Glutton Berserker ch.33

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Chapter 33 – Overlapping Impact

I silently trailed behind the party that had gathered together back at the hall.
The reason was simple. It’s because I wanted to see how these 20 members actually hunted.

Pardon me for doing this, but with this black cloak and skull mask I’m wearing, they’ll find me as a suspicious person. It won’t be funny for me if I were to be surrounded by 20 warriors from all sides.

Even so, I really wanted to see. I wanted to observe their teamwork, how they enhanced their power through it and how they complemented for each other’s weaknesses. In my case, even though I’m alone, I’m pretty sure their tactics will still benefit me.

This will also serve as the training Greed had mentioned earlier. I had to test if I could stand my ground without losing to my urge, even if there were monsters right in front of me.
This feeling was close to a dog who as been placed with bait right in front of it. Moreover, it also knew that it’s not the only one who’s after the bait. Under this kind of condition, I’m quite worried that the [Gluttony] skill would go berserk. Well, it’s still in semi-starvation state so I could manage it somewhat.

The clouds started to cover the sky, and the warriors I’ve been following kept moving without light under the darkness of the night.
U~n, I don’t think all of these 20 men had acquired a night vision skill. Then why are they doing this…
Greed then told me the reason via 《Mind Reading》.

『I’d assume they have magic tool similar to your skull mask。The monster we are hunting is a nocturnal type。Magic tools that allow them to see in the dark is a must in order to able to hunt properly。Since it was mass-produced in Gallia, magic tools with a night vision skill should be sold in markets around the world. However, since the creation method is lost now, it’s a luxury item that not everyone can buy.』
[I see. I don’t have much trouble since my number of skills keeps increasing over time, but ordinary people will have to prepare various kind of equipment。There seems to be no end to that no matter how much money one has.]

In contrast, my equipment only consisted of Black Sword Greed. The skull mask is only used when I want to conceal my identity.

[Should I also procure more equipment?]
『Hahahaha、you don’t need to do such tiresome thing。You have the [Gluttony] skill。Your stats and skills will only keep increasing。Others can’t do that so they have to rely on tools.』

According to Greed, buying equipment and tools will be redundant. I could easily solve the problem by devouring monsters with useful skills. That’s about right.

But even so. It seemed fun to have various magic tools. I snorted at that thought.

『Ha、why do you even bother bringing unnecessary trash on your journey? It’ll be just a nuisance。All you’ll ever need is me!』

Magic tools are rubbish. Greed really wanted to stress that to me.
Well, it’ll be wasteful if I were to lose Greed now that I have unlocked his second form. But if I tell him that, he’ll definitely turn cocky. So I won’t say it….never.

I only had this one magic toolーーthe skull mask. I’ll definitely cherish this one.
Because I intended to hide my real identity and act as the Mukuro the warrior for quite a while. Especially since I couldn’t meet Roxy as Fate, so I’ll have to don this mask at almost all times after I arrive in Gallia.

Once there, it’ll be inevitable….but I’m going to devour a lot of monsters. I don’t want her to see me as that monstrosity. If she were to reject me, I’ll end up regretting this whole journey. I don’t think I could fight in that circumstance. So I’ll be needing the mask to conceal myself.

『Oi, Fate。You’ll eventually lose sight of your own self if you keep using that mask, and that will create a gap in your heart that the [Gluttony] Skill can take advantage of。If you do that, just discard me!』
[I understand that、I understand of what you said……I’ll be counting on you]
『Hahahaa、well said。You can prepare yourself to become a big shot』

I won’t be easily muddled by that.. It’s because Greed has a bad habit of talking big.
He said that I’d be able cut anything once I unlocked the second rank, but when I did, there’s still this limitation attached to it. Well, even then it’s still really strong…
Then again, it’s irritating having to sweet talk Greed from time to time.

While having a headache from hearing Greed’s laughter, I maintained my distance and kept track of the warriors in front of me. Gradually, the scenery changed from grassland….to that of the desert.

[It seems really wide。As if the desert stretches beyond the horizon]
『This is the sandmen’s work、they’ve been expanding the desert for a while now。If this goeas on、in 1000 years this region will completely sink under the desert』

1000 years….is such a distant time. I don’t think I’ll even live that long to see all that to happen.

When I was still in my excitement for visiting my first desert, the warriors had started to fight.

『It has begun』
[Yeah、I can see that]

After I watched the fight for a while, I realized that this party was magic-based group.
5 magicians hurling fire magics acted as the base, decimating the sandmans. 10 acted as barricade to hold the sandman at bay. 5 of the warriors unexpectedly served to lure the sandmen and grouped them up….. And so on.

Everyone played a solid role, gathering the sandmen in one place. And then, the fire magic would finish the job. From distance, it seemed like an assembly-line work that was easy to do.
There was no wasted moves as far as I could tell. Those moves were the work of warriors experienced in sandman hunting.
I was in awe while watching it, but meanwhile, Greed was yawning.

『Such a boring hunt。Doing the same thing over and over again、totally boring』
[If that so、what do you consider as a good hunt?]
『Kill all sandman by levelling the entire area、that’s what I consider a good hunt』

Are you stupid…couldn’t you recall the time we destroyed the valley back at Heart’s territory? If I do that again, the aftermath will be troublesome.
Other than that, I had to test myself on enduring the semi-starving state.

[If I fight too fast、I’ll end up satisfying [Gluttony] skill too。Who said that I need to endure in this state?]
『What’s in the past、is in the past。Take this for example。I didn’t say that you have to do that now。Come、Fate! We’ll start our sandman hunting soon!』

Greed then suggested that I shouldn’t do it like the way I handled the goblins back then, but instead opt to kill 1 at a time.
Fight the sandman while enduring the urge from the [Gluttony] Skill for a while. Kill it, then move on the next.

