Glutton Berserker ch.58

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Fate (Mukuro) and Sigurd (from Fate/Grand Order)


Chapter 58 – Warrior Mukuro, Again

After getting out of the tavern and donning the skull mask, I sighed.
In the background, an overflowing amount of people were still waiting for the tavern to be opened. Judging from that, I think the tavern will be prospering as long as Eris remains there.
Is it because of the enchanting property of the Lust skill….? It’s probably more than that.
Even if the power of Gluttony skill owner diminishes, it can be regained by consuming strong souls. Lust skill might also have something like that too.
Besides, it didn’t seem like she owned a Mortal Sin weapon. Well, it’s not like she could freely bring a weapon while working at the tavern. I’m not absolutely sure, but since I have Greed, and Myne also has Sloth, Eris should also own some kind of Mortal Sin weapon.

[Hey, Greed]

『What is it?』

[Does Eris have a mortal sin weapon as well?

『No idea. As she said, I have barely any knowledge about her. Even when I saw her in the past, she didn’t wield any weapons.』

[Then, she doesn’t have any?]

『Hahaha, that might not be the case』

Greed didn’t know about her too. Well, it can’t be helped. Either way Eris had promised that she’d only be a bystander. If she can be trusted, then there is no need yet to investigate her power.
Well, there was still plenty of daytime left. I’d better do my work as a warrior and make some money.
The way it was done here was the same as at the capital. You only needed to bring evidence that you’ve killed the monster. In an orc’s case, it would be their ears, much like the goblins back then.
For gargoyles, it would be the horn. Every monster has a designated part, so if even if you cut them apart and show it to the payment facility, they won’t give you anything extra for it.
I’ve read about the list of monsters in the vicinity back at the inn I’m staying in, and have confirmed it.
The easiest target will be the orcs, as they make up the majority of monsters in Gallia.
Since I already fought the orcs before, I can handle them by myself. In any case, a squad usually consists of 100-200 orcs, so if I kill them all I’ll be able to make some fortune.
I could use that money to buy new clothes, and while I’m at it, buy a new sheath for Greed at the same time.
I walked around the commercial district for a while. After buying 2 large hemp bags, I headed out of the fortress city Babylon.

[Let’s do our best today]

『That’s the spirit. Earn lots and lots of money, buy a new sheath for me, and it must be of the highest quality!』

[I can’t afford to spend on such luxury!]

『How dare you say that! You have no idea how much hardship I have to go through everyday』

[Such as?]

『Controlling the path of the magic arrow, furthermore adjusting the infused magic spell and releasing it.』

Un. It’s true that I’m indebted to him in that particular area. I can’t argue about that.
Greed may have a foul mouth, but he does his job well.

[I guess I have no choice. Since that’s the case, support me well]

『Leave it to this me! Gahahahaha』

Such amazing confidence. As usual.
Maybe I should try to emulate him a little? In Babylon, a warrior needed to be stand out anyways.
No need to overdo it, I just had to look dignified, at least.

Of course, if I continued to kill a huge amount of monsters on my own, others will start to notice my presence. People who don’t like it would definitely spring out like bamboo shoots after the rain.
If I got nervous at that time, I’d be caught up in an unnecessary scuffle.

Encouraging myself, I headed out of the gate.
The traffic was intense on the main street. There were crowds of warriors heading out for some challenge, and merchants carrying their goods.
Oho!? A gathering of warriors could be seen at the front gate. Oh, they’re probably recruiting for parties.
That had nothing to do with me.
I heard a voice when I was passing by.
As I turned around, I saw a man older than me wearing a seemingly tough armor.

[The skull mask guy over there. Why don’t you join our party? Looks to me you are a swordsman. The guy who usually act as our frontline was injured.]

[Pardon me, but I’m a solo hunter. I don’t plan to associate with anyone.]

The man retreated a short distance upon hearing my reply. It was a reaction I didn’t expect. The man scaredly asked me.

[My apologies. Going out on your own…..could it be, you are a former holy knight, sir?]

Oh, I almost forgot. The disgraced holy knights who failed their missions, and those that were exiled, were all gathered in this city to gather funds to restore their status.
Perhaps he thought that I was one of those people.
In any case, I have Holy Sword Mastery that I obtained from killing Hado, that alone is already very Holy Knight-like. So it won’t be a problem if I nodded here.

[Well, something like that.]

[Hii, then I’m sorry. Your clothes are… that. Anyways I’ll excuse myself now.]

He’s right. There is no way anyone could tell that someone is a former holy knight if they were to wear clothes that were burnt here and there. The holy knights were proud, so they tended to wear well-tailored equipment.
I turned my eyes back to the gathering of warriors.
That’s it. I could tell that there were three former holy knights among them. It’s easy to distinguish since they had a different aura compared to other warriors. Their eyes were also gleaming with ambition.
There is no mistaking that they are here to make a name for themselves.
Greed then said through the 《mind reading》.

