King of Heroes

Full Title: The Story of Hero Among Heroes ~The Founding Chronicles of Arestia


The Arcadia continent where numerous races such as Elves, Beastmen and Demons, with Humanity as the lead.

An Era of War where nation fought nation, particularly a country known as the Holy Arcadia Empire.

Ares Schwarzer, who was born among the aristocrats of The Holy Arcadia Empire, possessed a deep secret.

He was born with the memories of heroes from the past, a God of War, a Master Swordsman and a Genius Alchemist.

This is a story of a man who ruled the warfare of the Arcadia Continent, supported by the predecessors’ knowledge and skills and many fellows, gradually called the “Hero of Heroes”


Author’s page and RAW.


Ch.1 – Prologue
Ch.2 – Romaria Territory
Ch.3 – Subjugation 1
Ch.4 – Subjugation 2
Ch.5 – Ares Schwarzer
Ch.6 – Sigurd Dragonia’s Story of the Past
Ch.7 – Edgar Schwarzer
Ch.8 – Elder Rouen’s Story of the Past
Ch.9 – Northern Fortress’s Soldier Marco’s Story of the Past
Ch.11 – Sharon Roxietta
Ch.12 – Sharon’s story of the past – The kidnapping case of the Earl’s daughter part 1
Ch.13 – Sharon’s story of the past: The case of Earl’s daughter kidnapping part 2
Ch.14 – Kaizer Dollet’s Story of the past
Ch.15 – Scarlet Reaper’s Story of the Past
Ch.16 – Archive Officer
Ch.17 – Shion Tristan’s Story of the past Part 1 – The Eccentric Dominion’s Number 1 Scholar
Ch.18 – Shion Tristan’s Story of the past Part 2 – Kasim Sahid
Ch.19 – Shion Tristan’s Story of the past Part 3 – Slave War
Ch.20 – Shion Tristan’s Story of the past Part 4 – Encounter
Ch.21 – At the Dragon Ranch
Ch.22 – At his room…
Ch.23 – Devil ~Story of a certain bandit~
Ch.24 – Angel ~Theta’s Story of the Past~
Ch.25 – Inside the Dream
Ch.26 – Seven Heavenly Swords
Ch.27 – Land Development, Beekeeping and Parliament Officials
Ch.28 – George’s story of the past – ~Dream of Equality between Races~
Ch.29 – Relatives
Ch.30 – Elan’s Story of the Past
Ch.31 – Dragon’s Eye
Ch.32 – The Messenger from the Capital
Ch.33 – The Melancholy of a Messenger
Ch.34 – The Astonished Messenger
Ch.35 – Schwarzer Family Exclusive’s Chef Hadora’s story
Ch.36 – Departure
Ch.37 – The Retainers’ Thoughts
Ch.38 – On the Way to the Imperial Capital
Ch.39 – Slaying Goblins
Ch.40 – Imperial Capital ~Arrival~
Ch.41 – Imperial Capital’s Western District
Ch.42 – The Melancholy of Maria
Ch.43 – Sera Schwarzer
Ch.44 – Julius Schwarzer
Ch.45 – Old man Alberto’s Story of the past
Ch.46 – Mother’s Talk
Ch.47 – Rozenburg Clan
Ch.48 – Rozenburg Three Sisters ~ Middle Sister Millia’s Story~
Ch.49 – Rozenburg Three Sisters – ~Clan Head Alphonse’s Story~
Ch.50 – Rozenburg Three Sisters ~ Eldest Sister Roxanne’s story ~
Ch.51 – Rozenburg Three Sisters – Third Sister Cynthia’s Story
Ch.52 – Duke of McDohl Clan
Ch.53 – Duke of Arnold
Ch.54 – Margott’s Chamber of Commerce
Ch.55 – Margott House of Commerce part 2
Ch.56 – The Child of Light
Ch.57 – Drunk
Ch.58 – Speculations
Ch.59 – War
Ch.60 – Silvia Arcadia
Ch.61 – Cornelia Arcadia
Ch.62 – Before the War
Ch.63 – First Battle
Ch.64 – Clean Up
Ch.65 – Blitzkrieg
Ch.66 – Princess Knight
Ch.67 – Redgear Capital Fran
Ch.68 – Sword Saint and Princess Knight