One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.33

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Shirayuki said he will took hiatus on editing because job-hunting, so One-Eyed Female General and Former Hero will get affected.

Rest assured, I’ll try to ask some of my friends from other novel translation group if they can fill-in as temporary editor for both of projects. Sorry in advance if there is some inconsistency for the chapters.

Warning: This chapter contain tragedy and massacre.

Translator: Ashenwind
TLC: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 33 – Witch Hunting

At that time, the Ardesil Army and the Starry Sky Church Army who marched out of the kingdom were led by the Fuhren Saint Knight order and advanced towards the south.
On the way to their destination, countless cities and villages were burned and turned to ashes.
Not even a trace remained after they had passed by.
It was said that the merchants and travelers heard echoes of death cries on the places where the army had marched on while leaving a blazing path behind them.

Witches did not have the power like the old days.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that they posed a threat if their numbers increased.

Considering the currently confusing situation, nobody was sure if it could cause a revolt.

In the southern outback there was a medium-sized village called Rochef.

Perhaps it was close to the town.

But the land was not rich.

The nearby area was covered in a marsh, and it smelled of sulfur.

It was not even close to any volcano, making it a mystery.

Crops did not grow there, and thus it was known as a barren area.

By choice, probably no one was willing to live there.

But on the other hand, if you wanted to hide, it was a splendid choice.

A witch lived in Rochef, which was such a barren land, and a division of Starry Sky Church Army and Fuhren Saint Knight Order separated from the main unit after having heard such a report, trying to track the witch.

The main army as it was, went southward to hold down Totomo city.

As soon as they entered the village, the separated division ordered the villagers to gather in the center of the village in an intimidating manner.

They asked the villager about the witch’s whereabout.

But maybe because of fear, or maybe they were trying to shelter her, nobody answered that question. One of the officers became irritated from the villagers’ attitude in keeping their mouths shut.

[ Tell me where the witch is ! ]

The villagers who were in the front row shivered due to the excessively loud voice..

A young man finally took one step forward and answered.

[ She, she’s not here…]
[ Yes, yes indeed, we know nothing of her ]
[ There is no witch in this village ! Please leave us alone ! ]

The general of the Starry Sky Church put his hand on the handle of the sword in his waist and narrowed his eyes.

A subordinate ran up at that timing.

[ We found her. The witch. More than one of them ]
[ Oh, I see, where ? ]

At the hard working subordinate, a smile was sent. Facing toward the villager next, he sighed.

Dumbfounded, he shook his head in disappointment.

And then, he sent a cold word as if he was about to sentence a death penalty.

[……. Apparently people of Rochef seems to be hiding a witch …. It is very disappointing …Really――――――]

He really seemed disappointed from how he looked.

He closed his mouth at the end, glancing at the villagers before continuing his word.

[―――――――This is an act of treason against Ardesil. Unfortunately I will have to punish you people]

Groans broke out. Someone whispered in a loud voice.

[ What the hell are they talking about….. ? There is no witch here……]

Others also begun to whispered about.

[ It’s too much… why us….? ]
[ Nee, what’s the matter ? Mom…? ]
[ How could that be ?]

The general of the Starry Sky Church army who stood in front of the villagers hung out his right hand with expressionless face.

Archers from the Starry Sky Church army marched forward to the signal, ready to shoot. The arrowheads were wrapped in cloth.

[ By the excellency prime minister Runatitas’ order. This village must be cleansed at once. Please don’t feel bad. This is also the intention of the Star Goddess Steiffa-sama ]
[ Wha, what a joke !

Knowing that they would be killed, the villagers turned around and tried to run away, but their legs were stopped.

On their path were soldiers with large shield. Crest of star was imprinted in the middle of the shield.

The army had them surrounded before the villagers were aware of it.

What is actually happening ? Among the confusion, the surrounding soldiers doused the crowd with some kind of liquid.

Large amount of it.

An old man wiped the liquid on his face with both hands, and confirmed it.

[ Oil……? It, it’s oiiiiiiiill ! ! ! ! ! ]

The old man shouted out loud.

The villagers fell into panic upon hearing it.

Even if they were trying to escape the soldiers with the big shields through intimidation and insults, those approaching them were stabbed to death with spears.

The villagers who had their escape route blocked, huddled together, families holding hands.

The unfriendly general had a very wide smile on his face.

It was already planned.

After the fire had been lit on the arrow, the archer began to nock the bowstring.

The general raised then lowered his hand.

An innumerable arrow struck the villager who was in the front row, and the flame burns from there.

[ Gyaaaaaaaaaa ]
[ AAAaaaaaaa――――――― ! ! ]
[ Help ! ! ! Dad ! ! ! Mom ! ! ! It’s hooooot ! ! ! ! ]

Screams raged on, and among the blazing flame was

The villagers of Rochef were unlucky.

A female witch actually lived there.

The witch was confirmed to have taken shelter and lived in the village and thus the village was promptly set ablaze.

As they burnt alive, screams filled the air.

All other villagers that had been hiding in their houses were forced out and killed too.

They were brutally killed like criminals, one after another.

One villager asked for leniency.

It wasn’t toward the soldiers.

He was asking the sky.

[ Ah … … Goddess … … Have mercy … …. … Why … … Why … … Such a … … a horrible thing … … Do you want this … …. ?! Answer me――― ]

There was no answer.

The sky did not cry, rather, it was sunny.

Not even a cloud could be seen.

It’s as if, they, in the sky were watching them being killed. Hateful. God.

A bloodied woman crawled from the mountain of dead bodies.

She didn’t have long to live either.

It was because there was a deep gash on her shoulder.

However, even so the woman raised her hand to the sky.

Fury dwelled in her eyes.

Her child was killed right in front of her.

The anger itself was directed, not to the soldier, but to the goddess.

” I won’t let it. You want chaos――――――then see for yourself, the world where everything is broken――――――I will make it to the world you want――――― “

The woman stared at the soldiers’ eyes and started writing letters with her index finger on the ground.

Strong, sharp, angry, and full of hatred.

[ ……Ancient Lord of the Dark who lived within the pitch black. Appear before me…..hear to my request. Lead the world to chaos, destroy the world if you may……wrap the living in the dark, make it the paradise for the dead if you may….I, with this soul as offering….descent ! ! O our Lord of Darkness ! ! ]

The engraved letters shone vividly on ground.

She had used a forbidden summoning magic.

She fell over as if to hide it, eyes wide open with a smile on her face. Dead.

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