One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.43

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 43.

The distance from the town of York to Teraheim is about 6 kilometres. Along those six kilometres were tightly packed hills, dense forest, and lakes marked as dots. If the other party went through all those, the visibility will undoubtedly be bad. That’s why the army will most likely choose to move to a more open area. From there, Ortashia saw something. She didn’t quite get it yet since it’s still vague so she remained silent and started to ponder.

There was once a battle that had similarities to this very situation. It was a conflict between a small country against a bigger one. The difference in their forces was more than 10-to-1. However, she recalled that Maruto told her that the smaller country actually won that battle.

[That’s right. There is that method.]

Everyone turned their heads toward Ortashia upon hearing her voice.

[Eh? Really?]

[Amazing. Truly a genius!]

Shingen who didn’t understand the situation yet could only smile wryly.

[Wha, why so sudden…Good grief, am I the only one who doesn’t understand here?]

Julienne, who had a confused look, on her face asked.

Ortashia then conveyed her proposed strategy to everyone. As the talking went on, Randall, Riru, Mina and Elize who were more familiar with battlefield had to blink their eyes repeatedly. Are you serious? They had that kind of look on their face.

[……Ortashia, is it for real?]

Elize’s voice was as if she was choking. It was the kind of strategy that will make anyone raised their eyebrows in frown. But Ortashia will still go through with that plan, regardless whether it doesn’t look that convincing. She then gave everyone a glance alternately.

[What with this air? Are there any complaints?]

When asked like that, bitter smiles naturally bloomed on everyone’s face. Wrinkles subtly appeared on Ortashia’s eyebrows.

[If you want to complain then find a better alternative! Come on anytime now! If you have one, I’ll think this through! The story is enough to convince me!]

Ortashia crossed her arms with a sense of self-confidence as well as the air of royalty. Julienne looked troubled. Her expression tells that she can’t bear to hear this anymore…


[This has become messy~]

[If there is none, then we’ll go through with this plan!]


[I can’t follow anymore/]

Since it’s impossible to say anything to rebuke that, everyone exclaimed then sighed in defeat. Shingen looked at Ortashia anxiously.

[You sure it’ll be just fine?]

[What’s that? Have you no faith in this Ortashia?]

[No, that’s not what I mean……it’s just that, I thought that it’s not that good to decide to go with that plan so easily.]

[Oh, did you not hear the last part?]

She leaned her body closer that her face was almost touching Shingen’s. Shingen who was puzzled by the sudden approach jerked his body away. While still looking at Shingen, Ortashia began to call out the name of Riru and Mina, knights with years of experience under their belt.

[Riru! Mina! Let me ask you! Has this me ever lost in any battle?! Never, hasn’t it!?]


[Ye, yes, never!]

Never, other than the betrayal of the Fuhren Holy Knights that caused her to lose both Maruto and her right eye. But she pressured them with the gaze of her eye regardless, though she had to turn her head alternately to do so. In the end, no one could come up with an alternative plan, so it was decided that they’re going to use Ortashia’s strategy.

Ortashia announced the end of the war council, and with that, everyone stood up from their seats and left the room.

Riru and Mina talked to each other and went to drink some liquor and so forth. Julienne ran back to her room in a hurry, needing to research something. Elize followed in silence soon after.

It’s supposedly the time for everyone at the house of lord to have some sleep.

Two people still remained in the conference room. Ortashia and Shingen.

For a while, there was only silence as the moonlight entered from the window and the candle light that came from the ceiling flickered.

Finally, Ortashia broke the silence.

[Alright! The battle is in three days time. Until then, we have to nurture our spirit.]


There was no response from Shingen. He’s still looking at the map laid out on the table and merely blinked. This made Ortashia rather cranky.

[What, are you still not convinced?]

However, it wasn’t the case. Shingen shook his head.

[No, it’s not that I’m not convinced.]

With her expression screaming, Then what’s wrong? Ortashia stared at Shingen.

[So it’s inevitable….]

It was said in a low voice.


[The battle itself.]

At that moment, a half of her felt amazed while the other half felt gentleness.

Ortashia’s answer had been long decided. Without hesitation, she said it clearly.

[It’s impossible. Once he started to move, there won’t be no stopping him.]

Shingen tried to discern those words. With a serious expression, he looked at the map once more before turning toward Ortashia.

[That’s true.]

And he’ll face it.

[I’m sorry for making such a boorish remark.]

Ortashia looked away. She couldn’t watch it. That smile on Shingen’s face was like a poison for her, it was a short moment overflowing with cuteness. She was disappointed with herself. To her, there should be only one Maruto. After giving Shingen an appropriate reason, she smiled to him before promptly left.

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    1. which tactic? okehazama or nagashino? since those 2 are the possible vibes i keep on getting in terms of plans used….. or maybe at nageshima, a fort defense


  1. They are more than likely going to eventually use Shingen to make people think that Maruto is still alive, that’s obvious. Hopefully though, these girls stop looking at him like he’s some Maruto replacement and start looking at Shingen himself.


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