Takami no Kago ch.67

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Chapter 67

Brought to you by the new RTD translator, BobTheEverLiving.

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Note: Good luck for every FGO players who still raiding Babylonia chapter.
I just completed mine 2 days ago, and this chapter is simply epic. Kinda made me amazed that FGO is just an android game..

Takami no Kago ch.65

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Last, we’re gonna have a new translator. Let’s expect his works start from ch.67.

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Chapter 65

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Weekly Translation Projects Progress

The current progress of the chapter(s):

1. Takami no Kago:

Chapter 34 – 40 : TL is done.

Chapter 41: TL in-progress



2. Katte Kita Motoyuusha:

Chapter 55: TL is done

Chapter 56: TL is done

Chapter 57: TL is done.

Chapter 58: TL in progress.


3. Shinka no Mi:

Chapter 29: Translated




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