One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.42

Weekly Chapters (1/2).

Still waiting warmly for the war~


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 42

Ortashia gave the people she had gathered on the room a look.

[Then I’ll ask you people. Do you have any strategies in mind?] (Ortashia)

Ortashia’s voice echoed throughout the room. No one tried to answer her question. Rather than not being able to speak, it’s more because it was too difficult of a task. There is no way to setup a proper military operation with how overwhelmingly few their number was. Because no matter what setup you’ve prepared, their defeat is already set in stone. They don’t even have the energy to think about it. Even during local skirmishes, the regional lords had more troops than they had.

It’s not an enemy one can win with just strategy.

Randall, who believed in chivalry, not wanting to give up just yet, then said.

[I, for one, don’t want this town to turn into a sea of flame. If possible, I want to meet them on the plains while trying to even out the situation by relying on her highness Ortashia’s power….will that be possible?] (Randall)

In response to Randall’s query, Ortashia raised her hand, trying to gauge her own power. Her face tightened.

[….I’m sorry, it seems that I can’t do huge attacks just yet. At best, one or two is limit.] (Ortashia)

Randall put his hand on his chin, then replied.

[Well, we’ll fall back to it later then. Julienne-dono? Any good idea?] (Randall)

[Umumu. At this rate, it’ll be suicide if we meet them on the plains. Meanwhile, it’s also impossible for us to defend in this town.] (Julienne)

The town of York is a relay point between the capital and the west district, therefore goods and supplies pass through this place. Normally, such a critical place will be equipped with monitoring forts or garrisons. But the town of York rarely got attacked by monsters or barbarians. Therefore, the town itself is not equipped with the means to prevent invasions. It only has wooden fences and wooden walls. In a real siege battle, a robust stone wall that fully encircles the town, along with rock-throwing catapults are the minimum requirements. Without those, the town will be easily breached.

That’s why they can’t afford to do battle here at the town of York. Without second thought, this plan is dismissed. At least, most people will think that way. After giving more consideration, Julienne spoke once more.

[In that case, what about we abandon this town and head to Banrondo, where Lord Randall resides?](Julienne)

[We can do that. That way, we can prepare more countermeasures.] (Randall)

Indeed, compared to fighting it out in this town, retreating to Banrondo which had fortress walls sounded like a better choice.

Ortashia raised one concern.

[But what if the Rosens attack? If that happens, won’t we end up caught in a pincer attack from both our front and our back?] (Ortashia)


[There is a saying: “the enemy of our enemy is our friend.” Retreating to Banrondo is also no good.] (Ortashia)

Shingen also wanted to point this out but refrained because he feared that his answer will sound cheap.

[Well, it certainly is, but I think the preparation and other things can be done better there.]

[I can see that.]

[We can’t do a defensive battle on this town. I doubt that it will last even an hour.]

[You still came here, didn’t you~? Cluttering this place even more~]

During this war council, Shingen was closing his eyes. It was too strong of a topic for him. He couldn’t help but groan.

(――――――I’m not quite getting what they are talking about……uu……I feel like I want to cry……)

Meanwhile, Ortashia took a side glance at Shingen who was desperately trying to understand the situation. She thought that he’s thinking hard for a strange strategy. And thus she secretly had some expectation of him. On the contrary, Shingen himself is hesitating to say anything since now that he’s participating in the war council, he can’t afford to say something inappropriate or outrageous and this made him break in cold sweat.

Tilting his head while crossing his arms, he kept thinking until something actually came out. It was something he had heard about from a while ago.

[Oh, that’s right! There is “that”] (Shingen)

[En? What?]

Shingen was wide eyed upon realizing that he had spoken his thought out loud. He didn’t understand. It was just something

Even so, it was something important for Shingen.

[Now you mentioned something about “self conceit” a while back, right? That’s it, that’s it!] (Shingen)

Shingen pointed to Riru while saying so. Riru pointed to herself in confusion.

[eh….? Me? ] (Riru)

[So, isn’t the enemy coming here with an army that vastly outnumber us? They are confident that such a large army won’t lose. But isn’t that just their own “self conceit”?] (Shingen)

[Ye, yes.] (Riru)

[That’s why, I think we can still win this fight!] (Shingen)

It was said with baseless confidence, but Shingen told what’s inside his mind regardless. It’s as if he’s telling all of it so that it’ll be fine if he’s never allowed to speak afterward.

Riru smiled bitterly.

[That’s, that’s an awfully simple idea….has…has your brain gone rotten?] (Riru)

[Sorry, but Riru has no right to speak] (Shingen)

[Heeeー? Contemptible, how dare you put on air like that! Do I look so stupid to you!] (Riru)

[Un!] (Shingen)

[Why you!] (Riru)

Riru’s eyebrows got wrinkly more and more. Mina had to come in between the two of them to help calm Riru down, going “there, there” as if trying to calm an angry pet.

While Shingen and Riru argued to each other, making ruckus, Ortashia recollected what had happened to Riru back then.

[Self-conceit, eh――――――](Ortashia)

Something went through her head in that instance. Like a flash of lightning.


She hurriedly studied the map more closely.

(―――――What the? A plan……I feel like I can see a plan……)

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