Takami no Kago ch.70

Hello everyone! Raizu is here.
I’m sorry for the lack of update. We’ve been busy for these few weeks.
Hopefully, we’ll back in track start from this week. 🙂

Also, I and Renbo (my fellow nakama from RTD) just did some fun sidejob as fansubber.


We did Seiren by using [RR-Subs]. Since we did it for fun, we might not gonna able to finish all the episodes till end. But who knows we might do all of them. XD

Chapter 70

Anyway, enjoy your new chapter.


8 thoughts on “Takami no Kago ch.70

  1. I guess you need to find a best waifu to sub that anime….currently the main girl on this arc most likely pretty okay but it will grow on arc(episode)3 or 4 on relationship and their personality(due its a omnibus format like amagami)…good luck with that…. and thanks for translation


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