I Was Called Incompetent ch.78

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 78: Frustration


What.. what is going on…
This is…

[Ha! Rhode-sa…!?]

I woke up and tried to move, but couldn’t. Only then I realized that my body had been restrained.
Despite looking around, I wasn’t able to recognize the scenery I could see. At least I could tell that I was hanging on a fairly tall place.
Both of my hands were tied by chains to the ceiling and my feet were similarly chained to the floor.
My hazy mind gradually recovered.
A woman put everyone but me to sleep, and I fainted the moment these chains restrained me.
Is Rhode-sama safe…?
It was upsetting that we were caught off guard… And I even got kidnapped like this when I was supposed to protect Rhode-sama…

[It has been a while… Rebecca.]

I heard my name being called all of a sudden.
Looking toward the source of that voice, I saw a man in a black coat standing there.
This man… where have I seen him before…

[Where is this… and who are you…!]

[Fuhaha… have you forgotten about me? We used to play together a lot… killing small fries here and there and so on.] 

That reminds me.
Right… of course…

[Zeno…is that you…?]

[That is right. So you do remember.]

Of the several Demon King candidates, I and Zeno were particularly stronger than others. People had been saying that it could be either one of us who would become the next demon king.
His tone and appearance… Perhaps Zeno became the Demon King after my absence.
If that is so… then why did he take me here…?

[What do you want from me…?]

[You have changed, Rebecca… back then, you were above me in terms of everything. But what about now? Escaping to the human world, even serving one of them… where is your pride as a demonkin? Do you think you can play human forever? Your power should be used for our sake alone. Let me remind you of that.]

[Do not joke around… I am my person!]

I have been trying to use my magecraft for a while. But try as I might, nothing came out. It’s as if my magic power wasn’t even there to begin with.
It must have something to do with these chains that bind me.
But it doesn’t matter what it is… I need to escape and return to Rhode-sama…!

[Your effort is in vain, Rebecca. It is nothing but a small nuisance…once you get caught in that. You cannot escape as it is. Be obedient for a while. Your re-education awaits.]


What did he mean… What is he going to do to me?

[Ah… it is simple. Erase your old memories and implant a new one. To renew your hatred against humans.]

Zeno grinned after saying that.
I felt faint as if my blood had been sucked dry.
Erasing… my memories?
The memories… of the time I spent together with Crown-sama and Rhode-sama!?
No… no way… no way no way no way no way!

[D, do not play around! Why would you do that to me!]

[Is it not obvious? I am overwhelmingly stronger than before… and yet I still need the power sleeping within you to complement mine. To unlock it, you need the hatred for humanity that fuels a demonkin’s power. Once you and I both awaken, there shall be no enemy we need to fear in this world. And then… Valhalla will fall to our hands.]

Hatred of humankind could make a demon stronger?
I have never heard of such a thing before.
But more importantly…!

[Do not kid with me… who would be willing to be obedient! Re-education? Try all you want… However! I am not so weak that I will fall for it! Never…!] 

[Fuhaha… I am not into torture or coercion. All I need to do is to falsify your memory. That is all. And… Do you think I will somehow make a mistake? Should you manage to escape from here… I would just kill your beloved master. I kept him alive just for this very reason. I know his hometown. Even if he goes into hiding, what could stop me from erasing that town…?]

[You bastard!]

[Fuhaha… You showed me a good face there. Well, let us start by cutting off your magic power reserve first. After that, we can start rewriting your heart. What…? There is plenty of time. You will at least keep your master alive for a while longer by obeying me. Let us warm up our old relationship once more after this long while…. What do you say, Rebecca?]



[Thank you, Tieren… I’m truly grateful.]

[Fuaaah… Yess… Well, fine…as long as my wish can come true…]

[For sure. After this is over.]

[Yep yep…alright, see ya…]

I undid the materialization on Tieren, who was unusually lethargic for a legendary armament, then contacted the King of Celt as I and Tia had already stood near the gate of Celt.
Although there’s a limit on how many times I can use it per day, Tieren is a wand that allows me to instantly move to any places that I have visited before.
Thanks to that, I was able to return to Celt fast.

[I was wondering what happened when it suddenly went dark for a moment… The legendary armaments are amazing…]

[Yeah, they are all reliable. It will take some time until His Majesty arrives. Let’s wait a little further away.]

We moved away from the main street and waited for the King of Celt.
After a while, one carriage pulled by two horses stopped in front of us. It was none other than King of Celt himself who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

[Pardon me. It took some time to bust out of the palace.]

Bust out…?

[Your Majesty… don’t tell me…]

[There is no valid reason for me to visit Inhelm personally after all. I pretended that I was going to borrow a carriage from the guild. All of them had no idea what I was. A quarrel going on! Nuhaha!]

I knew it… I’m going to have to apologize to Eddie-san later.
Even so, for a King of the country to willingly do all this for me… I’m truly grateful.

[Your Majesty, pleased to meet you. My name is Tia.]

[Ah, so you are that Tia… pleased to meet you too. Well, let us hear your story inside the carriage. It won’t do us any good by stopping here too long.]

[Got it. If we need to maneuver quickly… Epoly!]

I immediately called out Epoly, letting her take the reins of the carriage.
Once the carriage started moving, the King of Celt spoke while stroking his beard.

[That is convenient… By the way, Epoly, was it? Do you know the direction?]

