One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.10

More blood and slaughter!
Beware: Blood and Gore


Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost, PlanesKeeper

Chapter 10

During the darkness of the night

On the following day, the ministers of Ardesil were gathered in one of Runatitas villas.

He announced that there was an important issue coming from him, it was said that when this info is leaked, it’ll affect greatly the country. The ministers and others were not allowed to take escorts.

From the beginning, after sunset, it was not necessary for an escort inside the Imperial kingdom where many guards would be protecting it.

They were told that the announcement will be delayed for a few hours from a servant of Renatitas, and the ministers shrugged their shoulders and looked at each other.

[What is that important announcement? … What is he thinking about?]

[Princess Ortashia has not returned yet …]

Their feelings of anxiety were being expressed. Usually they were always being informed via a swift horse-riding messenger that the barbarians had been taken down by Ortashia.

However, not this time.
The ministers who thought that it would take too long were thinking of holding a parliamentary meeting to give reinforcements, there was no time to spare.

A frustrated minister who was growing fat and round was shaken, expelling his anger.

[I want you to make it fast, we are busy, please make your announcement soon!]

He complained to the servant who was waiting at the corner of the guest room. The servant became confused. At that time, the door of the guest room finally opened and Runatitas came in.

[Well, well, welcome, thank you for being able to gather here]

After spreading both hands,and bowing like an aristocrat, while somewhat being concerned with the hairstyle, he then sat down into his seat. While being disgusted, the ministers returned back to their respective seats.

[Then, what is it, the important matter?]

A wrinkle-prone minister stared and asked. He demands a reason as to why Renatitas called them with a serious face.

[I’ll get straight to the point, to my regret, you all were supporters of the Yuran faction, aren’t you?]

[What about it?]

[To make Yuran-sama as the Queen, that’s the story]

[No way, we are going to advance with only discussion among us alone, Runatitas?]

Runatitas showed a suspicious smile.

[—— yeah, I’m planning that, therefore first of all, I want everyone to disappear.]


[What does it mean!]

The ministers responded with a surprised face.

The moment Runatitas snapped his fingers, a bald men and the private soldiers who kept their breathing all the time, unsheathed their sword.

The ministers pulled out their swords while being surprised. After weapons clashing for a moment, the screams began to ascend at the same time, the carpet in the guest room of Runatitas was stained red with blood.

Looking down at the ministers who have died on top of one another, he holds his head like if he was having a headache.

[Oh, what is this, my favorite luxury carpet being dirtied…]

He kicked one of the ministers. Then asked a subordinate with a disgusted voice.

[Organ, are you not an assassin? Are you unable to do it more beautifully? So the blood will not scatter around]

[… They fought back, I had no choice]

[Good grief, oh well. The main culprit who did this was The White Wolves Knight Order, I’m sure those who are in Ortashia’s side will also change their attitudes]

Runatitas aim was to assassinate the ministers of the Yuran group first.

The death of the ministers of the Yuran faction leaded to a battle aimed at the succession of the throne, that ought to make a pretext to exclude Ortashia from it.

Next step is, to replace the empty seats of ministers with believers of the Starry Sky Church that he trusts. With that, the power of the Starry Sky Church can expand at once.

Runatitas started spreading false information regarding the assassination incident to the Imperial Capital Ruen. He spreaded false information that Ortashia and the White Wolves Knight Order became traitors.

People are simple, they will immediately believe it.

When it is about the woman who possess a brutal personality and is fond of war, they have believed it even long ago.

There was no doubt if she murdered Maruto who she had been longing for. Runatitas skillfully brainwashed the people and mostly supported the voice of the Yuran faction.

And there was also a voice saying to execute the wicked woman Ortashia too. It’s all going as planned by Runatitas.

Afterwards,I can become the king in the shadows of Aldesir by making Yuran the Queen, and becoming the prime minister. That’s it, I want to do it.

There are lots of things I want to do, such as strengthening the armaments, subjugating different ethnic groups, war seeking territory and request benefits to other countries, I have a lot of things to do, and the body is itching to do it as soon as possible.


On the other hand, Ortashia escaped into a deep forest which spreads to the north.

Although the pursuers were shaken out, the state of Ortashia was not good. Riru frowned her eyebrows, and whispers to Mina.

[What should we do…?]

[Well … First of all, let’s get medical treatment]

Mina glances at Ortashia who was breathing in her sleep with worried eyes.

She was hot because of the injury and was sweating. Riru became flustered, it’ll certainly be dangerous, and then she pulled out a map from the bag and spread it out before Mina ‘s eyes.

She puts her fingers on a certain point in the forest where they were located and narrowed her eyes.

[Surely, there must have been a village ahead of that]

[Oh, I guess you can get out by this road]

Riru recalled there was a small village in the forest.

We have to go about five kilometers from here. a bit far. But there was no other way than that.

There was also a way to leave the forest and go to other towns, but then there is the possibility of being discovered by the pursuers from Runatitas’s sides.

They wanted to avoid risks.

As a result of their troubles, the two decided to head to the village, since it was it was life-threatening to move Ortashia too much.

9 thoughts on “One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.10

  1. This story just lost points with me for having such a cliche villain.

    “Assassins! Can’t you murder all my enemies in one fell swoop,. not letting a single one escape me to cause trouble later WITHOUT getting blood on the floor? I’m an incredible D-Bag so I think such things are possible!”

    “I’m going to go to war with everyone at once, and enslave everyone who’s a different race or culture than I am! Even though I’m suppose to be smart, I don’t understand that constant war reduces the power of a nation instead of increasing it!”

    “I’m gonna be the power behind the throne! I assume I’m the only one who has this plan and that the puppet queen I’ll install won’t be a moody and unpredictable figurehead that will dispose of me on a whim even though she’s moody ad unpredictable!”

    Everything is going to go this guy’s way where the protagonists are not concerned just because the author needs them to. Bleck. Let’s hope the protagonist side of things is more interesting than the antagonist side.

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  2. He announce/called for those minister to his house, without guards but of course… These ppl will hv carriage driver who take them to this idiot house and he killed them there is the same as telling everyone that he kill those ministers. + oratashia Nv returned so she cant kill these poor minister 😐😑😕


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