Return of The Former Hero ch.100

Chapter 100… T-T
We have reached this far. I’m happy with this accomplishment.

It has been more than a year ago when I pick-up the baton from 87-san.
Oops… I should stop before I start reminisce about the past. XD

Alright! 147 chapters left before we can catch-up with the raws! >w<
Since this novel is the flagship of my translation project so I intend to work on it as far as I can.

Laurier, please give me your cheerful support for me!

Laurier smile

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Alex

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Return of The Former Hero ch.96

Sorry for the late update! Last week is Golden Week so I and my editors are very busy with our IRL stuff.

Oh yeah, for anyone curious what happened with One-Eyed General, Frost is moving to his new apartment so there will be no One-Eyed General until he finish moving. Please be patient, okay? 😉

Anyway, this chapter is 1.5x longer than normal, so please enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Blackswordman.

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