One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.38

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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The name is Julienne 3

[Nn? What’s wrong?] (Ortashia)
[Ah, nothing… it’s just…. That’s a really proper way to eat. Very unlike someone over here.] (Shingen)
[Who is that someone?!] (Riru)

Riru responded instantaneously.

While still having some food left in her mouth. Gross…

Even so Ortashia’s mood didn’t seem to change. She laughed at the sight instead. One could easily mistake her as a goddess at this very moment.

A goddess with an eye as sharp as a knife that is.

[Well first of all, the royal family is taught all kinds of manners. I’d want Riru to be honest, but elegance is something I want to maintain regardless.] (Ortashia)
[Gufu?!] (Riru)

Riru eyes opened wide.

Apparently, there was something clogging her throat.

[Arara~ are you okay?] (Mina)

Mina quickly went to Riru’s side and, with a gentle voice, tapped her back repeatedly.

[Ahahaha. It’s always lively with you guys! I’ll never feel bored!] (Julienne)
[Very true. Just as usual, it’s always lively when all the adjutants come together! It’ll be like a party instead of a simple meal.] (Ortashia)

Shingen caressed the back of his neck.

[Eh? There are more of Maruto’s adjutants out there?] (Shingen)
[There were quite a lot of them. I believe it’s around 20, give or take? Sometimes I even mistook someone else’s name with another adjutant.]

That was an eyebrow raiser.

It’s abnormal to have that many no matter how you think about it.

But it’s a military thing so Shingen had no idea if it’s normal or not. Anyways, it’s nothing really important.

Shingen did not know how good of a person Maruto was, but an ordinary commander generally only has four adjutants

He felt that something is really wrong here.

(――――――Could it be perhaps……)

Shingen narrowed his eyes and asked Julienne.

[Hold on a second. Just wondering, but don’t tell me that all of the adjutants are female?] (Shingen)
[Nn? ……that’s actually the case, yes. All of them are female.] (Julienne)

Shingen smiled bitterly after hearing that answer.

It’s just as he thought.

Maruto was really an enviable man.

So much so that it’s annoying.

(――――――Oioi Maruto, isn’t that the same as having your very own harem?! What the hell?! What kind of s##t did you try to pull off!?) (TL Note: Harem is any normal guy dream, am I right? *wink*)

Once he calmed down, Shingen tried to imagine in his mind if he were in Maruto’s shoes.

Of course, he would feel happy being surrounded by girls.

There was also Ortashia who was pretty close to Maruto. That thought made his ears turned red.

When Maruto quietly slipped his arm around her shoulder as if it was natural thing to do and that moment when they embraced each other quietly, unintentionally. All of those thoughts simply drove Shingen crazy.

Well, since Ortashia is just next to him, Shingen stopped his daydreaming with a cough.


Some time after the meal was over, a small tea party was held at Ortashia’s behest.

In Ardesil, it’s considered a fashion to drink tea and eat small snacks after a meal.

Ortashia was looking forward to it.

Mina had prepared in advance a pot of scented tea alongside a basket of baked goods made of flour and milk.

I’ve been waiting for this; this sentence was all over Ortashia’s face as she took a piece of bread and put it in her mouth.

The snack let out a crisp sound upon being chewed.

[Umu. This is really well-baked.] (Ortashia)

After expressing her satisfaction, she passed the round basket to Shingen.

[Here. Try eating some, Shingen. It’s delicious.] (Ortashia)

Shingen accepted it and looked at the strange food.

[In my country, this is called a “cookie”.] (Ortashia)
[Cookie?] (Shingen)
[Anyways, try eating it.] (Ortashia)

Shingen took one out and cracked it with his teeth.

The “cookie” had a mysterious kind of taste.

It was fairly hard to chew, but it let out a nice fragrant that inhaled upon entering the mouth.

[Delicious!] (Shingen)
[Fufufu. I know right?] (Ortashia)

Ortashia looked happy as if she was the one who created the sweets. Though the snack actually originated from Julienne’s idea.

She’s an alchemist who usually concocted medicine to treat wounds but apparently she also enjoys cooking and baking sweets herself.

In this case, it was also her who prepared the cookies.

