Return of the Former Hero ch.74

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Translator: Pengu
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Chapter 74: Former Hero – A New Problem Arises

A phenomenon will suddenly arise regardless of the circumstances.

It was certain day, when I was looking around for weapons in a weapon shop.

This specific weapon shop is on the main street of the town, from which both the border wall and the barrier gate could all be seen.

Since the town of Malt is built on the border of two countries, there exists a system for the administration of the territories and belongings of the different Lordships; however, the whole of this is still called Malt, regardless of which side it is.

For convenience’s sake though, they are called East Malt and West Malt on each respective side of the wall.

By the way, West Malt is governed by Milis Kingdom – the side we are currently on.

Entering through the barrier gate, there is a group hastily entering West Malt.

Pushing through the residents and adventurers, I advanced to the barrier gate.

This group, however, continued to pass in front of me, and disappeared into West Malt’s government office.

[What’s going on? It’s a little *too* busy, don’t you think so?] (Haruto)

Me, not knowing what was going on, heard the old shop owner mumble back,

[It’s probably ‘that’, since they’re rushing over from the other side.] (Weapons Shop Owner)

Apparently, he was also watching the figures disappear down main street.

[Well, it’s got nothing to do with us. By the way, have you finally made your decision? Even if you come and look every day, it’ll never get any cheaper.] (Weapons Shop Owner)

The old man urges me to decide.

There are a total of 3 weapon shops in West Malt.

This shop, though, I believe to be the best out of all of them.

As for why, a short sword made from Mithril is on display.

A sword made out of Mithril is far and away better than the Saint Silver sword I bought before.

The magic transmission was good when I was allowed to test it out.

By all means, this is the weapon I want to have replace the one I lost when I was fighting against the Golem’s ridiculously hard Magic Power Nullification.

However, it is Mithril after all. It’s ridiculously expensive.

Even though I wished it wasn’t so, the expenses have begun to add up after I came to Malt. I find that I don’t have anything in my wallet anymore.

Fortunately, since I came to see the sword each and every day, the old man has begun to complain. I’ve also come to become acquaintances with him.

I’ve managed to become a regular customer of the hotel, the clothing shop {Jack of All Trades}, and the weapon shop now.

[Umm. . . .Can I get it for half the price?] (Haruto)
[There’s no way that’s gonna happen. If you’re here to crack jokes, go home.] (Weapons Shop Owner)


I’m a customer. I can always come back later.

I haven’t bought anything, and now I’ve been driven out by the old man. There’s not really any reason for me to stay around here anymore.

How about I go buy some food for Laurier, as a gift?

There’s a bakery which sells melon flavored buns. It’s supposed to be a delicacy . . . I wonder if she’ll be happy?

Ah~, no, no, she’ll end up spoiled with that.

Laurier’s current activities are mostly eating and sleeping. After meals, she goes and falls asleep. . . She’ll become fat sooner or later with that kind of habit.

As for the person in question, [Not at all!] she says. Even though she denies it, normally, one would gain weight. Is it because she’s a demon that she’ll be okay?

Well, it’ll be a problem if Laurier got fat, so I’ll curb this myself.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

With the day wearing on towards evening, and dinner time encroaching, Rithina has yet to return.

[Hmm. . . Where did Rithina go today?] (Haruto)
[Rithina-sama?, If I am not mistaken, she went off to a certain government office. . . That reminds me, it’s become really late. . .] (Laurier) (ED: Best guess at the identity of the speaker.)

You’re right.

Today, Sharon, Mina, and Rithina all went to the guild’s and government’s offices today.

Usually, she would have returned long ago; has something happened? Should I go and see how things are? . . . . While lost in thought, she seems to have returned.

[Haruto-kun! Please, a moment!] (Rithina)
[Welcome back. However, you seem a bit late, did some – – -WOAH?!?] (Haruto)

While greeting her, Rithina has come back and caught my arm immediately.

What!? What is it!?

Is it because I visited the {Jack of All Trades} and put in an order for underwear? Was it bad of me to ask Mina for the definitive sizes of everyone!?

[It’s an emergency, please come!] (Rithina)
[Eh? Huh? . . Wh, what is it?] (Haruto)

I was taken by Rithina, and just like that, I left the hotel’s room

Left behind, Laurier and Tanya -along with myself- were all dumbfounded.

Sharon and Mina are waiting just outside the room.

They both have a difficult face showing.


Something is this serious?

Are we doing it in the back alley?

. . . .No, it doesn’t have to be that.

The trio’s expressions are quite serious.

Today, Rithina went to the government’s office.

I remember the busy government officials I saw while in the weapon shop this morning.

. . . . I see. Though I don’t understand the contents, some problems have arisen.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[So the demons have begun overflowing from the labyrinth?] (Haruto)(ED: Best guess at the identity of the speaker.)

Rithina has brought me to one of the rooms of the government building in West Malt.

