Return of The Former Hero ch.80

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Translator: Ashenwind & Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

Chapter 80: Former Hero – Caught in a Wicked Delusion

[Huff. . . .Huff. . . .] (Haruto)

It’s been an hour from when the fight with the Golem took place.

The town of Malt has finally come into view.

Since I was running without rest, it’s no wonder I’m already short on breath.

Along the way, Laurier seems to have fallen asleep on my back, so as such, I have to be careful not to shake my body too much.

For some reason, I didn’t feel any strange urge to do so. Perhaps I had a feeling that it was better not to shake her.

Not that it really matters.

[Haruto!] (Sharon)

Shortly before the town’s gate, I can see Sharon and company waiting.

Since I returned this late, it can’t be helped if I made them worried.

[Yo, I’m back.] (Haruto)

I slowed down my pace as I said my greeting.

Sharon and company quickly make their way over to me while making various noises.

Uwa, incredible.

. . . . . . The feeling of being embraced by so many girls, is simply something to die for.

[Mou! Because you didn’t quickly return, we were really worried you know! Everyone was going to go searching for you just now. . . Eeeh? Laurier-chan is asleep?] (Sharon)

Despite their worries, after seeing the one who was sleeping like a princess on my back, the other girls quickly lower their voices.

[Aah, somehow this is making me feel really tired. Oh, yeah! It’s because of Laurier’s help that both of us could make an escape. That helped me a lot –] (Haruto)
[Eeh? Err, it’s okay. We understand, don’t worry.] (Sharon)
[Yep. I think it’s fine alright.] (Tanya)

I thought I’ll have to make some follow up in regard to this incident, but Sharon and the others have already settled down. Hahaha. Attagirl.
[By the way, what took you so long? Could it be, the fight was so harsh?] (Sharon)


[Tha. . . That’s. . . Well, there were a lot of demons along the way that needed to be dispatched. . . I guess?] (Haruto)

In front of these worried girls, I can’t afford to say that I was doing ‘things’ with Laurier before returning to them.

[So that’s why! It was dangerous, wasn’t it!] (Sharon)

At my godlike excuse, Sharon seemed to believe me.

My heart is aching. But, well played me! Hehe.

[That’s a lie, isn’t it?] (Rithina)

Hii. . . .

Rithina, who had been watching from the sidelines, put a sudden tsukkomi on me.

Very un-princess like

[Eh!? It’s a lie!?] (Sharon)
[Judging from Laurier-sama’s happy expression, it’s most likely a lie.] (Rithina)

That seemed to open Sharon’s eyes.


I guess Sharon cannot be played with, can she?

[Haruto. . . .] (Sharon)

Aa, Sharon-san as always, your gaze is really frightening.

Just like back when we were still fighting the Golem/Dragon, it’s freezing my backbone.

Before I notice it, Sharon isn’t the only one who is gazing at me.

However, Celes seems to be more interested in the Golem’s parts that I had brought along.

Tanya seems to be okay with everything.

Uu. . . .

I’ve fought really hard. I just merely wanted to enjoy the moment for a while, and I ended up throwing around a few lies.

What’s with that? Does that make me the one in the wrong? I guess it does.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Next morning.

After having breakfast, I went out with Celes.

Actually, today, I was called upon by the King, but since it felt really troublesome, I left the task to Rithina instead.

Above all, I also need to do something first.

[Yosh, I think it’s fine.] (Haruto)

As my magic began to take form, I felt a twinge of satisfaction.

[Onii-san, isn’t this a bit too much?] (Celes)

Celes is looking at me with doubt.

What I had made was, a shelter with shielding made of air.

At the moment, we were in the process of disassembling the Golem’s remains.

[Celes was also inside the underground labyrinth, right? This thing might explode at anytime. I won’t continue if we don’t have at least this much for protection.] (Haruto)
[If you put it that way, then okay.] (Celes)

While talking to Celes, I put down the Golem’s remains.

From here on, it’s just pure brute force.

Uuuuu. . . .

Co. . .Come on. . . .

If it wasn’t a magic disabling armor, it would be much easier for everyone.

Either way, with some effort, It finally budged a little.

After 30 minutes of heavy muscle work, the armor on the body was finally taken off.

I want to do the arms and legs as well, but to repeat such an ordeal right after the first. . . No thanks.

Inside the Golem’s interior, there was a globe-shaped object installed in the head.

However, the Golem’s head wasn’t globular in shape. . . As if this thing was made to be simply jammed in.

[Celes, do you understand how this works? Anyway, I’ll detach the explosive parts.] (Haruto)
[Okay. Please wait a moment. Well. . . This prop. . . This may be the power source? Wa, amazing. It’s so small. . . This. . . I wonder what this is?] (Celes)

Without any hesitation, Celes started to examine the Golem’s structure.

In order to look carefully inside the Golem, which had been laid on the ground, she even went as far as crouching down on all fours.

Gratefully, my eyes feasted on swaying her hips. . .

This reminded me of the time back in the library.

However, it was even more intense now, since I could see her panties peeking beneath her short skirt.

Truly a splendid sight.

The small butt in front of me, I really want to grab and squeeze it. . . .

Or, I can just pull the hem of the skirt up. . . .

. . . .No way. I mustn’t.

If the Golem suddenly exploded now, I won’t be able to protect Celes.

Won’t be able to at all.

Knowing this, I tried to keep my eyes away from her butt.

I must endure for now. But still. . .

Such a dilemma for a young man like me. To do, or not to do?

Either way, it’s definitely wrong to do.

As I suffered from the conflict in my mind, an hour passes.

At the moment, the removal of explosive and dangerous equipment from the Golem has been completed, and now it is laying there in pieces.

[Onii-san! This is amazing! It’s using a technology that has not been used for a very long time, but is still very complex. Most parts have been miniaturized, and honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this before!] (Celes)

Celes is pretty excited to report about the outcome of her observation.

Like that of the smartphone, it’s easy to guess that the more advanced the technology level, the more widespread the miniaturization will be. My tension about it was relatively low. . .

So, honestly, I can’t tell if it’s really that amazing.

Because I can’t tell, but am curious about it, I found the excited explanation from Celes kind of interesting.

The structure of the Golem seems to be like a culmination point in golem technology.

Golems in this world, other than the one created from soil by magic, are a combination of magic and machine, like this one.

If you use magic to create a golem from the soil, the size can be reduced to a minimum, depending on the mastery of the person who casted the magic. However, the machine-magic ones commonly can only be constructed with a size that’s bigger than an elephant.

If you think about it, judging by the fact that this golem is man-sized, it could be considered to be pretty innovative.

[I see. This guy is a huge lump of amazing technology. Can you tell who created it?] (Haruto)
[That’s. . . I’m going to have to look for more details, but for now. . . . ] (Celes)

So it’s unknown.

Well, whoever made it might have some purpose for it. It’s not like there is a note about it on the inside, so it can’t be helped.

[Alright. Well, no way we can solve it so easily. At least this guy is out of order for the time being, so that’s enough for now.] (Haruto)

I stood up with that conclusion.

Although I don’t understand why it is specifically targeting me, the danger has come to pass for now.

Let’s just stay at that for the moment.

Anyways, my interest when fighting the Golem, was not solely on defeating it.

The thing I am most interested in right now is. . . The love-love date I will have with Celes.

I turned my back toward Celes, so the expression on my face could not be seen.

Thinking about the date, I couldn’t help but make a perverted face.

Given how Celes has been acting around me nowadays. . . I might be able to go all the way, if the situation is right!

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I’m really looking forward to it. Really really looking forward to it.

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