One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.23

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Translator: Ashenwind
Editor: Shirayuki

Unusual Plan 3

The black colored coffin moved with a rattling sound. Passing by the people of York who paid no heed to it. Though some patrolling guards found it to be suspicious, since it already passed through the two checkpoints, they simply let it pass.

The young priest and his entourage innocently entered an area with less people then they pulled the cart to the alley that is rarely used by the townsfolk. They arrived at the front of an inn without much hassle, standing there along with the black-colored coffin.

The innkeeper opened the door after short a while, as if realizing that he had a customer by instinct, then rushed to give a greeting in a heartbeat. The guests tried to bring a big black box in after a light bow to the innkeeper. At this moment, the corner of the box knocked against the hotel door.

[Ouch!] (Ortashia)

[Ah, sorry.]

[Your highness, our apologies.]

[You fool! Pull it carefully! You want to kill me!?] (Ortashia)

[Don’t be angry, please!]

A voice seemingly leaked out from the box and the priests looked like they were talking to it. At this strange spectacle, the innkeeper glanced alternately between the priests and the large coffin. The young priest who noticed the glance let out a wry smile, as if it was just a fluke.

The innkeeper stared, dumbfounded for a few moments, before recovering. It’s because the young priest had walked up to him and raised his hand.

[Wa, wait, wait! The corpse cannot get in! Are you still sane?!]

[Ahahaha. Of course it seems insane. But it’s that kind of occupation. If it’s no good, I’m willing to pay for four people.]

No matter how you see it, there were only three guests. This didn’t make any sense. Has the innkeeper realized it? The young priest tried to take note. He stared at the innkeeper while tilting his head.

[Is it really dead?]

The innkeeper smiled wryly. It’s unheard of to take the dead body inside an inn and never been allowed before. Even counting it as one person, it is still suspicious.

[Yes, it’s dead.]

The young priest said with a saddened face.

[. . . … she was actually my precious family but even though it already become like this, I still find it unbelievable. Therefore, until the burial is finished…… I’d like to think that she’s still alive…. Do you understand….. This feeling that feels like it’s about to burst? ]

[We, well it’s not that I can’t understand it.]

When the innkeeper showed some sympathy in his voice, the priestesses behind the young priest abruptly hid their faces. With the swaying shoulders, it seemed like they were crying. The innkeeper who noticed this shrugged while feeling that it can’t be helped.

[Alright. I understand so misses should not cry. Because you may stay. However, you must pay for four people.]

The young priest smiled and profusely said his thanks. The priestesses also bowed. Actually, they were laughing inside, due to the irresistible charm of the young man’s acting.

[Then four room, please.]

[Eh? You want to rent four separate rooms?]

The young priest, who completely ignored the innkeeper’s question raised up his palm. It’s to signal to give the keys to four rooms already. The innkeeper was left in a confused state, but as asked, he handed over four keys.

[Aa, I’ll leave the coffin here. It’s heavy.]

The young man said in a light tone.The coffin immediately opened and an arm reached outside. The body slowly got up, gently brushing off her chest and the waist area. The innkeeper who saw this held his scream back as all he wants right now is to quickly show them to their room and close his eyes.

The girl whose whole body was wrapped in bandage and three priests went up the stairs.The corpse seemed to walk on its own in the innkeeper’s vision. Tilting his head, he reasoned himself that he must be tired since he’s seeing things,and so he raised his head then went to rest on a chair.


Inside the room of the inn, the bandaged corpse was sitting on the bed. It was a very peculiar sight. The black haired priestess was politely unwrapping the bandages.

As the bandage was unwrapped, skin too glossy for a corpse, thin feminine arms and legs could be seen. The corpse’s eye blinked. The brown haired female corpse crossed her arms while frowning in dejection. Then, it talked.

[Geez, to think this Ortashia had to act as a corpse!] (Ortashia)

The black haired woman wiped the sweat off with clean white cloth as complaints poured down. She was Mina. The girl smiled gently as she looked up to her superior officer.

[Your Highness, without his wits, it was impossible to travel here. It is inappropriate to complain.] (Mina)

As Mina said that to admonish her, Ortashia groaned and close her mouth shut even though she’s not satisfied yet.

The woman with gold hair stared while remaining near the door.

[Riru! What is that kind of gaze?!] (Ortashia)

She actually sensed that?! Riru sighed within her mind.

[My apologies.] (Riru)

[Geez!] (Ortashia)

Barefooted, Mina’s head was trodden on repeatedly. Mina did not think of it as unpleasant as she smiled wryly. It’s also because it didn’t hurt that much. To Mina, this was Ortashia’s way of showing that she cared.

At that moment, the door was knocked from the outside. Riru carefully readied her hand on the sword handle while Ortashia and Mina also took a stance. Riru then inquired from behind the door.

[Who’s there?] (Riru)

[Aa, it’s me, me !] (Shingen)

The moment the young man’s voice was heard, Ortashia raised her brows. The door was opened from within. Riru, after confirming his identity, bloomed a smile as she released her hand from her sword’s handle and let the young man in.

[Shingen! You have made this Ortashia do something very embarrassing!](Ortashia)

[No, you did agree even if it’s unpleasant.] (Shingen)

[Look! This bump on my forehead is from a while ago !] (Ortashia)

She raised her forelocks and showed that there is a small reddish part on her forehead.

[Aa. Is that so?] (Shingen)

When they entered the inn, the coffin with Ortashia in it had bumped into the door. Shingen bowed to check.

[Ah it is. Sorry.] (Shingen)

Now it was Ortashia’s turn to be surprised since the apology came so easily. She had thought that she’ll have to preach a little before he apologized but since Shingen had already done so, she was deprived of the chance to preach and couldn’t help but to shrug her shoulders.

[Geez. You are the kind of subordinate who is useless at a time like this!] (Ortashia)

After releasing Shingen from her armpit lock, she turns away from him. Shingen smiled at her attitude and watched as her hair swayed over her back. She was only wearing a white thin silk and underpants. With the sunlight entering through the window, highlighting her semi-nude goddess-like body, the wounds stood out but still she looked beautiful nonetheless.

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