One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.17

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 17

The White beard of the White Wolf.

At the same time, in a remote place of Ardesil’s western area, Baan Rondo, there is a middle-aged Knight who has a difficult face.
His hand was placed on his chin, he frowned his eyebrows and sent a glance.

[As I expected, is it the monsters…?]

[Yeah, most likely. The other day, there were ten people who were eaten in the forest along the highway]

[Then, what is the appearance?]

To answer the question, the soldier with a beard and wearing the green military uniform answered in a suspicious manner.

[The appearance is like a man who grew bat’s wings… Although we can’t tell the exact details because there are only a few eyewitnesses testimonies—]

[Is it the devil kin? Another troublesome matter is coming to me]

The executives who attended the meeting also nodded in agreement.
After looking at the executives, the middle-aged Knight shrugged his shoulders.

[This kind of matter should be handled by the Fuhren Saint Knights in the first place. Good grief. What is the Saint Knight order for?]

The name of the man who was folding his arm and grumbling is Randall.
His title is that of an Earl.
His body is short and stout with gray-colored hairstyle divided into 7 parts.
In addition, he has been growing a splendid moustache which made him look like a majestic knight.
He, who is gonna turn 40 years old this year, gives off such a dignity.

He has been given Baan Rondo, the western remote area of Ardesil, from the Queen.

This location, located near the border with the Roysen country which has conflicted with them for years.
Therefore, they built a fort along the border, and he has been tasked on the defense.
Being appointed to such an important location, it shows how much trust the Queen has on him.
For the other people, since he is too strong and is being feared to revolt, he has been assigned on that place, such a theory has come out around.
But, Randall doesn’t mind them.
Being given Baan Rondo by the Queen, to a man who have pledged on the White Wolf Knight order is an honour.
Moreover, since he has been entrusted with the important border guard, he doesn’t have time to think of such rumours.

Randall’s existence is an object of fear for Roysen, even after several years after he took the post, they didn’t puts their hand on it.
They had several times moving their army near the border, but when they had seen Randall made his appearance, they took a U-turn and retreated.
Those may be just a military scout.

The reason why Roysen fears him so much, the first reason is because of the White Wolf Knights, and the other reason is because he is a Knight who excel in military arts.
On the Roysen’s side, he is being feared as “The white moustache of the White Wolf”.
The trigger was due to the battle of Irennu Plain which occurred several years ago.


Crossing the national border, an invasion that numbered 20.000 soldiers from the Roysen army marched into Baan Rondo, which was defended by 1,000 White Wolf Knights.

Since the General Commander of the Roysen Army did not know of the existence of the White Wolves Knight Order, he initially thought that it will be an easy crush from the start, based on the margin of difference.

The Roysen Army was stationed in the small hill, and the main force was divided into four divisions which each Army corps consisting of 5,000 soldiers.
The Army was aiming to encircle the White Wolf Knight Order from both sides.
After they arranged the formation, they soldiers have been resting before launching the attack.

They have judged that the disadvantageous White Wolf Knight Order won’t dare to attack in daytime due their small numbers.

Several hours later, after the movement of both armies stopped, a part of the White Wolf Knight Order were charging into the ranks of the 4th Army.
The 4th Army who has been attacked by the small number of White Wolf Knight was collapsing from their center.

The 3rd Army, which was lined-up behind the 4th Army, began to move forward leaving the 2nd Army to settle the confusion as the ally reinforcements.
Suddenly from the right side, a separate army from the White Wolf Knight Order appeared from the top of the hill and rushed up like an avalanche with a sharp cry and rout the 4th army.

Apparently they had set an ambush from the shadow of the hill.
In the blink of an eye, the 4th Army and the 3rd Army were defeated by the hungry wolves, the Army is divided apart.

Because of the fierce assault from the White Wolves Knight Order’s cavalry, the 4th Army was annihilated, and the 3rd Army also suffered huge damage.
The impatient Roysen Army General Commander commands the 2nd Army to intercept another detached battalion of the White Wolf Knight Order who has appeared.
But that was a dual prepared strategy of the White Wolf Knight Order.
As soon as the 2nd Army left the defense of the 1st Army, from the other side, there was another detached force of the Ardesil Army which consisted of the Cavalrymen aiming at the left side of the Army. The Ardesil Army flowed right into the center of the 1st Army and 2nd Army.

In the strategy which was making the best use of the geographical advantages, the Roysen Army was completely destroyed.

The 1st Army who became impossible to respond the continuous attacks, where allies were forsook and started to retreat.
To pursuit them, there was Randall. He lead 200 men along and aimed for the General head.

Since the Roysen Army is on the middle of retreating, it caused great confusion among them, the fighting spirit of the 1st Army had disappeared too.
On that situation, Randall was single-handedly easily cutting down the enemy and slashing his sword around.
Although some of Roysen soldiers tried to resist them, but in the end, all of them were killed.

The number of Roysen soldiers that he killed on that day is around 500 soldiers. If it’s included with the one stepped in by his horse and crushed soldiers, it might exceed more than 600.

His bravery to fight and thrust into the enemy lines without wavering, is exactly like a mighty warrior *ED Note: Ikki Tousen).

Unfortunately, even though he was unable to kill the enemy General Commander at that time, he had proven his strength.

After that, they have learned that the one who pursued the 1st Army is Randall, with his own judgment. At the original plan, they are only to separate the 1st Army and made them to retreat, but at that moment, he have thought that killing Roysen Commander was doable.

Although several people in the Knight Orders doubted his action, only Maruto praised him wearing a full smile, without criticizing him.

Randall was surprised at Maruto’s unexpected reaction, he seemed to notice the size of his ability. After that, it is said that the friendship between the two of them got deeper.

Randall and Maruto were often drinking together, whenever they met in Baan Rondo. Over there, they exchanged information, such as the future of the Order of Knights while drinking, their policies from now on, and the events in the Royal Capital Ruen. Sometimes they were also talking about their hobbies.

Such a nostalgic memory crossed on Randall in the meeting place.

He took a glance on the bunch of reports that summarizes about the demons and the devil in front of him.
Drop a line of sight on a bunch of reports that summarizes the demons and the dangerous monsters in front of him. The purpose of the devil is varied, some simply want to see the world, some others want to see people kill each other, and there is also a case where a human, who died while holding with hatred and revenge, becomes a demon and kill randomly to clear up their regret.

This time may be a bad omen. An unpleasant feeling hits Randall. He doesn’t know the reason.

[… It can’t be…]

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