One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.31

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 31

Screams rang throughout the residence.

Gering who was asleep in his bedroom quickly jumped awake and opened the door. Carefully peeking in the passage from where the voice came from.


Then he heard a falling sound like something had fallen into a puddle. He instinctively looked down and saw a dead body on the handrail below, shocking him to the core.

There were also a lot of corpses on the hall in the first floor. Most seemed to be stabbed to death and knocked aside as the sword was pulled out. From another direction, there were some whose body was split in two. The carpet was dyed red.

[ …..wha, what has happened….]

An aide, who ran to his side as he backed off with unfocused eyes, calmly answers.

[Apparently it’s an attack ]

[E, enemy ? Who on earth… ? ]

The bald-headed man nodded with a serious look on his face. At that time he sensed the presence of someone else and swiftly drew his sword.

[……….tsk ]

The bald man broke out in cold sweat as he turned his sight to the stairs. Gering also timidly looked that way. A beautiful woman slowly went up the stairs. She had a sword in one hand as her brown hair fluttered in the air. Gering recognized her even with the unfamiliar white eyepatch worn over her right eye.

His face turned pale at a moment when his eyes met with the woman’s. He hurriedly hid himself behind the bald aide and said in a shaky voice.

[ Or, Ortashia…..]

[……..of all places…..]

Blood dripped down from Ortashia’s sword. It became apparent to them that she was the one who killed those subordinates. The bald head caught his breath.

Ortashia finished climbing the stairs, turned slightly, and stood still.

[…..don’t fight, they say, telling me to “stay alive” at all cost, I’ve come this far you know….] (Ortashia)

After a glance at the corpses scattered on the first floor, she smirked.

[They were not even a challenge… How about you, will you satisfy this Ortacia? ]


[ Madness? Well, I can’t refute that. It may or maybe not. But, I merely want to smell the fragrance of blood and entrails….]

Her mouth formed a smirk, reminding one of a demon’s smile. Giving out a chilling sensation on the spine.

Gering pointed at Ortashia with a trembling hand.

[Ha, Hairingand! Kill this demon quickly! That’s what you are hired for!]

Though Hairingand was a former Fuhren Saint Knight, the man himself never actually saw a demon, let alone fighting it. However, Hairingand remained there as a knight does not stop walking on the knight’s path until they perish.

Holding his sword, he shouted to force his scared body to move.


[Hahahaha! Come! Let this Ortashia see your best!] (Ortashia)

Ortashia spread her arms open as she laughed. Is it a trap but it’s a narrow passage, so it’s unlikely to be a trap, Hairingand judged as he took a stance and thrusted his sword.

At that time, he caught sight of a black-haired young man running up the stairs. His speed was one that is unthinkable for a human, passing Ortashia and stood in front of her. Instinctively, Hairingand stopped his stride.

[That distance…]

Hairingand was astonished. The staircases were not small. But the young man had passed it like it’s nothing. While he’s still perplexed, Ortashia, with an unpleasant look on her face, was knocking on the young man’s head with the butt of her sword.

[Ouch!] (Shingen)

[This fool! You are obstructing my fight!] (Ortashia)

The black haired young man rubbed his head.

[Sh, shut up ! Fighting is not permitted!] (Shingen)

[What is this?! You dare to talk back to this Ortashia?! Haa?] (Ortashia)

The young man glared back to Ortashia. Because Ortashia is slightly taller, she seemed to be looking down on the young man. But Shingen did not relent to Ortashia who everyone feared of. This spectacle…..

Hairingand was stunned at the sight. However, he quickly realized that it was the best moment to attack. Besidely, there is no other method. First he’ll target that inhuman young man. Because he didn’t seem to be a swordsman like Ortashia does no matter how Hairingand looked.

While staring at the opponent to make sure they haven’t noticed yet, he raised his sword and brandished it to the young man’s face.

[Uooooooooo !]

Bending backward faster than imaginable, Shingen managed to avoid the attack. Strands of hair danced in the air.

[You bastard! My hair!] (Shingen)

[You still worry about hairstyle even now!?] (Ortashia)

[Shut it! External appearance is also important you know ! ] (Shingen)

(―――――――external appearance….)

Though Hairingand did manage to make some room, his heart was still thumping abnormally fast in fear. That Ortashia was still staring at him from behind the young man. There is no way to win. However, at least, if he can distract them….

With his back still facing Gering, he grizzly reported.

[Leave this to me. Please run ! ]

[Ye, yes. Understood. I’m counting on you ! Hairingand ! ]

Ortashia felt disappointed at Gering for being so quick to retreat. The nobles of her country turned out to be only this much.

She wanted to give chase, but in front of her there was still Shingen and the familiar bald man in the narrow corridor. She couldn’t just leave Shingen after all. When she gazed down to see if there was no choice but to give up, the portion of the handle of a dagger was seen on the back waist of Singen in Ortashia’s eye.

Hairingand was able to react to Ortashia’s movement too. However, his body couldn’t follow his thought properly and moreover, she was quicker. A dagger swished past Hairingand’s cheek, and soon after, a guttural scream could be heard.


[Where are you looking at. I’m here.] (Shingen)


Shingen was swinging an overhead slash above Hairingand with that unknown single-edged sword. He tried to take it on with his sword. The young man’s sword swung heavily, causing the stepped wooden floor to cave in a little.

[……. You bastard…. Who on earth are you….? ]

Shigen laughed at that question.

[I’m just a lumberjack.] (Shingen)

[ A lumberjack huh?]

Hairingand frowned as to why the young man had brought up a joke at a time like this.


He put more strength onto the muscle of his arms and pushed the young man back then angrily slashed diagonally from the right. Shingen flew back to avoid it, but quickly regained his battle stance. He followed by swinging the sword in a horizontal arc.

There was a slight noise.

Shingen slashed the sword with every inch of his capability, so only the afterimage could be seen from Hairingand’s point of view, but the blade had dug deeply on a certain part.

The cutting edge of the sword had stuck on the handrail. It’s because the handrail was made of wood. Due to the narrow surroundings, amateur or novice soldier would usually had trouble adapting to such environment. Especially for Shingen who lack of experience on combat.

However Hairingand had obtained a good chance to win from the previously desperate situation. He could at least get rid one of the adversaries. His lips instinctively curled into a smirk.

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