The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.1

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The full title is The Story of Hero Among Heroes ~The Founding Chronicles of Arestia. Check ToC (Table of Content) for more details.

The reason on why I picked-up this title to replace One-Eyed is because:
1. Contain wars and strategy.
2. Likeable, cunning, and OP MC.
3. MC took responsibility toward his lover(s).
4. The RAWs is still alive and updated by the author.
5. I enjoy reading it.

The latest raw chapter is 147, so it’ll be a long ride from here on.
I hope you all will also enjoy reading this series too.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

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Chapter Releases delay

Apparently both of my editors are busy with their IRL stuffs, so they just started their editing last night. Sorry about that.

I’ll post the chapters as soon as it’s ready and fully edited.
Hopefully within 24 hours.

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Progress Update (September 2021)

Well, just as the title said, I just want to share the current progress of my projects.
At least I need to do this sometimes to show my gratitude for everyone who supporting me so far. 😀


Santairiku Eiyuuki
Vol.2 ch.23 is ready
Vol.2 ch.24 is ready
Vol.2 ch.25 is ready
Vol.2 ch.26 on editing
Vol.2 ch.27 on translating
Vol.2 ch.28 on translating queque

Glutton Berserker:
Ch.191 is ready
Ch.192 is editing
Ch.193 is editing queque
Ch.194 is on translating queque

The Story of Hero Among Heroes
Ch.179 waiting for RAWS

I Was Called Incompetent
Ch.73 is ready
Ch.74 is ready
Ch.75 is ready
Ch.76 on editing
Ch.77 on translating queque

Former Hero a.k.a Motoyuusha:
Ch.175 is ready
Ch.176 on editing
Ch.177 on translating
Ch.178 on translating queque

29-Sai Dokushin wa Isekai:
Ch.58 is ready
Ch.59 is ready
Ch.60 on editing
Ch.61 on editing queque
Ch.62 on translating queque

Gacha Girl Corps:
Ch.72 is ready
Ch.73 on editing
Ch.74 on translating
Ch.75 on translating queque

Sono Mono, Nochi Ni…

Sono Mono 2
Ch.12 waiting for raws

Takami no Kago:
Ch.110 is ready
Ch.111 on editing

One-Eyed Female General:
Ch.68 is unknown


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Belated Announcement (09/05/2018)

Currently I’m still on vacation in Japan atm, thus there won’t be any regular and sponsored chapters until I’m back on thursday of this week. (My plane take-off on friday last week so I can’t make it to release the chapters. orz)

I’ll compensate the chapter(s) for this/following weekend releases.

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