Announcement of the new project.

I’m gonna pick-up a new title as my side-project.
Just read a certain novel up to ch.20 and I kinda like it.

Hint: It’s harem, it’s comedy, it’s R-15, and it’s isekai.

I’ll post the several chapters at once along with the ToC around on monday or somewhere within next week. Until then, I’ll keep the title as secret~ :^)

Here is a teaser.

One of the heroine:


Angewomon, Job Knight, breast size: E-cup, her cheeks is soft like mochi, and she love cute things.

Takami no Kago ch.70

Hello everyone! Raizu is here.
I’m sorry for the lack of update. We’ve been busy for these few weeks.
Hopefully, we’ll back in track start from this week. 🙂

Also, I and Renbo (my fellow nakama from RTD) just did some fun sidejob as fansubber.


We did Seiren by using [RR-Subs]. Since we did it for fun, we might not gonna able to finish all the episodes till end. But who knows we might do all of them. 😄

Chapter 70

Anyway, enjoy your new chapter.

Happy Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy Merry Christmas everyone!

I, Ascending_Flame, Darknari, and the rest of RTD staff would like to wish everyone with blessful and peaceful christmas! We will also say Happy New Year 2017 in advance too~ 😄

To celebrate it, I will present you with double chapters of Motoyuusha and Takami no Kago. Tonight is Motoyuusha, tomorrow is TnK! Be patient, okay? 😄


Takami no Kago ch.65

Sorry for the long update.

So I’ll make some short announcement. First, read this:
If you confident and can help for this project, try to join us.

Second, Pengu is having exam now, let’s cheer on him so he can get good result.
Last, we’re gonna have a new translator. Let’s expect his works start from ch.67.

That’s all.

Chapter 65

Enjoy your new chapter~!

No new chapter on this week.

As the title said, no new chapters for both Takami no Kago and MotoYuusha for this week.
It seems darknari and ascending_flame is busy with their IRL so let’s take it easy for awhile~ Ohohoho xD

Don’t worry, I’ve stacked both titles three chapters fully TL’d.
See you guys next week! ^^

Motoyuusha Gallery is up.

Hello everyone, Raizu is here!

Sorry for the wait, finally I got myself the illustrations from Kaette kitta no Motoyuusha. You can check it via Gallery tab or on here .

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll post a new chapter of Motoyuusha and Takami no Kago (if it’s done edited). So wait patiently, okay? ^_^)d

Have a good saturday night everyone!

Finally, a decision…

Kana is disappoint

So, I’ll make several simple points on what I’m gonna do in the future.

  1. For Arifureta project, as I’m already have two active long-run projects, so I’ll yield and trust it to elementalcobalt. He already did up to chapter 131 right now. Please give him your support so he can finish MTL-ing Arifureta till end.
  2. Last month is really a hell of activities for me. Kancolle event Spring 2016, PSO2 Limited-event, Arifureta deadline, College stuff presentation, and various things. I apologize for the delay and my lack of new updates.
  3. Takami no Kago will back to normal release, since darknari is freed from my request on editing arifureta. (My deep gratitude for her).
  4. Motoyuusha is in-need for editor/TLC, cyrogen already made the announcement in here. Please apply if you want/interested to contribute something to community.
  5. Still about Motoyuusha, some of people already asked me for when I’ll releasing the next chapter. Currently I have 8 chapters translated and unedited yet. Do you want me to post the unedited chapter(s)/week while waiting we got a new editor/TLC?

I guess that’s all for now.

I’m sorry if any of you have high expectation for Arifureta.
Rest assured, if by any chance, the project is back to dead, at that time I’ll gladly raising it from dead. 🙂

Next chapter of Takami no Kago soon~