One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.7

Plot intensifies.


Peasant is not allowed to become a Knight.

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 7

The death of a precious person.

Ortashia’s looks turned shaken. She held her voice even though she wanted to scream. She, who doesn’t know the value of her commander, now finally realized it. She drew closer to Maruto’s body which was already cold with both of her hands onto her chest. Her silver-colored armor dyed in red.
Ortashia finally understood it after she had lost him. She always depended on him, the one who always standed by her side. After this, there was only loneliness left after parting with him. There will be no one who will give her precise instructions anymore, she doesn’t know what should she do afterwards.
In Ortashia’s eyes which were at a loss, she saw a man showing a weird smile in the back of the barbarians. Wearing a black armor and sporting short black hair, there was a scar on his cheek. He stares at Ortashia.
Because she has seen this man before. His name floated immediately in her head.

[You, Grotts?!!]

The man who being called Grotts, was laughing scornfully.

[At last you noticed it. But it’s already too late. Maruto has already died….]

Grotts said in a low voice while holding an arbalest in his hand. Maruto is a knight. Even though he met a surprise attack, he should had the ability to defend against an arrow attack.
(ED Note: For people who don’t know what an arbalest is refer to this link)

Therefore, she understood that he was the one who shot Maruto. Grotts is an elite among the Fuhren’s Saint Knight Order. It’ll be an easy task for him to shoot the arrow among the chaos of the battlefield. He has pledged his absolute loyalty to the Fuhren Saint Knight Order and Ardesil. Therefore, it’s impossible for him to betray them. Ortashia suddenly remembered what Maruto said earlier and understood her current situation right now.

Fuhren Saint Knight Order is disliked by the White Wolf Knight Order since the beginning. In the first place, everyone who joined the White Wolf Knight Order is people who don’t have any social position at all. To become a knight, it’s a common sense in Ardesil that they must come from a noble family, peasants are not allowed to become one.
Although there are no regulations about it, but it’s already like an unspoken rule. It’s impossible for a common soldier to surpass a knight in term of battle prowess. The Knight Order which is composed only by aristocrats, that is the Fuhren Saint Knight Order.
Even though there are certainly many excellent people,most of them are poor knights. Maruto was also one of them, he is not from any noble family. He tried to enter the Fuhren Saint Knight Order, but he got rejected.
It’s strange that Maruto with his current power was unable to enter and become a knight, thinking like that, he founded a Knight Order all by himself. That is the White Wolf Knight Order. At first he was being looked down, as the peasant who yearned to form a Knight Order. But he, invited everyone, he trained them from the beginning. Gradually they became stronger, before long, they became more powerful than Fuhren’s Knight Order, and became the main force of Ardesil.
Why, they can become more stronger? As expected it’s because there are a lot of people coming from poor families. They come from the bottom of the society, so they don’t have anything to lose at all. From that reason, they changed it into strength. As the opposite, the Aristocracy is fighting while worrying about various things, such as dignity, pride, their wealth, and thus they are unable to perform skillfully.
However, the White Wolf Knight Order is different.
They fought, they came for a fight, they will stop when they were dying. That’s the differences. Ortashia is from a royal family. The Knight Order which she joined in will be awe-inspiring, and yet Maruto accepted her. She doesn’t have to carry any prides, nothing will scare her, that’s why she can become cruel in the battle. Gaining that kind of fame and achievements was giving unpleasant sights towards the nobility. .
Ortashia has heard the story about the assassination attempt to Maruto. He also noticed it too. But, Ortashia didn’t expect it would be happening. The reason why Maruto was coming out to the battlefield, the mysterious movement of the Northern barbarian, they are became connected at once, and she finally understood the meaning of this trap.
There are a lot of people who admired Maruto, if someone plots an assassination in the Royal Capital Rouen, the criticism would be big.
But, if he was killed during combat against barbarians, when it becomes like that, no one will be able to complain. The Fuhren Saint Knight Order are the knights of the Kingdom. It’s impossible for them to move without someone giving the command. Ortashia was feeling angry at the fact that there was someone planning this from the shadow.
She embraced the cold body of Maruto once again and bitted her own lips, there was blood leaking out from them. Ortashia has never felt this much anger up till now. She was looking to the adorable face of his corpse, and then she gave the last good-bye kiss to his lips.

(——– Right now, your grudge, I’ll bear it…)

After talking in a gentle voice, she slowly put his body to the ground. After stroking his hair several times, she picks-up his beloved sword “Carus”. Carus is a custom-made sword of him. The blade is thinner than that of a normal sword, it’s suited for thrusting and piercing. Ortashia standed-up grasping tightly the handle of Carus and glared at Grotts.
Grotss is surprised when he saw her face.

[So even you can make such face]

[Shut-up, trash…]

Ortashia was very angry. The other White Wolf Knight was also showing their fangs of anger due to the death of Maruto.

[How dare you do that to our commander!]

[Do you really wanted to destroy us that much!]

[We did it for the sake of our Kingdom, it’s an order!]

[What kind of order!]

[The knights are an aristocracy, the soldiers are the people. The aristocracy leads this kingdom. You are not among them!]

The noble of the aristocracy faction, was being cautious towards the new wind blowing on the Kingdom. The low peasants, they are slowly becoming the center of Ardesil. There was also information that Maruto was going to be given a title of Nobility peerage..
If that was going to happen, the authority that they have built-up till now will be deprived. Thus, they wanted to obstruct it by any necessary means.

[I don’t care about, it doesn’t matter at all. If you are not pleased with this don’t expect I will be pleased with it at allBut, only you alone I can’t forgive, I want to make you taste it with your own body “This will happen because you made me angry”.]

The wind gathered around Ortashia. The barbarians backed away due to the ambition which was leaking from her body.


[Don’t hesitate! They are already exhausting their strength! Keep attacking! They are also human too! They will be reaching their limit soon!]

[Before we reach our limit, everyone here, will turn you all into small pieces! Together with the greatest pain!]

The barbarians, prepared their swords, coming to attack Ortashia from both of her sides.

[White Wolf Knight Order! Show them our power!]

The White Wolf Knight Order doesn’t give-up even if they are in a despaired state.Their love born from their ruler and subordinate relation only strengthened their body. Even if their comrades fall, they won’t stop, they keep swinging their sword towards the enemy, standing back to back with their allies, they are fighting bravely

[Kuh! What an united power… As expected, if we haven’t killed Ortashia…]

(—– At this rate…. The detached force will arrive)

Grotts is flustered due to the fact that Ortashia’s army has persisted more than what he thought. When he was still standing like that, there was a report from his subordinate.

[Lord Grotts! The preparation is complete! We can begin anytime!]

Grotts expressed a suspicious smile.

[Yosh, begin to invoke it at once!]

Grotts raised his right hand and shouting loudly.

[Fuhren Saint Knight Order! Now! Begin to surround Ortashia completely!]

With the command from Grotts, there was a shout coming from inside the valley. The voice is coming with tremendous shouts from the unusual soldiers. A knight Order appeared in the battlefield while bringing a green-flag with star embroidery on it, they close the exit of the valley and surround both sides of Ortashia

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    1. The thing is if Maruto did that because otherwise he would have been crushed long ago, the only backing that he got so far of noble birth is the princess that everyone fears. No noble would have extended a hand to him, even if he would have rather grow discretely. And since the kingdom didn’t have any prince they would have needed someone to represent their military migth loyal to the crown, even the Generals of the knigths order are ploting against the competent princess because they are to afraid of her, I don’t think those guys are the trustworthy representation of military might that the crown wants.


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