Takami no Kago ch.83

Good news, everyone!
We (finally) got an additional translator for this series! Yay!

He currently still reading the previous chapters and hopefully, he can starting to working start on the next week. *wink wink*

Enjoy your chapter~

Chapter 83

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Darknari

A Random Rants (or not?) for this week (10 October 2017)

Finally, it’s October! Two of my favorite novels were released in the end of last month. I guess you can guess it?
It’s Dungeon Defense and Overlord. 😀


I was following of those series from start. Maybe because I have overdose of harem-moe-moe-moe-romcom story, so I enjoyed a bit messed-up story like those novels.

Anyway, I did subbing Overlord Ple Ple Pleiades too.

Check them out below:




Pleiades with Pandora’s Actor



Pleiades with Hamsuke

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No new chapter on this week.

The new chapters are still on TLC/editing.
It might be took a day or two. It’s really bad timing when both of me and my TLC/Editor(s) are busy due our own stuffs at the same time.

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll post 2 new chapters on the next sunday/Monday.
At very least, I want you the readers know about the delay.

Sorry about that. 😉

Weekly status update and Announcement for new project (again).

Sup, Raizu is here!

As the title said, I’ll pick-up another new title for my side-project and also, I think it’s good time for me to open sponsored chapter.


First of all, I’ll make short explaination on why I decided to do them. Please bear with the wall of text.

My job IRL has 8 work hours and since I’m working in-door so whenever I have free time and my daily tasks is finished, I can translate some stuff. (That’s exclude my free time at home)

It might be sound good for you my readers, but apparently this will lead to an another issue. I’ve stocked-up too many chapters on TLC/editing queques. (Check out my progress below).

Thus, I’m thinking to make something like sponsored chapter. This way, I can release more chapters beside the regular ones. Of course, I’m planning to divide it to my hardworking editor(s) too later on.

For now, I’ll set-up $25 for a chapter. Once it reaching that amount, I’ll post a new chapter as sponsored chapter. Of course, I’ll mention your initial name on it. It’s literary like you all buying a new chapter from us. (You can check the right-side menu bar for the update. I’ll manually update it everyday).

As reminder, the regular chapters will release in every monday/tuesday and weekend. The regular and sponsored chapter will be posted, depends on which one is ready and fully edited from one of my projects.

I guess that’s all.
Also, I give you some hint(s) for my new project on this post.

Have a nice day everyone!

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[Eushully] Amayui Castle Meister


Title: Amayui Castle Meister
Original title: 天結いキャッスルマイスター
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)
Developer: Eushully

Website Linkhttp://www.eukleia.co.jp/eushully/eu018.html
Link VNDB: https://vndb.org/v20418


“Technomancers” are wizards that specialise in labyrinth construction and restoration. Avaro, one of them, seeked to one day run his own atelier.

To realise this dream, in a plan to make some money he accepted a job for investigating ruins while he was travelling in Infruese Kingdom, but… In a very unlucky turn, he was caught in a caving-in within the ruins. And as he wandered, he came across a girl sleeping inside a magic stone; Fia.

After waking up, Fia told him that she has no memory of herself; however, she knows that she is unmistakably a Goddess. She tells Avaro that she could, if she wanted to, move the entirety of the ruins with her Godly powers, and she points out that she has to, no matter what, make it to the holy ground of the closed-off kingdom. The holy ground known as “The Mist Corridor of the Sacred Noise”.

Fia, who has said nothing but what could only be nonsense so far, invites Avaro to join her on her journey, saying that he can use these ruins as his workshop however he likes if he does. Although doubtful, Avaro accepts her conditions and becomes the Apostle of the self-proclaimed Goddess, and while using the moving ruins as his atelier, they head north.

Before long, rumours of the ‘Guaracuna Fortress’ are spread across the country, and while fighting with anyone who comes after his workshop thinking that it has valuables or is a threat, Avaro searches for the truth related to the Goddess’ memories.

Along with the Goddess of Marriage, “The Story That Weaves Bonds” tells the beginning of our legend…


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