Return of The Former Hero ch.83

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Translator: Ashenwind & Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

Chapter 83: Former Hero – Punishment

I, wearing only a pair of trunks, was basking under the warm sunshine on Kurato’s rooftop.

And, snuggling close next to me, was Laurier.

Laurier was also clad in nothing but her undergarments.

There was nothing to hustle about since no one could see us here.

And, we are merely basking in the sun, purely speaking.

If you wonder why the two of us are only in our undergarments, it’s because that’s the only clothes we have at the moment – the other sets are being washed.

We are already on our way, leaving the Border Town of Malt behind, with Aquapolis Anhel set as our next destination.

Aquapolis Anhel transcends national borders. I heard it’s located in the southern part of the Elise Kingdom.

We were expected to arrive there in two weeks time.

On the way, passing by and stopping in some towns as we go, it was scheduled that we take the journey calmly.

And so, even though the situation doesn’t really relate to that, since I rushed out of the town of Malt, all the preparations that were going to be done in the afternoon were suddenly pushed to the morning. . . and Mina wasn’t able to do the laundry for us.

Though everyone else still has enough sets of clothes to wear, only Laurier and myself do not.

Well, there was actually the set of clothes that I bought together with Celes, but Mina won’t allow me to wear them.

Apparently, the sun in this world also has a mass of magical power in it, so the sunshine itself contains magic.

If you bought a new set of clothes, apparently, it is customary to let it set out in the sun, so that it absorbs some trace amounts of magic first.

Is this the general custom? Though I don’t really know if it’s something specific to the royal or aristocratic families, but since there’s the saying, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, I had no reason to object.

On the other hand, who’s the girl you borrowed the clothes from, Laurier? Actually, since no one said anything, and the sight of her wearing just undergarments is. . . you know what? I’m just going to let it be.

Thus, Laurier and myself, who don’t have a change of clothes, decided to do some sunbathing.

When I raise my head, I can see everyone’s undergarments from where I lay.

That white one, with the cute red ribbon in it, must be Sharon’s.

That one with light blue stripes, I bought for Laurier.

That one with lovely lacy rims, was the one I bought for Mina.

That erotic, black colored one with extremely little cloth, is Rithina’s.

Unsurprisingly, the pair of short pants must belong to Celes.

And the last one, the long cloth hanging was actually Tanya’s fundoshi.

Colorful cloth, in various shapes, that block the hopes and dreams of many men, were swaying over my head.

A superb view.

Not far off on the side, Mina was busy washing clothes.

Our clothes, along with the new clothes I bought the other day, were now being dried in the sunshine.

Perhaps because we were heading south, the weather felt pleasant enough that I didn’t feel too hot at all. Though, Mina herself was still wearing her full maid uniform.

When I saw Mina diligently washing the clothes, a little flowery feeling began to bud.

Mina-chan. The wind outside is a little harsh, it can be dangerous, you know?

Only for you, I’ll bring out the breezy wind as a present.

I began to imagine a magic.

Using the {Air Bullet} as a template, I shot out a very weak airflow.

I didn’t complete the Aria, of course.

Suddenly, the wind began to blow from below.

[Niyaaa!?] (Mina)

The wind that I created, flipped and raised Mina’s skirt.


It’s black with lace.

Quite erotic.

The garter belt gave an additional synergizing effect.

Between the undergarment and knee-high socks, the exciting flesh colored part can be seen.

[. . . Suddenly, the wind. . . ?] (Mina)

Mina raised her suspicion, while trying to suppress her fluttering skirt.

And, gave a quick glance at me.

[It’s the spring heralding wind, isn’t it?] (Haruto)

I quickly averted my head in innocence.

I don’t know whether the spring heralding wind runs through this territory or not.

[. . . Right. I’m gonna have to take care of it.] (Mina)

By saying something like that, what are you trying to do, Mina? I couldn’t help but throw a little peek.

There was no evidence that I was the culprit.

Since there is none, it’s still gray. Not black yet.


While I was attempting to tell myself that it’s okay, I felt something heavy pressing on my stomach.

Turning my eyes forward, Laurier was there, gazing at me.

Not only that, her thigh was pressing into my important part with a *gyu*.

This is bad.

Right above me, was someone very sensitive when it comes to magic.

[O. . .Uh. . .] (Haruto)

Suddenly, I’m making weird voices.

Please stop. No, please don’t stop.

[Mina. That wind a little while ago was Haruto’s doing. As punishment, Haruto isn’t allowed to have supper today.] (Laurier)


Wait a minute.

Isn’t that a bit cruel?

I saw Mina sweating due to the heat, so I made a breezy wind. That’s a present, you know?

The skirt being lifted up due to the wind was purely accidental.

[. . . That . . . No, you’re right. It shall be done.] (Mina)

Mina accepted Laurier’s proposal with some hesitation.

As a maid, there must be some conflicting feeling when denying the master from their supper.

However, the proposal was still accepted, after all.

Don’t refrain too much, that’s what me and Rithina usually say.

When we are close enough, we won’t mind about something trivial like that.

No, wait, wait a minute.

That’s not it, this is different.

This and that are different.

My supper, I want to eat.

[Wait, wait a mo. . . Uaa. . !?] (Haruto)

I tried to make an excuse, only to have Laurier slide her hand into my trunks.

In that moment, using the chance of me being distracted, Mina went back inside Kurato.

