Using Gacha to Increase My Companions and to Create the Strongest Girls’ Army Corps.

By making use of his Ultra Rare item [invitation letter to another world], our protagonist Heihachi Okura was suddenly transfered to a whole new world.

But in spite of his dilemma, he continues living on as a useless person, only completely obsessed with social games’ gachapon systems.

By some extraordinary luck he pulled an UR (Ultra Rare) unit.

“How lucky!” He thought, when suddenly a beautiful girl unit conjured itself into existence, appearing in front of him.

Now, let’s experience this story that will make your brain overflow with vigor, of spinning for the gacha with a smartphone together with cheat-powered friends and comrades (beautiful girls) in our story of life in another world.

Author’s page and RAW


  1. Invitation to Another World
  2. Man, thrill
  3. It’s the Tut~orial
  4. Encounter with a carriage
  5. The city of Brunne
  6. The first adventuring experience
  7. Skill activation
  8. The return of the gacha
  9. Behind the helm
  10. The reason of wearing helm
  11. Gacha’s madness
  12. The end of killing spree
  13. Summoning Estel
  14. Sideline Madness
  15. Registration
  16. The Power of Magic
  17. Along the way to the Royal Capital
  18. The Pretty Boy Warrior in the Royal Capital
  19. The 1 million G battle
  20. So, we’re OP