Glutton Berserker manga ch.1


Brought to you by Whimsubs group.
They did Glutton Berserker manga ch.0 (prologue) too.

Feel free to check on their site and give them support! 🙂

Note: Sometimes I hang around on their Discord channel, so feel free to say hi over there.



A Random Rants (or not?) for this week (10 October 2017)

Finally, it’s October! Two of my favorite novels were released in the end of last month. I guess you can guess it?
It’s Dungeon Defense and Overlord. 😀


I was following of those series from start. Maybe because I have overdose of harem-moe-moe-moe-romcom story, so I enjoyed a bit messed-up story like those novels.

Anyway, I did subbing Overlord Ple Ple Pleiades too.

Check them out below:




Pleiades with Pandora’s Actor



Pleiades with Hamsuke

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No new chapter on this week.

The new chapters are still on TLC/editing.
It might be took a day or two. It’s really bad timing when both of me and my TLC/Editor(s) are busy due our own stuffs at the same time.

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll post 2 new chapters on the next sunday/Monday.
At very least, I want you the readers know about the delay.

Sorry about that. 😉