The Return of Former Hero

Once upon a time, a hero had been summoned to a different world in order to defeat the demon king. After the war stretching 3 years ended, the commendable hero slayed the demon king. And he was forcibly deported back to earth after being dismissed.

Such bullshit!

Elves in addition to beast race, dwarfs and demon race. Even though I wanted to make a harem in the different world I saved! My dream will not come true on earth, where there is no magic at all. Thus, the hero returns on his own. Without the blunder of being extradited to earth this time, he will build a harem of his own in a different world.

12 - 7nU5Dn2


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Former hero, returns

Former hero, first contact

Former hero, strikes the thieves

Former hero, sending a lewd gaze to the elder sister at the reception

Former hero, falls in love with the receptionist

Former hero, is bewildered but becomes serious

Former hero, got to know a fledgling adventurer

Former hero・battle against goblin

Former hero・obtains new memories

Former hero・obtaining victory against the current hero

Former hero・becomes a master

Former hero・meets the girl who collapsed from overeating

Former hero・watches the development of the situation

Former hero・observes the duel

Former hero・Showdown! Demon race

Former hero・is pleased to touch the chest and thigh of the demon race

Former hero・senses a response

Former hero・is scared

Former hero・hits on a good idea

Former hero・fired up at sea

Former hero・receives a request from the guild

Former hero・exults his desire

Former hero・departs on a journey

Former hero・meeting

Former hero・speaks with the princess

Former hero・enters the bath

Former hero・does a mock battle

Former Hero・secret meeting with the princess

Former hero・a troublesome talk is heard

Former Hero・is healed

Former hero・is toyed with by seductive technique

Former hero・exceeds his limit

Former hero・it has become troublesome to think

Former hero・vows a punishment for the princess

Former hero・is dejected

Former hero・is self aware of being a gentlemen

Former hero・sets off for the battle to recapture gauge fort

Former hero・is set sight upon

Former hero・uses his trump card

Former hero・is nursed

Former hero・the time approaches

Former hero・commits an act of stalking

Former hero・does not notice he encountered fate

Former hero・welcomes the new year, and is entrapped

Former hero・a meeting with the king finally

Former hero・fulfills his former vow

Former hero・leaves the Imperial Capital

Former hero・spends a peaceful day on the trip

Former hero・meeting with the viscount

Former hero・goes underground

Former hero・rushes down the underground labyrinth

Former hero・even further down

Former hero・undress the elf

Former hero・towards the surface

Former herois surprised because the surface has completely changed

Former Hero・attaining a new height.

Former Hero・troubled with the mystery of the different world

Former Hero・the main idea is seen through.

Former Hero・examines the world

Former Hero・walking in the Forest

Former hero・half-success restraining.

Former Hero・bewilderment.

Former Hero・silent toward the guild.

Former Hero・defeated by a little girl.

Former Hero・enjoying a day before journey.

Former Hero・shed tears.

Former Hero・desperate.

Former Hero・forced to choose.

Former Hero・ opening magic classroom in the open blue sky.

Former Hero・gotten involved

Former hero・judging the thugs

Former Hero・entrusting sacred treasures to the Royal Family

Former Hero・disassembly

Former Hero・a new problem arises

Former Hero・go with the flow

Former Hero・fights seriously

Former Hero・is in a pinch

Former Hero・gets help

Former Hero・promptly giv…gets a reward

Former Hero・caught in a wicked delusion

Former Hero・loves

Former Hero・goes all in

Former Hero・punishment

Former Hero・disciplines the child

Former Hero・stand in aquapolis

Former Hero・is left out

Former Hero・goes around to blacksmith shops

Former Hero・working hard labor

Former Hero・welcomes the day of the race

Former Hero・swimming at full power

Former Hero・fully enjoys it

Former Hero・lost on the puzzle ahead

Former Hero・suffer being defeated

Former Hero・gropping the insides of the swimwear

Former Hero・being made fun

Former Hero・using the 2nd trump card

Former Hero・becomes tired

Former Hero・know the value of consolation prize

Former Hero・thinking about the future

Former Hero・Read the letter

Former Hero・Being trained

Former Hero・Growing-up

Former Hero・Stops being worried

Former Hero・Looks back on his journey

Former Hero・Tickled on his inside

Former Hero・Reunites

Former Hero・Promises to meet with the Hero

Former Hero・Witnesses Romcom

Former Hero・Goes Practice

Former Hero・Facing the day of the Tournament

Former Hero・Battles in a preliminary match

Former Hero・Saying something refreshing

Former Hero・Restores the Spirit

Former Hero・Spends a warm night

Former Hero・Exchanges Promises

Former Hero・Caught In

Former Hero・Meet with a Goddess

Former Hero・hides from the group

Former Hero・Talks about the Essence of Recovery Magic

Former Hero・Prepare himself

Former Hero・Marries

Former Hero・Climbing

Former Hero・Talks

Former Hero・Reconfirms

Former Hero・Is Surprised

Former Hero・Consults about future plans

Former Hero・Oversleeps

Former Hero・Knocks Down his Bride

Former Hero・in a Massage Session

Former Hero・Learns

Former Hero・Won’t Stop

Former Hero・Renews his Determination

Former Hero・Discovers

Former Hero・As Usual

Former Hero・Hides in the Forest

Former Hero・Enters the Territory

Former Hero・Taking Control of the 3rd Floor

Former Hero・Talks to the Four Heavenly Kings

Former Hero・Staying up All Night

Former Hero・Standing in the Corridor

Former Hero・Making A Suggestion

Former Hero・Regains Confidence

Former Hero・Strokes of Pleasure

Former Hero・Hands are Tied