Glutton Berserker ch.48

Weekly chapters (2/2)


Chapter 48 – Dance of the Black Axe

Taking the advantage of the confused green army, we used the dust cloud to charge at their right flank.

Even I didn’t want to get outperformed by Myne. Grasping the black sword tightly, I charged into the orc herd. I didn’t use the black arrow form since I’m scared of the possibility of them teaming up against me.

Against creatures with human-like intelligence like the orcs, I should refrain myself from using the bow and magic arrow. Just like I expected, the rear guards assisted the retreat with their swords and shields, and the spearmen quickly intercepted me.

But even so, these guys were far cry when compared to Aaron. I ran through them while slashing my sword around. I took out roughly 32 orcs along my path.

《Gluttony Skill is activated》
《Durability +156800, Strength +153600, Magic +121600, Spirit +128000, Agility +121600 will be applied to your stats》
《Spear Mastery, Magic Strengthening(S), Magic Strengthening(M), Spirit Strengthening(S) will be added to your skills》

Because my existing skills overlapped with theirs, I only ended up getting fewer than expected. Regardless, these monsters’ souls were fairly delicious and gave a decent amount of stats. Each of them gave roughly four thousand stats.

Meanwhile, I can feel that the Gluttony skill was in a really good mood. It felt very different than when I was hunting down goblins . Right now the skill would probably go berserk if I were to feed it anything less.

Well, I guess it’s because Orc’s stats are like 100 times higher than that of a goblin?

It ought to be satisfied. Cause I’m gonna fight the enemies to the fullest, like Myne told me to.

I slashed the black sword right to left, left to right, slaughtering the orcs that crossed my path.

Whilst listening to the inorganic voice on my head, I killed the 70th orc. There were 200 of them, right? If we split their amount by half for each of us, that means I only need to kill 30 more.

While I was wondering how Myne is faring, countless orcs fell from the sky. It was over. She made it rain orcs today…..I was dumbstruck.

I looked at the position where Myne was fighting on. Aah, this somewhat reminds me of that. Back then, when we were at that strictly controlled city, we got involved with a certain Holy Knight. It seemed that Myne used the exact same technique she used to toss that holy knight to the sky.

Anything Myne hit with the black axe actually flew to sky just like that. And then landed on another world.

It was a fancy style. Even so, regardless of the fanciness, there were no wasted movements. She launched her enemies one by one without much effort and with minimal moves. It was very pleasant to watch that I could even consider it a dance.


I wonder if I can do it too. Let’s try to imitate it,

『Buhahahaha!Silly dancing』

[Don’t laugh, Greed. From here, to there]

『It’s awful……Really, it’s terrible. You have your own fighting style taught by Aaron, don’t you? That Myne is someone who was considered a genius from when she was born. No matter how many times you try, you won’t be able to copy her.』

What the, so it was inborn natural talent…..that’s actually pretty cool. I want one too! Well, as for me, I guess I actually also got one when I was born….

I observed Myne’s movement whilst cleaning up the remaining orcs.

Welllll, it does seem like she fights without much thought in her mind. As if her body moved even before her mind could think up the move.

Can your body actually move that precisely without thinking….? I guess I wouldn’t know without trying it.

As expected, having a strong warrior on your side was really a great help in battle. Noticing my stare, Myne smiled back. She then flung an orc at me.

That could prove to be a danger for me.

Perhaps, she’s trying to tell me to not just stand around and get all this wrapped up quickly.

Aye aye, I’ll fight. It’s alright to peek a little, right? After all, this is the first time I saw Myne fighting properly. While I was thinking that, two more orcs came flying.

Alright, let’s do our best. Otherwise, I fear that she’ll fling 10 or more orcs at me next. That amount was still possible for her of course.

So let’s send these orcs to a blood festival. These guys let out a disgusting buhhyyii noise when they were knocked down and killed. Thanks to the massacre, all that was left was the blue skinned orc who led the company.

Let’s see, activate 《Appraisal》 before it gets troublesome. Buhyyiii and all.

High Orc leader lv45
Durability: 203400
Strength: 217500
Magic 175300
Spirit: 154300
Agility: 168400
Skill: Herculean Strength, Strength Strengthening (Large), Durability Strengthening (Large).

Those were quite the stats. Is it really not a crown tier, but merely a normal monster?

The rank of monsters in Gallia is really on a different level.
I tried to 《Appraise》 the Herculean Strength skill that took my interest.

Herculean Strength: doubles Strength for a certain duration. After the skill duration is over, Strength is reduced to 1/10. Will recover back to original value after one day.

It seems to be a stat enhancement skill. It’s only temporary, but doubling strength can be really useful. It does come with a risk of strength being reduced to 1/10 for a day afterward. Still, it can be considered as a trump card, so let’s use it only for emergency.

With that, thank you for the meal. I quickly slashed at the orc leader who refused to give up even after losing its men.


But it was snatched away by Myne who came from the side. The high orc leader was flung to the sky by the black axe. It’s instant death no matter how I saw it.

[Wait, Myne. Let me eat it. I need that Herculean Strength skill..].

[There are a lot of orcs in Gallia. Besidely, from my point of view, that herculean strength skill, is a trash skill.]

[But it doubles strength temporarily, you know?]

[But there is a drawback. So it’s trash skill.]

Oioi, it still doubles strength though.

Myne put down the black axe on the ground and took a break next to me who was still sulking from not getting the skill I wanted.

At that point, the ground started to collapse.

What!? The axe is actually that heavy? I remember back then that it was not that heavy when I tried to lift it during the time Myne was sleeping… that’s weird.

Myne whispered something to the axe while stroking it.

[That’s alright. Sloth is a good child. Please accumulate more.]

Accumulate….more weight I guess. Undoubtedly.

While I was thinking, Myne beckoned for me to sit next to her.

[Fate, let’s take a break. Come, quickly.]

[Err, I’m not tired yet.]

[Always rest after the battle. It’s important!]

[Wait a min-uaaaa]

She forcibly pulled me to the ground. Guhee… it hurt.

[Ahaa, Myne is as aggressive as ever.]

[That was nothing.]

[No, it’s not like I’m praising you.]

[Ara, that’s a shame.]

[Do you really think so?]

[Not really.]

Un, this is how it always was. She had a personality that was hard to grasp sometimes.

Two people sitting on the ground, looking at the starry night sky for a while. There was no conversation to be heard, just the sound of the chirping bugs.

Now then, how much further does Myne want us to go? She stood up after the break was over, and told me while pointing toward a direction with her axe.

[It’s already not that far. Unless something else happened.]

[What do you mean?]

[That is that.]

What the hell was that supposed to mean!? I asked Greed in case he knew something.

[What was Myne trying to say actually?]

『Fu, that is that indeed.』

You too. Don’t play around with me, answer seriously!

Nevermind, I’ll naturally find out once we got there. Then let’s just hurry to wherever this place would be.

We continued to stride deeper into Gallia.

14 thoughts on “Glutton Berserker ch.48

  1. lol this dude already considering what to do with the skill before acquiring it.

    But seriously though, it’s disconcerting that she wants his help but won’t tell him what she wants him to do. He has his own goals to, he has even passed by Roxy’s city already. I’d have sat down an refused to follow unless she explains what she’s getting me into. Dude is just following like a dog, and I know the author wants to keep the suspense, but the way Myne and Greed always ignore him on the important bits is just weird and very annoying.


  2. I wonder if that Holy Knight landed ok lol, or perhaps he died.

    Anyways, I don’t really understand Fate’s excuse for not using the bow. He doesn’t want them to team up on him? as opposed to when he uses a sword?


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