[His Majesty. As long as I know the general direction, it should be fine for the time being.]

[En, just follow the road to the southeast then. Rhode, is Ban and his friends already in Miraha?]

[Yes, Ban-san should already be there. Though I haven’t asked him who else would join us…]

[I see… Well, no matter who comes, I am sure that they will be reliable. But… I hope he does not bring Zawan along.]

[Eh… pardon me?]

A high ranker, also known as the “God Speed”, should be good, right…?

[It’s just that… He is noisy.]

[N, noisy…?]

[You will understand what I mean if you meet him one day. Well, Ban couldn’t stand that kind of person as well so I doubt that he would pick Zawan.]

[I, I see…]

[It is alright… so, how much do you know about Inhelm?]

[Now that it’s mentioned…]

[B, basically nothing…]

I only knew that the place was constantly in a snowstorm and that it was the land of the demonkin.
I don’t know how large the land is, nor about its infrastructure.
In the first place, what I know is merely what is widely known about Inhelm.

[It cannot be helped. The people who managed to come out alive from there could be counted with one hand. Anyway, here is the map.]

[ [ Eh!? There is a map!?] ]

The King of Celt took something out from the inner chest pocket.
The map didn’t seem to be drawn on regular paper… but some kind of leather instead.

[Celt is the closest country to Inhelm. Therefore… we have made efforts to learn more about the demonkin for a long time now. This map was created by a man from Grishia… he’s a reliable person so the map should be fairly accurate. Even the demons have no idea that this map exists… I surmise that with this, it’ll be easier to devise a strategy?] 

King Celtic says so while spreading the two maps on the carriage floor.
One was a map of the entire continent, and the other had a castle-like drawing in the center.
It’s amazing… I don’t know the inside of the castle, but the surroundings were written in quite a detail.
The surrounding facilities also had a small note with a brief explanation…

[Honestly, Rhode’s call was what reminded me of this map. The demon’s movement… I do not think that the increasing number of monsters and Levi’s kidnapping are irrelevant to it. Let us go over the details before we head out.]


It was already dark when we arrived at the port town of Miraha.
After parking the carriage, we immediately headed to the adventurer guild where Ban-san and his companions were waiting.
While traveling in the carriage, I managed to calm myself down by talking with everyone. But upon realizing that we’re getting close to Inhelm, I just couldn’t help myself.
I want to rescue Levi as soon as possible.
I want to save her.

[Rhode, calm down.]


Looking back in response to King of Celt’s voice, I realized that he and Tia were left far apart from me.
I ran fast before I knew it.
I didn’t even notice until His Majesty called out…

[It’s alright to take it easy. As I said earlier… they wouldn’t do anything to Levi right away. If they wanted to kill, they would’ve done so on the spot. You have to be calm. Understand? ]



[Sorry, Tia… it’s alright now.]

[No… I…I’ll do my best to help!]

[Yes, thank you…]

How pitiful…
I know that myself.
But…without Levi by my side… It’s painful.
Even as I stood here now, the thought of Levi suffering somewhere far away tore at my chest.

[Listen, Rhode. Frustration can easily rob people of their clear minds. Narrowing your field of vision, making you unable to see your surroundings… Be strong in this sort of difficult situation. Do not worry… for you are not alone.]

His Majesty put his hand on my shoulder and smiled.
After taking a deep breath, I smiled back in return.

[Thank you, Your Majesty… I feel better now.]

[Good! Off to the guild then…]

[Are you fuckin’ kidding me!]

Almost immediately, I heard a yell, then noticed a group of five men were rounding up around one person.
What happened? Quarrel between drunkards?

[Let’s see if you still can apologize after I’m finished with you!]

[Say something!]

Damn… at a time like this.
But it’s not like I can overlook it either…
As I approached the group of five, the one being surrounded suddenly muttered while holding his head.

[Ah…sorry. It’s all that bastard Ban’s fault… he knew full well I can’t refuse, even with all the unreasonableness…]

Eh… did he just mention Ban-san…?

[Huuuh!? What are you talking about…]

[Aーh, forget it. Let’s make it quick… what a waste of time.]

The air changed once those sentences were uttered.
All five men drew their weapons and brandished them to that one person.

[You’ve got guts… but you’ll need both…no, a third hand if you want to survive!]

[I only have two hands, you idiots.]

[…get ‘im!!]

One of the five who had a short sword on his hand was the first to swing at the one guy.


However, the next thing I saw was the short sword somehow left the man’s grip and fell to the ground.
It should’ve hit the one guy in the head.
I couldn’t even perceive what had happened there.
The man seemingly pretended to not be aware of the situation as he looked scared.

[Y, y, you… w-what did you do!]

[Why do I have to explain it to you a lot? I mean… you guys need to have some sleep until tomorrow morning.]



[Look… I’m a busy man. I will be going to Inhelm soon to rescue my friend’s acquaintance. Anyway, it’s someone else… which makes me wonder why it’s so important.]

[What the…hell…..]

I had no idea what actually happened.
Everyone collapsed on the spot, and, in a blink of an eye, the 5 men started to sleep on the spot.

[You…aren’t you Geed!]

The guy reacted to the King of Celt’s call.
Without a doubt, this man is…

[Oh, there you are. I came out cause I got tired of waiting. Alright, let’s make it quick… off to Inhelm,]

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