The One-Eyed Female General and the Harem.

Full Title: Interested in the One-Eyed Female General So I Joined the White Wolf Knight Order, but It Turned into a Harem?!

―――The wind-manipulating female general Ortasia is an extremely cruel person. Just saying her name would cause even those from her own country to tremble in fear. Then came a day that the invincible Ortasia had to finally pay for her sins on. Her comrades, who were scared of even her war-mongering existence, set a trap for her. It was then that she lost her right eye. Barely escaping alive*, she escaped to a small cabin in the woods. Meeting the lumberjack boy Shingen who lived there, she swore――― with that boy she would start a fierce storm to get revenge and take back the country―――
Wanting to become a knight like the one he admired, he joined her and learned that the majority of the White Wolf Order were actually women. And with that he came to this conclusion:

“Hey, former commander! You acted really cool while you were explaining all of that but, really, you were just creating your own harem, weren’t you?!”

And with that our serious-sounding, yet at the same time not-so-serious story begins!!


Author’s page and RAW.


Introduction – Meeting with the young woodcutter.

In the Forest 1

In the Forest 2

Starry Sky Church

The Devil of the Battlefield

Assassination Plan 1 

Assassination Plan 2 

Assassination Plan 3

The death of an Important Person

The death of an Important Person 2

The death of an Important Person 3

During the darkness of the night

During the darkness of the night 2

During the darkness of the night 3

General Ortashia

General Ortashia 2

The Life Benefactor

The enemy is Runititas

The White beard of the White Wolf

The White Beard of the White Wolf 2

The Crescent Eyepatch