Takami no Kago ch.72

Sup, everyone! Here is the new chapter of Takami no Kago.

Sorry for the long update.

Chapter 72



Subs for Seiren eps.9 got delayed because I and Osura were busy with our projects earlier. Hopefully, we can release it in several hours.

Oh btw, Shouichi on this arc is so disappointing. Brace yourself, okay?


Takami no Kago ch.70

Hello everyone! Raizu is here.
I’m sorry for the lack of update. We’ve been busy for these few weeks.
Hopefully, we’ll back in track start from this week. 🙂

Also, I and Renbo (my fellow nakama from RTD) just did some fun sidejob as fansubber.


We did Seiren by using [RR-Subs]. Since we did it for fun, we might not gonna able to finish all the episodes till end. But who knows we might do all of them. 😄

Chapter 70

Anyway, enjoy your new chapter.

Takami no Kago ch.64

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I just got Jeanne D’Arc this morning! Yay!
My Jeanne Alter finally can meet her long lost sister in my Chaldea.

*cough* in another good news, there is several applicants for translator position for this project. They are currently being testing by our senpai in RTD. Hopefully, one or two of them can get passing mark so we can more speed-up the project.

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy!
Takami no Kago ch.64

Takami no Kago ch.63

Hi everyone, today is really good day!


I got myself Jeanne Alter! Yay!
Thanks for it, actually I want to post double new chapter of Takami no Kago and Motoyuusha, but well, let’s save motoyuusha for this weekend.

Anyway, put the topic aside.

Anyone have issue Raising The Dead site is slow?
I and several RTD staff already checked it, there is no issue at all. (Around5 second to open the site for me)
If anyone still have issue about it, you can drop message here or on our discord. Rumanshi will check it for you (More works for Ramen, yay! 😄 )

Well then, enjoy your new chapter!

Takami no Kago ch.63

Takami no Kago ch.62

Sup guys, Raizu is here!

Chapter 62

Enjoy your new chapter of TnK~
As for motoyuusha, probably tomorrow or next tuesday.

On another note, I and several translators heard that a certain site were hosting our works without permission, and to be worse, they did it for money from readers.
This is really demotivating us.

Please give your support on the translator(s) blog, which you can get a FREE chapter without need to pay. Alrite? 🙂

You can read both Takami no Kago and Motoyuusha on Raising The Dead or on my blog.