This is impossible. . . .

It’s a lie. . . .

[Oi. . . What’s the meaning of this.] (Haruto)

I turned my head down to see Laurier laying on my chest.

[In this situation, you should’ve kept your sight on me the whole time.] (Laurier)

As Laurier said so, she entangled her small body with mine.

90% of her bare skin was sticking to me. It felt really good.

Jealousy? Is she jealous?

Laurier-chan is cute, ne.

Mina will most likely not allow me to have supper.

So, since supper is out of reach, let’s eat Laurier instead.

Those easily grabbable hips of hers, I really want to grab.


[Onii-san, there is something that I want to consult with. . . ] (Celes)

Just as I was about to stretch out my hands in the hope of grabbing Laurier by the hips, Celes appeared from within the interior of Kurato.

Such wonderful timing. Truly, godlike.

While for me and Laurier, the fade-out was done as-is.

As quick as a whack-a-mole game.

And, that’s how.


[Ah. Hey, Haruto. What’s the matter?] (Celes)
[Ce, Celes-chan? Do you know the reason why we aren’t wearing our clothes? Because it doesn’t bother me at all, so why should I worry? Right, what was it that you wanted to ask?] (Haruto)

Painful. What a painful excuse.

Trying to justify doing such an embarrassing thing in the middle of the day.

Celes was still on the stairs leading to the rooftop.

The face that was looking at me is painted a beet red.

Was the stimulation too strong for Celes?

[I, I’m sorry. I’m, sorry for disturbing. . . ] (Celes)
[No, who said you are disturbing anything!?] (Haruto)

Seeing that the visible part of her was only the head, I tried to hide Laurier from her view, who was still only standing on the stairs.

Though, now I’m getting kind of an unpleasant feeling. . .


Why do my feet feel cramped?!?

Celes seems to back down, while I myself am lying prone on my stomach, with Laurier riding on top of me like a horse.

What’s the meaning of this!?

I tried to shoo away Laurier with one hand, but she seemed like she was enjoying this too much.

Damn demon. Really is evil.

However now, the conversation that I have started with Celes has stalled. This problem, will I be able to stand up from it?

Is this the greatest challenge for this former hero?

[Onii-san?] (Celes)

Celes is starting to peek back up.

I quickly put on a poker face.

[It’s nothing. So, what did you want to ask?] (Haruto)
[Ye, yes. Erm. . . It’s about the golem that Onii-san had defeated. Concerning some part of that golem, may I borrow Onii-san’s smartphone?] (Celes)

Golem parts and a smartphone?

Ahah, that must be it. Using the Golem’s parts, we might be able to power the smartphone using magic? There was a talk like that before.

So, she wanted to test things out, didn’t she?

[The smartphone? Sure. . . Go ahead!] (Haruto)

Laurier was now tickling the sole of my foot.


That, that can be considered my weak point.

Was she searching for my weak point while I didn’t notice?


[. . . . . . . . . .] (Celes)

Celes is looking at me with a cold gaze.

Did I get caught?

. . . Not getting noticed will be weird, though.

However, I still need to continue on.

[Ss. . . The smartphone. . . Is in my . . . Locker woa! . . . Yo. .You may use it as you like.] (Haruto)


Damn you to hell, Laurier!

[U. . Understood. . . Then, I’ll be borrowing it for a while.] (Celes)

After saying so, Celes went down to the first floor.

Mission complete.

Ha. . .

[Oi, bastard! What’s the point!? Ha! It’s hurting, you know!] (Haruto)
[What? The talk is already over, isn’t it?] (Laurier)

I could only use wind to protest at best.

Judging from Laurier’s silhouette direction. . .

[That’s not what I mean! Let go of my foot. At least temporarily.] (Haruto)
[Noo. . . Unless there are only two of us here now, this brand placed on you won’t be released. I’ll make it feel pleasant as I release it, so just enjoy the ride while we are at it, ne.] (Laurier)

Sometime after Laurier said so, the restraint on my foot loosened down.

Guhee. . .

My feet felt numb a little, now that it regained back some of its freedom.

Ee. . . This is a kind of magic?

And it can be adjusted to become painful or pleasant, too?

Ah. This situation, you really understand me.

Does this mean I’ve been conquered?

That, somewhat sounded promising.

Tee. . . That will be a problem, right!?

[Oh~ Here here. It must’ve been painful.] (Laurier)

Laurier placed my feet on her thighs, gently moving and massaging them.

Ooou. . .

The foot that felt numb, is slowly becoming comfortable. . .

No, I shouldn’t fall for it, since this is Laurier we are talking about.

But, it’s pleasant alright. . .

What about attacking the thigh?

No, that won’t do.

I must get Laurier within one move.

I can surely win this.

[Funnuu.] (Haruto)
[Wa.] (Laurier)

I quickly turned my body forward from my previous, prone position.

And then, my leg tangled with Laurier’s, while my hand fondled her breast from behind.

Counterattacking. Pay back. Let’s make her regret.

[Well well, such an impatient man. You don’t have to do something to that extent, you know.] (Laurier)

After saying that, inside my embrace, Laurier reclined her head, and gave me a kiss.


DId my calculation prove to be right?

I don’t know for sure.

I guess I simply couldn’t so easily win against a demon race.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

By the way, due to that hustle on the rooftop being heard by everyone, I really didn’t get any supper that day.

I cried.

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