Progress Update (April 2022)

Well, just as the title said, I just want to share the current progress of my projects.
At least I need to do this sometimes to show my gratitude for everyone who supporting me so far. 😀


Santairiku Eiyuuki
Vol.3 ch.19 is ready
Vol.3 ch.20 is ready
Vol.3 ch.21 on editing
Vol.3 ch.22 on translating
Vol.3 ch.23 on translating queque

Glutton Berserker:
Ch.201 is ready
Ch.202 is on editing
Ch.203 is on translating

The Holy Grail of Eris
Vol.3 ch.4 is ready
Vol.3 ch.5 is ready
Vol.3 ch.6 is ready
Vol.3 ch.7 is on translating

Story of Hero Among Heroes
Ch.182 is ready
Ch.183 is on editing
Ch.184 is waiting for RAWs

I Was Called Incompetent
Ch.96 on editing
Ch.97 on translating
Ch.98 on translating queque

Former Hero a.k.a Motoyuusha:
Ch.191 is ready
Ch.192 on editing
Ch.193 on translating

29-Sai Dokushin wa Isekai:
Ch.62 is ready
Ch.63 on editing queque
Ch.64 on translating queque

Gacha Girl Corps:
Ch.76 is on editing
Ch.77 on translating

Sono Mono, Nochi Ni…

Sono Mono 2
Ch.12 waiting for raws

Takami no Kago:
Ch.110 is ready
Ch.111 on editing

One-Eyed Female General:
Ch.68 is unknown


That’s all.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Santairiku Eiyuuki v3c22 (+ short announcement update)

Weekly chapters (1/2)

You can read the chapter on Travis Translation: Here

Sorry for the late update for Santairiku’s patreon chapters and the regular chapters.
My editors (Shirayuki, Mirp, and Schwartz) informed me that they caught Covid-19 last week. Mirp and Shirayuki told me that they has already recovered and can start editing this week, however Schwartz13 is still resting atm.

Thus, Holy Grail of Eris will get delayed until Schwartz13 back.
In another note, Santairiku Eiyuuki and Patreon chapters will return on normal schedule soon.

Enjoy and stay safe everyone.

Patron Post Monthly Patron Thank You Post (May 2022)

The month of support from all the patrons. Thank you everyone.
Your pledge helps us continue to deliver more chapters every week. We hope you continue to support our works.

Here’s the list of all the patrons who supported Nega Translations on May 2022:

Aaron S.

Anon A Moose

Blake D.
Chris P.

James B.

Jeremy R.
Kasun R.
Mark S.

Minh Tam Tu

Nathan T.
Ruida J.
Victor D.

The bonus chapters from Patreon will be released along with the weekly regular chapters as usual. Thank you! 

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