One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.28

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Translator: Ashenwind
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 28

「――――――then, what should we do?」(Ortashia)

Ortashia dropped her eyes on the map and asked Shingen

[E, why so sudden? I haven’t thought of anything yet….] (Shingen)

Ortashia distorted her face in doubt.

[As a soldier, one must be able to come up with a plan at a moment’s notice. Maruto always said so.] (Ortashia)

Though Ortashia said so, I’m not Maruto. Shingen kept that one thought in his head, while scratching the back of his head while shrugging his shoulder.

[…. hey, when did I become a soldier? ] (Shingen)
[Noisy. Do not talk back to me. Think quickly.] (Ortashia)

Shingen was amazed at her order. He sighed while putting his hand on his waist. Before he could think of any plan at all, he’ll need to ask Riru for more information about York.

[Riru, I have some questions, does the lord of the town always stay in his residence?] (Shingen)
[At present, Lord Gering doesn’t seem to be in his residence.] (Riru)
[ I see. Has the number of soldiers in the residence been accounted for?] (Shingen)
[Un. At a glance, it shouldn’t be that many. The security in the hall is normal.] (Riru)

For a while, Shingen silently observed the map.

[Is it possible to attack at night?] (Shingen)
[The town lord’s residence?] (Riru)

Shingen nodded.

[It’ll be possible if I say it’s possible.] (Ortashia)

Ortashia smirked.

[Though I have to say first that I cannot fight too much just yet.] (Ortashia)
[Yes yes, I understand.] (Shingen)

Acknowledging that Ortashia could not fight yet, Shingen began to formulate a plan. Well, in such a case, what he should do next is certainly within what he had been taught so he did not think too much.

Yes, he’s not a mere lumberjack.

[I guess we’ll go with a night attack for now.] (Shingen)
[Your reason being?] (Ortashia)

Ortashia asked with a pleased face. It was then that Shingen realized she was just pretending to be unreasonable.

[I think a night attack will be more effective. Because is nothing more scarier than enemies you can’t see.] (Shingen)

Human beings, as well as any animal with eyes, instinctively fear the darkness. A lot of soldiers and strategists are familiar with this knowledge in a fight.
The three people leaked out an interested voice. Eyes alternately landed between Ortashia and Shingen.

Shingen then began to talk about the night attack since there was no opposition.

[ So, about the role, Ortashia….―――――] (Shingen)

Shingen was troubled as to whether he should refer to Ortashia as Her Majesty, or Princess or, if she should be called General. As expected calling by first name might be a little off. He’s worried if his attitude is acceptable or not. And so, Shingen decided to call Ortashia with ‘general’ prefix.

[――――――general Ortashia’s role in the night attack is to make an appearance in front of our enemy.] (Shingen)
[Appearance? What are you trying to do? That way will only attract the guards.] (Ortashia)
[Yes, exactly that.] (Shingen)

Ortashia looked at Shingen with a shred of doubt as she couldn’t understand yet about the real intention of such plan. Riru and Mina tilted their head similarly in confusion.

[This is a countryside area as we all know. It is far from the border and thus, not familiar to war. Therefore, the soldiers haven’t fought as much as regular soldiers and they are closer to militia.] (Shingen)

Because town of York is situated in the Chubu region of Ardesil, it never saw barbarian invasions. Bandit subjugation was the closest thing they have to a battle. Monsters and the like are the responsibility of White Wolf Knights and Fuhren Saint Knights so they also never fought those.

Due to that, the guards daily training mainly consist of beating up stationary straw dolls. Most of the veterans, if any, are sent to the civil disturbance unit along the border. It was a deployment assuming there won’t be any rebellion from within.

[Then I’ll ask you a question, the one who is called Ardesil’s strongest. What if they encountered a cold and ruthless person like general?] (Shingen)

Mina replied at once.

[They’ll immediately run away. At least that’s what I’d do.] (Mina)

It’s only natural. Now Ortashia is a wanted person. Because of the high reward, it’s very likely that people will try to catch or to kill her. As for it, Shingen also understood. To be chased away from one’s own country might cause frustration.

[Yes. Even with practice and training, they can’t compare to a veteran who’d survived a real battle. They’ll surely fall for it.] (Shingen)

At present, the fact that Ortashia was unable to use her power to the fullest is only known by the Fuhren Saint Knights’ top brass and and Ardesil’s military high generals. That’s why now is the chance to fool the crowd.

Ortacia who got increasingly confused at Shingen’s plan groaned with a difficult face. A smile floated on Shingen’s face.

He had that kind of eyes that seemed to be seeing those who were struggling because they did not know the answer to the problem they had in mind. However, there was no ridicule in that gaze.

[ ――――――but amateurs are different. General Ortashia is famous throughout the country. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also a princess. As well as a monster, who is also famous for exterminating women and children without hesitation. With that in mind, what if she’s to appear in the middle of the night brandishing a sword?] (Shingen)

Ortashia’s eyebrows twitched at ‘monster’. She groaned, thinking it as unpleasant.

While Riru and Mina who felt similarly let out a small sigh.

[ Well, it will be a different story if their numbers are many.] (Shingen)

Ortashia thought as she clutched where her heart is.

(――――――certainly I have killed women before….but not children. Not outside of battle. Of course, there is that case where everyone might’ve been buried alive, but…..)

Ortashia did not voice a complaint to Shingen because she knew it all too well. Riru beat her palm with her fist.

[ I see! When I was just a lowly knight, when I accidentally encountered a highest class demon beast, I felt like I was going to die. My feet wobbled and was unable to move. It was hard to knock that feeling over, strictly speaking.] (Riru)

High class demon beast eh….? How come I got compared to that? muttered Ortashia quietly.

[Ufufu. I know right? Riru, at that time, could barely swing her sword due to her shaking hands, couldn’t she? Kept screaming ~don’t come closer~. This girl was such a coward.] (Mina)

Well, that kind of surprised Shingen. Having a shameful page of her life revealed, Riru’s face was blushing.

[Stu, stupid ! Such a thing, sh-sh-should not be told to others so freely! ] (Riru)

Watching how embarrassed Riru got, Mina couldn’t help but laugh merrily.

[When will the plan be carried out?] (Ortashia)
[As soon as possible.] (Shingen)

Hypothetically, if Runatitas had already known that Randall in Banrondo would raise a revolt, he would have prepared a counterplan. For instance, sending reinforcements to a town or fort near the town of York.

While raising soldiers in revolt against Aldésir, Runatitas will thinks that he wants to lure Randall to a more favorable place for him.

If that’s not the case, it’s necessary to send an army to Banrondo’s vicinity.
Fighting in a plain is simpler than breaking out of a siege.

Ortacia narrowed her eyes and saw where York City is located.

[It has to be done as soon as possible, I agree.] (Ortashia)

She said with a smile.

[ Yosh. We’ll do it tonight.] (Shingen)

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