A random rant for this week + URGENT message (6 September 2017)

Thanks for all of your supports~
Please keep supporting me so I can deliver more chapters to you all! 😀

This post gonna filled with my random rants and maybe interesting information for you, feel free to read or to ignore it.

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Return of The Former Hero ch.96

Sorry for the late update! Last week is Golden Week so I and my editors are very busy with our IRL stuff.

Oh yeah, for anyone curious what happened with One-Eyed General, Frost is moving to his new apartment so there will be no One-Eyed General until he finish moving. Please be patient, okay? 😉

Anyway, this chapter is 1.5x longer than normal, so please enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Blackswordman.

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My new side-project.

As the title said, currently I’m helping Isekai no Mahou Gengo ga doumitemo nihongo dattaken project on Re:Library.


The story is kinda interesting and remind me to Mushoku Tensei.
If you’re enjoy such Isekai story, feel free to give it a read. 😀

In another note,
Steam Summer Sales is up. Grab your Steam Gift Card or you can check the right menu bar in my blog:


This way, you can also support me and get yourself your games in Steam. XD

Anyway, just don’t miss the Sales, alright!

Have nice weekend~