Gacha Girl Corps ch.38


An additional bonus chapter if I got a SSR in FGO~


Please wish me luck for getting more SSR in the future too!
I really want to reunite Sigurd and Brynhildr in my Chaldea…


Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

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Glutton Berserker ch.57


Sponsored Chapter
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Thank you! 🙂

Ah, it will be great if LN Glutton Berserker volume 3 is released.
I’m sure we will get nice illustrations here.

Yep, some of you have guesses it in the previous chapter comments.
But wait, what if Eris’s lied? Fufufu.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Xaga

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Progress Update + No news (15/7/2018)

Well, just as the title said, I just want to share the current progress of my projects.
At least I need to do this sometimes to show my gratitude for everyone who supporting me so far. 😀


Glutton Berserker:
Ch.57 is ready.
Ch.58 is ready.
Ch.59 on editing.
Ch.60 on editing queque.
Ch.61 on translating

Ch.123 is ready.
Ch.124 on editing queque.
Ch.125 on TLC

One-Eyed Female General:
Ch.44 is ready.
Ch.45 on editing.
Ch.46 on translating (after Glutton Berserker ch.61)

Gacha Girl Corps:
Ch.38 is ready
Ch.39 on editing
Ch.40 on TLC

Takami no Kago:
Ch.92 is ready
Ch.93 on editing
Ch.94 on translating


That’s all.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!