My new side-project.

As the title said, currently I’m helping Isekai no Mahou Gengo ga doumitemo nihongo dattaken project on Re:Library.


The story is kinda interesting and remind me to Mushoku Tensei.
If you’re enjoy such Isekai story, feel free to give it a read. 😀

In another note,
Steam Summer Sales is up. Grab your Steam Gift Card or you can check the right menu bar in my blog:


This way, you can also support me and get yourself your games in Steam. XD

Anyway, just don’t miss the Sales, alright!

Have nice weekend~

Weekly status update and Announcement for new project (again).

Sup, Raizu is here!

As the title said, I’ll pick-up another new title for my side-project and also, I think it’s good time for me to open sponsored chapter.


First of all, I’ll make short explaination on why I decided to do them. Please bear with the wall of text.

My job IRL has 8 work hours and since I’m working in-door so whenever I have free time and my daily tasks is finished, I can translate some stuff. (That’s exclude my free time at home)

It might be sound good for you my readers, but apparently this will lead to an another issue. I’ve stocked-up too many chapters on TLC/editing queques. (Check out my progress below).

Thus, I’m thinking to make something like sponsored chapter. This way, I can release more chapters beside the regular ones. Of course, I’m planning to divide it to my hardworking editor(s) too later on.

For now, I’ll set-up $25 for a chapter. Once it reaching that amount, I’ll post a new chapter as sponsored chapter. Of course, I’ll mention your initial name on it. It’s literary like you all buying a new chapter from us. (You can check the right-side menu bar for the update. I’ll manually update it everyday).

As reminder, the regular chapters will release in every monday/tuesday and weekend. The regular and sponsored chapter will be posted, depends on which one is ready and fully edited from one of my projects.

I guess that’s all.
Also, I give you some hint(s) for my new project on this post.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Gacha Girl Corps ch.6

Yahlo, Raizu is here~

Here is the new chapter of GGC. (Did I say one chapter per week?)
Hmm… I guess I need to make schedule on when I’ll release a new chapter.

I’m planning to post two-three chapters on every week. (Good news for you my readers~)

Since currently I have three projects atm, so it’ll be a chapter from one of those. (I know it’ll affecting the release of other titles, so I’ll think of something about it).
As for the day, it’ll be on Monday/Tuesday and Weekend.

Well, if I can get a SSR in FGO, I’ll post a bonus chapter to celebrate it. \(^o^)/

That’s all.

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi (from Guro Translation)


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The end of Seiren, RO-Subs delivered.

Finally, this anime is ended.
No sign of S2 yet. So I guess our small quest is over.

Episode 12 via torrent in here

Translator: Raizu & Osura
Timing/Typeset/Etc: Raizu

[RO-Subs] Seiren - 12 END (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv_snapshot_16.11_[2017.03.24_15.14.21]

Among three routes in the anime, I like Kyouko most.
It’s kinda natural than the other routes, so it’s enjoyable to watch their relationship growing.

Anyway, back to translating novels.