It was Maruto who first tasted it them from Maruto to Ortashia and then to the capital, where it later spread to the commoners. Now everyone can enjoy the same kind of sweets.

Except in the countryside….

Ortashia picked up the cup with the still warm tea inside it this time.

She started to drink it after enjoying the scent for a while.

After taking a sip, she put the cup back on the table since she reminisced something.

[Nn? By the way, how is Elize doing?] (Ortashia)

Julienne replied with a bitter face.

[Aa, Elize is it?……she was travelling together with us back then… but she got lost along the way.] (Julienne)
[Good grief.] (Ortashia)

Ortashia had an annoyed face.

Julienne also shrugged her shoulders. Shingen then asked about this Elize.

[Who is this Elize?] (Shingen)
[Ah, one of Maruto’s deputies. Now she’s Julienne’s escort.] (Ortashia)

The focus turned to Julienne.

[Escorting me….but did she really escort me? Doing it in secrecy and all that? (Julienne)
[No, well, it’s said that she used to be an assassin before. But there is no sign of her around here at the moment.] (Ortashia)
[That girl is free-spirited. Almost like a cat.] (Shingen)

(――――――like a cat……)

Since there was no sign, then it means that she’s not here.

It’s just a matter of picking the wrong person for the job.

Apparently, she had abandoned her duty to escort Julienne.

Moreover, it seemed that Julienne herself didn’t want an escort but took the chance anyways, since from how she didn’t have a sword on her person, she’s not a combat-oriented personnel.

Shingen smiled bitterly.

When he was imagining what kind of girl she is, he somehow had goosebumps.

[Eh?] (Shingen)

A cold voice could be heard from behind him.

[……who are you?] (Elize)

(――――――I wasn’t even aware……? Who is she……?)

The voice lacked emotion but at the same, time full of vigor. Shingen tried to reply in as friendly as possible.

[Err…..I am Shingen.] (Shingen)
[Shingen…..? I don’t know you. You, friend or foe?] (Elize)

She put more pressure to the dagger she held in her hand. Then she continued with the strange questioning.

[Why do you look so much like Maruto?] (Elize)
[Even if you ask me that….] (Shingen)

Shingen didn’t have any idea what was going on.

One thing is for certain: someone is leaking murderous intent behind him.

It was also a childlike voice.

He froze until he could better grasp the situation.

Ortashia, Julienne, Riru, and Mina didn’t seem surprised or alarmed.

It’s as if there is nothing abnormal happened.

Ortashia took another sip of Mina’s tea….

Knowing that the girl in question was not their enemy.

Ortashia laughed after giving Shingen a sideways glance.

She seemed to be enjoying the situation. Shingen sighed.

[It’s Elize, isn’t it?] (Shingen)
[Wh, why do you know my name ?!] (She used ‘boku’ to address herself here) (Elize)

(――――――She’s actually a ‘bokukko’!)
(TL note: a girl that address herself with boku instead of watashi/atashi like a normal girl usually do.)

Elize was seemingly surprised when Shingen mentioned her name.

[Watch out!] (Shingen)

Shingen’s body moved on reflex, unintentionally grabbing the hand that held the dagger.

It was cold

He couldn’t sense the warmth of a living being at all. She then pulled her hand back.

Shingen turned towards Elize.

There stood a little girl with an unfriendly face. Her hair was silver in color. Her muddy brown eyes was shining with murderous glare, much like Ortashia.

(――――――Maruto even took a child as his subordinate?)

Elize glared angrily at Shingen.

She was scratching her hand that was grabbed by him earlier, making Shingen feel guilty.

(――――――I guess I should apologize.)

[Ah that, I’m sorry. It was just random grabbing…] (Shingen)

She didn’t reply.

Only glaring while standing there silently.

And then, with an annoyed look, suddenly kicked Shingen right in his face.

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    1. Ikr, i wouldn’t like it too, like if they start to like him, its because he looks like Maruto, he will be just a replacement.
      In the end, it is Maruto that they see in Shingen that they will like, and not Shingen himself.

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      1. Yup. But I do hope author fix this in later chapters. Since this will seriously just be annoying to us as we don’t like women like this. Since we could clearly relate even when we never experience it our selves.

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