Return of the former hero ch.57

Reuploading ch.55-60.

Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Centurioin
Cleaner: Light

57. Former Hero troubled with the mystery of the different world.


Super awkward.

The reason of awkwardness is, of course, Celes presence.

Speaking of Celes, when she saw me entering the room, she averted her eyes immediately.
Right now, she steals glances at me and Laurier.
The glances are cold.

Sharon’s expression is saying [Good grief!].
Celes’s expression is saying [Filthy! Perverts!].

Completely guilty.

What now? What will she do?
I hope the incident won’t cause wild ideas to take root in her.

There is no room to object. (ED note: he is (isn’t) (W)right)


By the way, why is she here?
Furthermore, knowing I had to talk about [The princess is my girl], I felt hopeless.

Meanwhile, the Marquis came in.
And his son, Pig Frog-kun was following suit.

Pig Frog-kun and I glance at each other.

I made a large sacrifice to catch up to you.
I am no longer the same me than yesterday.
That fellow is looking at the new me.

Yosh, I am not losing.
I have obtained the power to confront that guy gaze.

[Sorry to make you waiting.
Princess Rithina, it has been such a long time.
Due to the lack of ways of communication, we might have only be passing by each other, please forgive me]

[No, this was also a sudden visit.
It’s fine, please don’t worry about it.]

The Marquis spent some the time chatting with Rithina.
Watching over her, I find Rithina to perform like a Princess.
No, she is genuine.

Thanks to the events of last evening, the strong memory of her serving me like a housemaid is still fresh in my mind.

From this neat Princess, devotedly extending her tongue….
From that mouth who emits a beautifully lewd voice, I am…

My head is filled with perverted things.
I’m in dire need to clearing my thoughts ASAP.

[Haruto-dono, I am really indebted in the underground labyrinth, please allow me to express our gratitude again]

[I am honored to having been able to help with my poor abilities]

[Such modesty. You were able to render
quite the wonderful service]

Rule number one when dealing with nobility: behave modestly.
Once our greeting are done, we begin the main discussion.

[Then, for the main issue as to why the Princess came here, after reading the content of letter from His Majesty, I allow it]

The Marquis goes straight to the point.

Ahh well….

The discussion reach an easily conclusion.
Beside, is it the norm to pass over the specific details?

From the start, was it unnecessary to do a formal discussion? I wonder if I was talking too much.

Since it went so easily, I‘m starting to worry about it.
From the beginning, doesn’t the title of Marquis hold too much power?
That’s weird, I don’t understand it.

Still, King-sama.
To entrust such a personal message, it hurt me to see it written so neatly.
In the end, was it necessary for me to come here?

Wait, for the Marquis to approve so fast, was it because of the incident in the underground labyrinth?
Or maybe is it the reaction to the Awakening of Pig Frog?

If it’s that last reason, the discussion might become way more complicated.

That Pig Frog-kun has developed a crush on Laurier, how do you speak about the beginning of such a bizarre story???

My lucky star must be shinning hard right now!!

The discussion is quickly settled. And above all, it doesn’t leave any strange impression on Celes.

De, enough about that, why is Celes here?

When I am reluctantly halfheartedly thinking about it, the topic changes suddenly.

[If there isn’t anything else on the subject, we have a more important problem]

Saying this , the Marquis put a packet wrapped in cloth on the desk.
An arm appear from the wrapped clothes.

It must come from one of the Golem things that I destroyed on the 20th level inside the underground labyrinth.

It’s a part cut nicely under the elbow extending to the hand, which remained in good condition.
After checking it, I passed it back to the Marquis.

I don’t have much knowledge regarding that particular Golem.
Just common informations, for me a Golem is a thing able to move and blindly following simple commands.
Like “Dig a hole”, “Defend people”…

That single Golem on the other hand, was sentient. So I concluded that it’s not a basic mass produced one.

Putting that aside, does the orb in its head related?

Anyway, this is the limit of my knowledge.

If there is a person more informed about it, I might be able to understand something else. Although I entrusted it to the Marquis, does he have access to better informations in just a day?

[A, ano, as for the conclusion, this thing was made by modern technology. Although, it’s not possible to know the circumstances]

Suddenly, Celes joined the discussion.
Was Celes called for this matter?
Come to think about it, when we were returning to the surface, she was watching the Golem’s arm with great interest.

[Does Celes knows more details about this thing?]

When I asked the question, she was surprised.
Un, she is completely on-guard, I give-up.

[Her classroom learning are one grade above her practical skills.
To such level that the scholars and the teachers in school are astonished.]

So does the Marquis explain.

Nai wa!! (Ed note: hu hu hu ^^)
She is indeed the rare genius magician.

Afterwards, we got an explanation. Celes had examined that thing.

It clearly is an original Golem, my rough knowledge is insufficient.
One more thing, Celes has also seen its movements too. How is it able to do it, she doesn’t have any idea.

In short, I’m lost about this incident, that’s what I’m feelling.
Certainly, that thing is a mysterious being.

[And then, I got a request for Haruto-dono]

[A request? What is it?]

When the explanation from Celes ended, the Marquis required something.

[Umu, the owner of this arm, can i speak about it? The Golem, when it was almost defeated, after destroying the room, I heard he fled away.

As the one in charge of the territory, I can’t leave the area.
To investigate it, I want Haruto-dono to pursue after that fellow, how about it?]


There is no obligation to accept the Marquis’s request.
No,wait. Is this request a blackmail concerning the matter of Rithina so quickly approved of?

Beside that, the Marquis seems interested in me.
No, more accurately, it’s the orb on the Golem’s head.
As a matter of fact, even if there was no request from the Marquis, I was still going to run after the fellow.

This request is convenient.
While we pursue the Golem, we will have access to the back-up from the Marquis’s family. It will be way more flexible.
No reason to refuse it here.

When I glance to the girls, no one says anything.
More likely they leave it to me.

[I understand. I also don’t want to leave that fellow alone]

[I see. Since we received cooperation from a powerful person like Haruto-dono, I’m relieved]

His speech and attitude doesn’t match.
He might have thought that I wouldn’t refuse the request.

There may also be other possibilities than what I thought of before.
If I had hesitated, he might have mention the matter of Rithina.

Ahhhh oh well….
It’s not good to be suspicious behind other people back. I don’t want to overthink it.

All in all, it’s good if we share mutual interest.

[Then, what should I do?
Even though we should go at once to chase it, I don’t know where it went…..]

I muttered speaking to myself.

[It may be urgent, but I want you to wait here for another month.
In the meantime, let’s get as much informations as possible.

After the graduation, I want this young lady to participate in the search too]

What The..?

We’re welcome to on the Marquis’s estate.
Afterwards, the second half of his sentence.

As he said, it’s about Celes.
Saying she would accompany us.


Although I don’t understand his intention at all, since we got closer under such duress in the underground labyrinth, to have to say goodbye while being hated…. I’m glad there is a chance to reconcile with her.

To have an elven girlfriend.
A cute one at that, if there is a chance…




Did I do anything?
Nope, I did nothing.

I did nothing and yet, Celes is frightened. I was elbowed by Sharon who sit next to me.

Hey why???

It’s a mystery.

This alternate world is full of mystery.


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