Gacha Girl Corps ch.33

Weekly Chapters (2/2)

Sushi said he will busy with Monster Hunter World, so expect a slow update for GGC within 1-2 weeks. >w<)
I guess it’s time for Motoyuusha to shine~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Sushi

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Gacha Girl Corps ch.32

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Finally, a new chapter!
Good news: Sushi is back with us. \o/
GGC is back on schedule now.

I have received several comments/chats asked when new chapter of GGC.
So, here you go~

Enjoy~ ^^

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

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Gacha Girl Corps ch.30

Sup guys, Raizu is here.

Sorry for the delayed chapter~ I was waiting for FGO’s Halloween event announcement before posting this chapter. (Te-hee~ XP)

For those who playing FGO, you can try using FP trick before rolling the gacha.

I got bunch of gold servants on both JP and NA. Tomoe NP2, Danzo, Ibaraki Douji NP3, and Stheno NP2 (JP). Tamamo and Waver NP3 with only 30 SQ (NA). Hohohoho~

Anyway, enjoy your chapter~

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

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