Progress Update (October 2019)

Well, just as the title said, I just want to share the current progress of my projects.
At least I need to do this sometimes to show my gratitude for everyone who supporting me so far. 😀


Glutton Berserker:
Ch.127 is ready
Ch.128 is ready
Ch.129 is ready
Ch.130 is ready
Ch.131 is ready
Ch.132 on translating

Former Hero a.k.a Motoyuusha:
Ch.146 is ready
Ch.147 is ready
Ch.148 is ready
Ch.149 is ready
Ch.150 is ready
Ch.151 on translating

One-Eyed Female General:
Ch.68 is unknown

Gacha Girl Corps:
Ch.53 is ready
Ch.54 on editing
Ch.55 on editing queque

Takami no Kago:
Ch.106 is ready
Ch.107 on editing
Ch.108 on editing queque

Sono Mono, Nochi Ni…

The Story of Hero Among Heroes
Ch.78 is ready
Ch.79 is ready
Ch.80 on editing
Ch.81 on editing queque
Ch.82 on editing queque
Ch.83 on translating


That’s all.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Patron Post Monthly Patron Thank You Post (September 2019)

The month of support from all the patrons. Thank you everyone.
Your pledge helps us continue to deliver more chapters every week. We hope you continue to support our works.

Here’s the list of all the patrons who supported Nega Translation on September 2019:

Aaron S.

Alexandr Zhurenko
Anon A Moose


Caixuan Ng
Chris P.
Christopher C.
Daniel Gordon
Ghajeepan Sivanathan
Jaan R.
James B.

Kiet Nguyen
lem viray
Minh Tam T.

Mohith R.
Quake M.
Robert D.

Victor D. 

The bonus chapters from Patreon will be released along with the weekly regular chapters as usual. Thank you! 😀

We have posted a new post on our patreon regarding Patreon bonus chapters, please leave your comment and your opinion. Thanks! 😀

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