When I entered, I was completely surrounded by old men. I’ve just received a briefing of the situation.

Along with Rithina and myself, Sharon and Laurier have followed and heard the story.

Beyond the border, 5 days further east from East Malt, there is a famous dungeon.

Scattered throughout the area are numerous small, isolated villages. Since Malt is the largest habitation around, the surveyor from Milis Kingdom has named the dungeon after it.

From Malt’s Dungeon, two days ago, a crowd of demons began overflowing from the dungeon.

The group of scouts aiming to examine the dungeon have been utterly destroyed.

Naturally, there is no such thing as ‘safety’ for the people who go to survey dungeons such as these.

However, one person somehow managed to make it out, and ran all day and night to deliver the news.

From the information provided, the demons that have begun to overflow from the dungeon have started advancing towards Malt town.

[Why did such a thing happen. . . .] (Haruto)

I complained instinctively.

[The cause is still uncertain. Something like this is quite unprecedented.] (White Mustachioed Man)

The man with a white mustache provides a slight explanation.

He’s showing an expression of complete loss.

Perhaps, this person is the highest ranking here. . . .?

Is he perhaps the Town Mayor? What is he waiting on? I didn’t hear anything about this. . . Is everything going to be ok?

Anyhow, there’s a horde of demons approaching.


This is certainly an emergency.

There’s no specific number. Their purpose is unclear. However, the demons approach anyway.

[Though I don’t know how fast the demons are marching, if it’s the usual, then three. . . no, I would say they would reach the town in two days, probably.] (Rithina)

Rithina supplements from the side.

Unlike the norm, she has a pretty serious expression on right now.

As expected of the 3rd princess. Her wickedness shows through during something like a national crisis.

. . . . It is not the time to have frivolous thoughts.

Since Malt is divided into two by the border, both sides maintain a non-intervention agreement between the two. However, this time, they have agreed to join forces.

As per the agreement, the residents of East Malt have been evacuated to West Malt, and the border forces will work together to repulse the demon’s onslaught from outside of the town.

Though it would be of tremendous use if some magician could prepare large scale magic, the magician currently responsible for the town is not present.

Are these the tactics? Or the strategy? Though I don’t understand it well, there’s no complaint in prioritizing the state of the people more than the state of the town.

So, as to the reason why I was called here.

[I heard from your highness, the princess, before. That Haruto-sama is an excellent adventurer.] (White Mustachioed Man)

The fellow with the mustache said.

Rithina-san. In a place full of strangers, will you stop excessively promoting me?

Of course, I will cooperate if it is necessary.

[Ah, well, pretty much.] (Haruto)

I returned an ambiguous answer.

I do not overestimate myself! I could probably say it with full confidence, but I will not overestimate myself.

[If possible, please don’t damage the town as much as possible. We will lead and engage the demons!] (White Mustachioed Man)

Rithina is burning beside me.

Well, it’s all good.

[We do not mind engaging the demons, but Rithina-sama is useless.] (Haruto)
[Huh!?] (Rithina)

Rithina, what’s with you?

[It is quite natural. Rithina-sama and Mina will be remaining here, while the four of us will be going; Sharon, Laurier, and Me. (TL: That 3. . . Maybe Tanya?)(ED: Left it as-is because Author-san wrote it this way.)

I might also take Tanya, but then, when the horde comes, Rithina and Mina will be left alone.

Even though my magic power has piled up considerably, and I seem to be able to fight well after a long time, it might be better if I left someone to guard the two here.

[Eh . . . But, I have been practicing for a while now. I’m confident that I could put up a decent fight. . . .] (Rithina)

When I stare at Rithina with a serious face, even she hesitates.

[Please be obedient this time. Sooner or later, when I judge that you will be safe, then we will fight together.] (Haruto)
[Uuuu~. . . .] (Rithina)

I said so and patted Rithina’s head.

Though Rithina has a dissatisfied air about her, she has rescinded herself from the fight.

This is bad.

In front of someone with a high position, someone has seen the way I have been treating the princess.

Was it bad?

[It will be my responsibility, I’ll keep her highness safe.] (White Mustachioed Man)

The old man with the mustache answered powerfully.

Very well.

Dang it! You should be angry.

Well, we’re all in agreement here.

Letting the princess engage in a head on battle would be quite problematic.

Thus, while our pursuit of the Golem hasn’t yet borne fruit, we now have to face a new fight.

No. The only witness information on the Golem is that it might be in the dungeon.

Could there be a possibility that the Golem is involved in this? (TL: Finally, he used his brain.)

It’s possible, if I think about the timing.

. . . . .

It’s not productive to think about it here.

For now, let’s concentrate on the immediate problem.

[Well now! Has everyone heard the story? Then let’s quickly commence the drafting of a plan of action!] (White Mustachioed Man)




(ED:. . . . I don’t know who is saying these lines at the end, so no name bubbles . . . . . T^T . . . . .)

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