『Perhaps they are trying to steal some glory, while the kingdom army is busy with the Tenryu. Your ex-mistress Roxy just arrived yesterday though. So they can’t make any moves right away.』

[Then, it was something Roxy had agreed upon before arriving here, aren’t they former holy knights?]

『That’s right. Even with the kingdom’s army here, they can still make a name for themselves through monster subjugations.』

Babylon is indeed swirling with various kind of things. It might be good for Roxy……but now I’ve become a little anxious about Myne who went further into Gallia.
Keeping the discontent to myself, I passed through the gate.
Now then, with the empty bags on my shoulder, I marched south toward the border of the kingdom and Gallia.

As far as I could see, there was no monsters coming from beyond the borderline.
In this situation, I will have to go deeper into Gallia and look for a crowd of monsters.

[I really am no good with Gallia’s air that reeks of blood.]

『Get used to it』

The air beyond the borderline was very much different. If I ate while smelling the odor, the food would surely lose half of its taste.
I tried taking out one dried meat from my bag and chewed on it.
Err, these smell of blood caused me to me feel as if I’m eating a piece of raw meat.
I put the already bitten piece of meat back into my bag. I’m getting late after all.

[I want to return to the kingdom before lunch if I can.]

『That’ll depend on Fate』

Indeed, that’s right.
When I visited Gallia with Myne, I came across several groups of orcs even though I didn’t really want to fight them. So this time, finding them shouldn’t be that hard.
While I continued to walk, I noticed a group of orcs――about the size of a single squad.

[Orcs really are anywhere in Gallia.]

『It’s the kind of monster with good vitality, reproductive power, and growing speed combined. A human woman they rape would surely get pregnant due to their high fertility. 20 will be born at the same time from one mother, breaking out of their mother’s belly forcefully. In addition, they can grow faster by consuming the corpse of their mother.』

[….I don’t need that kind of explanation!]

『Fuhn, I simply told you how it is.』

I knew that monster has a habit of eating humans, but I never knew before that they also used human to conceive their children. I planned to eat something after this, so hearing about it left a bad taste.
Feeling sick, I approached the horde of orcs,

[Ah, I started a little late]

『What are you doing, Fate! Why so dull』


A warrior party had also discovered the squad of orcs and engaged them in battle ahead of me.
It’s the implicit rule of monster hunting, the first to come will receive priority.
Behaviour like joining the battle in the middle without prior agreement is considered a violation. One doesn’t have to abide by it, but if one violated it one too many times, they’ll get ostracized by the other warriors on Babylon.
Since I usually go on solo hunts, I’ll have no problems from doing it. However, having fingers pointing at me on my back is something I want to avoid.

『Fate, be preemptive. Steal it! My special sheath is on the line here』

[Don’t say an unreasonable thing]

The warrior party was fighting rather well, and I feel that they’d eventually win if given some time. They’ll be okay even if I just stand here, but time keeps ticking.
Looking at another direction…would you look at that, two squads of orcs coming from the west――reinforcement of 400 strong? Left alone, they’d inflict huge casualties to the warrior party that was still fighting.

[Apparently, we just got our turn.]

『Seems so』

I drew out black sword Greed and headed toward the other horde of orcs.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be better for fate if he didn’t let Roxy die? I mean the general populace has nothing to do with him and strife/chaos would benefit him. The general population can burn for all I care. I hate people telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. Unless it concerns my personal safety.

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    1. probably thats why he didn’t even care….
      usually the MCs just got bothered by that on next few chapters…
      thinking the better solutions or something.
      but Fate, after knew about that, in the next chapter he just go hunting and thinking about money and “awesome” sheath for Greed.
      not bothered about it.
      his goal is still same, saving roxy and back to the Heart Territory together.

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      1. then they cannot to return to normal life… on Heart territory…
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      2. Yeah probably, if he made a fake death of roxy. Those so called ” strong warriors” will still be born because the people will be fed up by the fake information of roxy’s death… then I guess they will live together as a mercenary/adventurer for a couple of years before going back secretly to the heart territory.

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    2. yes I am with you on that. by the way I personally kick off to save myself. if there’s ever a need.


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  4. God damn it. Another fantasy world where they use the nonsensical method of reproduction of monsters raping females of another species to breed. It is one of the sickest, dumbest explanations for it I’ve ever heard. I have no idea what started it, or why it caught on. I assume it’s fetishes.


  5. I see a lot of people suggesting Fate could fake her death. To be honest, it seems like the best of both worlds, but Fate is too stupid and passive to implement this, at least as of this moment. If it were to happen, I feel it would have to be either

    1. Roxy-sama-nim deciding to do it after having spoken with Eris-sama, for the sake of bettering the kingdom in a selfless act, and maybe follow fate along on his adventure

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    I’m sure they’ll forcefully make him a holy knight and make it his duty to prevent that lol.


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