One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.44

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 44

Shingen was left alone in the conference room after Ortashia ran off.

He could see his own reflection and the darkness outside from the window. How long did the war council go on anyways? While thinking about that, since he had nothing else todo, he decided to take a rest.

Leaving the conference room, he headed towards the borrowed room near the library.

From the conference room, walk along the left corridor, then turn right. Go along the path where two people can walk side by side then a wooden door will be visible at the end. Go right from there and find the third room, the one with 203 on its plate number.

There was nobody inside, but the light is still up. Shingen took a peek inside.

[It’s a guest room…. I don’t really like it…]

After complaining, Shingen entered the room and let his sword stood against the wall. His eyes quickly laid onto the bed, where he immediately went closer to. Sitting on the bedside, he got reminded of what he said. Hey Sis, are you an old man, giving out a tsukkomi on me every single time? Although he wanted to forget it, even after he put it at the back of his mind, it still returned to him from time to time.

After Shingen finished with his regrets, he began to look around the room out of boredom. The way he saw the room, it has enough room for seven people to fit in. Stacked documents that were left behind by the former resident as well as a pile of clothes. There was also a well-maintained black armor. Suffice to say, the former resident was a high class man.

The room actually belonged to Hairingand, who served the former town of York’s lord Gering. In other words, that bald guy used to sleep here. He’s dead though and now that one of the perpetrators of his murder is staying here, it invoked a nauseating feeling. Regardless, it’s so much better than having to sleep on the porch.

Shingen sighed and after stretching out, he tossed away his leather boots randomly. He then put out the candle that was placed on the desk and laid down on the bed.

[I feel like the day had been really long recently, somehow.]

After saying his feelings to the ceiling, he closed his eyes.


The sound of crows broke the silence of midnight as the moonlight shone from the window. Shingen opened his eyes wearily. Knowing that it’s still evening but couldn’t get himself to sleep, he woke up.

[Can’t sleep….]

His body felt tired, but why couldn’t he get himself to sleep? He’s just a human like everyone else. It’s probably because he took a nap for too long or because he woke up late in the morning, Shingen thought to himself. But this time it’s different so he could only tilt his head in confusion.

Shingen could hear a snoring sound——–apparently coming from the room next door. The snoring actually went through the wall and reverberated in his room. That’s a really loud snoring! He wanted to protest but had no energy to do so. After a while, when he was just starting to get bored, something hit the wall loudly, surprising him.

[Aaaah I can’t sleep, geez!]

The room next door is room number 202. Riru is staying there.


Shingen sighed. He stopped by the window to see if there was something interesting out there. Since the inside of the room was gloomy, he opened the window to let some fresh air in. The leaves swayed by the wind, emitting a rustling sound. It felt strangely pleasant. Shingen leaned on the window sill with his elbow, deciding to take a look a little.

After a while, when he’s about to leave, Shingen heard a stepping sound on the overgrowth. It’s coming from the garden. Somebody is in the mansion’s garden. Shingen raised himself up, narrowing his eyes to see who it was. It’s too dark so the visibility wasn’t that good.

[An enemy….?]

The town of York had been occupied by Ortashia. Of course, there were people who disagreed to this. Besidely, it may also be the assassin sent by Prime Minister Runatitas. The previous comfortable feeling was immediately replaced with urgency. Shingen started contemplating. To whom should he report about this and how? He needed to find the solution as fast as possible. However, it’s already late at night. Everyone would’ve gone to sleep already.

He’s hesitant to wake Ortashia up. If he forced his way in a girl’s room….there might be some misunderstandings. So he refrained.

So let’s try to understand the situation better. With that in mind, Shingen started to listen to carefully to the source of the footsteps.

[Who…and how many….?]

After some more observation, he found out that there was only one――――――and the footsteps were strangely light.

(―――――a child….? Should I make sure?)

Shingen murmured to himself, wearing the boots he had discarded earlier, still untied, and taking along his sword as he exited his room. He cautiously passed through the narrow passages soundlessly so as to not warn anyone and hurried down the stairs to the first floor.

It was a child. Shingen somewhat understood what this means.

This was something his sister used to say. Assassins often use children that have become a liability to others. These young assassins are mostly consisted of orphans that are mostly innocent and hard to identify. Brainwashing them from childhood and turning them into ruthless, cold-blooded killing machines. A man who was his sister’s friend was killed by these kinds of assassins.

Therefore, his sister told him, if you see a child wandering around in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate and kill them right away.

[….I must do something before anyone gets killed.]

Shingen felt sorry for these kids. They aren’t innately evil; just used by others. And even if one is killed, there will be others that will serve as replacements since they are treated as disposable objects in the first place.

If the other party learns of this child assassin―――――I have to make sure that they escaped before Ortashia can get to them. Because if she does, she’ll interrogate them, about who sent them, who they’re aiming for, even until they bleed to death, without fail. If I were to be shown something like that, my heart will definitely break.

[I have to do something….]

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