most recent hunt.]

[Yep, that’s right. So, this is something we want Onii-san to think about as well.]

So it’s not just Noru, Estel also has a hand in this.

The 2 of them managed to talk about something during the CompGacha death march eh.

[Oooookay… So what is this about?]

[It’s about manastones.]

[Manastones y’say! Noru, so you have finally decided to take the Gacha seriously!]


Manastones… in other words Noru wants to talk about the Gacha.

I see, I see, she has finally understood my enthusiasm. Even Estel has seen the light too… This is a joyous occasion.

In my elation, I stood up and grasped one of Noru’s hands tightly.

[Ahー, no! That’s not it! Take this!]

[Ahn!? … th, then what are we talking about here?]

Noru snapped at me, and thwacked my hands away with her free hand.

Meh… Here I was thinking she has finally seen the light……

[Yeesh… Now then, with the conclusion of our most recent endeavor, Estel and Shisuha now know full well what happens when Okura-dono is cornered by matters relating to the Gacha. With that in mind, the thing I want us to think about is how we can avoid something like this happening again in the future!]

[Now I finally understand why Noru was so desperate about stopping it… I should apologize for thinking it was an overreaction.]

[Eh, I don’t really mind… Ah, erm no. It was tiring for me too, yes.]

Noru spoke passionately about her thoughts.

Her motivations regarding the topic appear to stem from the thought of wanting to avoid farming for manastones as much as possible. Does she want to work hard now to make things easier?

Now that Estel has also experienced it for herself, she understands the reason why Noru got so distraught about it.

Shisuha, with her “out of the loop” face, wanted to say she wasn’t all that affected by the ordeal, only to be cut off by Noru and Estel who turned towards her and stared daggers into her soul.

Shisuha mentally shrank from the pressure, and apprehensively corrected herself.

Holy cow! She got sandwiched so bad there!

[…I feel like this has nothing to do with me.]

[That’s actually not true. As it stands, Luna will eventually experience the quagmire that is Okura-dono one day, this discussion we are having now is to prevent that from happening. You simply lack the understanding of the matter without personal experience, you should at least listen to the discussion if anything.]

[Not that I mind… But rather, what is that sitting on Noru’s lap?]

[Oh, we haven’t introduced him. This is our Fortuna Rabbit Mofutto.]

Luna, who has been listening inattentively since the discussion started, suddenly joined in.

Having only been summoned recently, she doesn’t comprehend the topic as she has no actual experience of it even though she has the memories of it.

Luna seemed more interested in Mofutto, despite Noru urging her to listen to the discussion.

[Noru, can I hold onto him while listening?]

[Of course. Please be gentle with him.]

[Thank you. … Oooh, the fur is as soft as the name suggests… It’s cute.]

Luna blushes happily as she hugs Mofutto, which Noru passed over.

She may have been sticking to her cold demeanor since getting summoned, but she does have her cute girly side too.

[Haaaa….. Luna-saaan…]

[Shisuha, restrain yourself before you force my hand.]

[Geh―― S, sowwy…]

I was warmly looking at Luna from the side, when I heard a strange voice coming from beside me, I turned to see Shisuha getting all excited looking at Luna.

She has quite blatantly become a perv. I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a “mr. policeman, it’s that person!” situation.

However, said perv was forced to behave herself, from the threat of Estel’s expressionless face and sparks emitted from her raised index finger.

This is one of those lines that must not be crossed. Else the wrath of Estel will fall upon thee.

[Aaー, uum… so, what thing about the manastones are we talking about?]

[Ah, pardon me. The thing yes, what I wanted to talk about was how manastones are collected.]

[How are they collected?]

The conversation sidetracked a little, so I turned the conversation back on topic.

How are manastones collected…? What is there to talk about at this point?

[We have been the ones doing the collecting up till now, right? But that alone has its limits, which we are painfully aware of now. So the thing is, I was thinking what if we can get other adventurers to do that for us.]

Estel took over the explanation, simply put the girls have been thinking of acquiring the aid of other adventurers to collect manastones for us.

But is that really something we need to discuss? Isn’t it just the matter of forming a party and hunting together?

[Isn’t it just a matter of partying up?]

[That’s not it, what we’re talking about is whether it is possible to collect manastones even when we are not “hunting together”.]

….Nn? What am I not understanding? Getting manastones when we’re not hunting together?

[What are we supposed to do? It’s not like the manastones are a tangible item.]

[That’s what we are going to discuss. It’s not something we have tried testing out before.]

[What is the logic behind the manastone mechanic? That’s not something you have thought about in detail, right? If we can work out the details, the other thing we talked about earlier would become more plausible. That’s what we are discussing today.]

Manastones accumulate in my smartphone automatically as we kill monsters.

It was how it has “worked” until now and I haven taken it for granted, thinking that that’s how it should be.

However, if it is really possible to gain manastones with the employment of other adventurers like what Noru said, it might lead to us never having to do death marches again.

But how are we supposed to go about doing this?

[I get manastones when… we defeat a rare monster, is that all?]

[That’s the 1 requirement we are sure of. But I wonder if that’s the only one.]

[Do you think there are any others?]

[The other thing we have noticed is that Onii-san can still obtain manastones when other party members defeat rare monsters at a separate location. Don’t you think it’s strange though? Why does Onii-san, who is supposedly not nearby, get manastones when we do our thing?]

We have never hunted separately, at least not until the Goblin Labyrinth.

But thanks to that, we realized that I could still get manastones even when we are separated.

That experience led to the method that was used for the death march.

I have been thinking it to be something simple like “beat rare monster = get manastone”, but there might be other variables that we do not know of.

[Is it not because we’re in the same party?]

[Regarding us, there is the possibility of the reason being “we were summoned by Okura-dono” instead. That’s why we don’t know for sure if us being in the same party fulfils the requirement.]

[If the requirement is just “being in the same party”, if we made good use of that logic, then wouldn’t it be possible to get manastones by letting other adventurers hunt monsters when we’re not actually with them? Finding out these details will be well worth the effort.]

When I thought about it, me getting manastones when the girls I summoned beat monsters is a very possible thing.

Despite us talking about the party mechanic, there’s no “party menu” of any sort in my smartphone. We are simply “physically partying up” so to speak.

Then again, the party based buffs that Noru and I have are working as intended, so we’re certainly being recognized as part of the same party.

If being “in the same party” is the requirement for me to get manastones, the possibility of us getting manastones without going out to hunt becomes viable if we make good use of this.

I see, this is something worth finding out indeed.

There’s still a lot of variables that need to be confirmed…

[It would have been nice if you checked back then during the Prime Subjugation, but you didn’t do it right, Onii-san?]

[…Ah, I didn’t.]

I should have checked when we hunted together with Dhius’ party back then, but of course I didn’t check.

The thought didn’t even cross my mind back then… damn, I should’ve noticed it sooner.

But back then, Dhius’ party also benefited from our passive buffs so I’m sure they were also recognized as part of our party.

If we are going to be requesting the aid of other adventurers in the foreseeable future, we are going to need to verify all these variables.



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