Now that you mentioned it…..seemed like the urge coming from the [Gluttony] skill had become quite ridiculous.
After all, some time had passed due to me watching the group hunting, so I guess it’s for me to start as well.

I stopped hiding, and walked away from the group of men.
After several sand hills, I finally encountered 1 sandman.
The 《Appraisal》 skill quickly activated.

・Sandman Lv30
Durability: 1760
Strength: 890
Magic: 1330
Spirit: 1760
Agility: 100
Ability: Magic Strengthening (Medium)

The power level was similar to that of a Noir Gargoyle. But it moved so slowly due to its low agility. So as long as I didn’t make a big mistake, it shouldn’t be able to catch me.
Okay then, how should I fight it? The magicians with the huge party back then fought it using fire magic. Perhaps it’s weak to fire.

It’s about time for the fire magic I had obtained from the Noir Gargoyle to see some use.
I thought the distance was still a bit too far, but let’s try it anyways. I pointed my left hand toward the sandman, then quietly invoked 《Flame Bullet Magic》.
Un, it takes time to activate a magic skill. Finished forming the flame bullet, I aimed at the sandman, then released it.

『Hahaha、Fate。You are……silly。There is nothing in there』

Not only the flame bullet I created didn’t even reach the sandman, it also actually flew to another direction.
Sand flared up grandly. The sandman noticed it and began moving slowly. There’s considerable space before it can get close to me.

『Pu……what was that。Are you becoming clumsy due to the effect of the [Gluttony] skill?』
[Laugh as you like。It’s my first ever use of magic, so that’s normal。Next time……]

Greed then stopped laughing and told me.

『Can’t be helped。I’ll assist you a little。Change me into the bow form』

As told, I changed him into the bow form and aimed to the sandman.

[This time、are you gonna shoot magic arrow as usual?]
『Not exactly。Invoke the flame bullet magic before while shooting the magic arrow.』

I pull the bow string, and the black arrow will be formed from my magic power. And usually, I shoot right after.
There was something more to add this time, according to Greed.

I tried to invoke the 《Flame Bullet Magic》 while aiming. At that moment, the black arrow began to flash red.

[This is……the arrow is infused with burning fire, isn’t it?]
『How is that? With My magic bow、you can infuse the arrow with magic skill。In other words、the elements used will vary with Fate’s skill repertoire 』

Moreover, it was much faster than preparing a magic. A normal magician won’t be able to do the same thing, but this make it possible for me to release multiple magic in a short time.
Go! The flame magic arrow flew at staggering speed, and directly hit the sandman’s head.

『Feeling good?』
[Yeah、the best! It was a bull’s eye]

Seeing the sandman in blaze, I decided to not use normal magic anymore. I’ll just use the black bow in the future. Suited me better.

《Gluttony Skill Activated》
《Durability+1760、Strength+890、Magic+1330、Spirit+1760、Agility+100 will be added to your stats》
《 Magic Strengthening (Medium) will be added to your skill》

As I devour the sandman’s soul, I closed my eyes, feeling slightly filled.
Now it’s time to take a break from the hunt to endure the urge. By repeating this, I wondered if it’d be possible to suppress the starvation state beyond the semi-starving level. I could only believe in Greed’s words for now.

19 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker ch.33

  1. Kinda underestimating the utility of non-single target offensive spells… Well other weapon forms can probably do something similar, like a scythe has an AoE image so it might transmit such spells.


  2. Is it just me or has he been in a semi-starved state everyday since getting back from Roxy’s territory.

    Eats Hado to fill semi-starved state
    Next day enters semi-starved state and has to eat a whole nest of gargoyles and their leader
    Next day is once again in a semi-starved state and has to fight Sandmen, this doesn’t make much sense anymore


  3. The author is starting to get lazy on this gluttony starving point. Take for example, the first time he enters the starving state, it is after not hunting a soul for 1 week, when he joins the Heart house and is learning various stuff, he goes on a frenzy in other to satisfy the skill, and we understand that he has to hunt fairly regularly to keep the hunger at bay.

    He does this until he has to escort Roxy to her territory, I think it was mentioned somewhere that the journey takes 2 – 3 days. He goes that long without eating then he hunts just 2 Kobolds, he was feeling hunger but not starved which is understandable because it’s just a few days. After he feasts on the kobolds the next day is when it starts to become stupid. He is fully filled to the point of excessively filling pleasure, enough that even after 2 days where Roxy wants to confirm the Kobold’s absence and 2 – 3 more days to make the journey back, he is said to still be repressing the pleasure from overeating, all very understandable, because it was a truly big feast 6 figures stats all through.

    Next thing we know, as soon as they are in the capital, he is suddenly in a semi starved state. Like WTF, he was just suppressing the effects of over-feeding from a Leader class and the very same day he becomes semi-starved?? Next day he ends up encountering Hado the holy knight and eats him becoming filled again.

    Roxy leaves the next morning and he starts his journey, by sunset the same day he meets Seto and follows him to his hometown where he is shown to be in a semi-starved state again. WTF he just ate a Holy Knight less than 24 hours ago. So he feasts on the dozens on gargoyles and their leader, then after parting with Seto the next day, journeys to the holy night town where suddenly he’s in a semi-starved state again?? WTF happened to the one week in between.

    It’s almost like his starved state has become a plot device signaling that he’s about to face a strong opponent. This current method is untenable, if he is in a starved state everyday regardless of what he eats


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