One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.45

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 45

Shingen stood there in the dark near the place where he saw someone was standing; in other words: the garden. He didn’t bring any light. It’s because he didn’t want his opponent to know of his presence. Especially since he had no idea of the opponent’s capability yet.

Since it’s necessary to adjust his eyes to the darkness, Shingen decided to crouch on the lawn. He tried to put on a serious face, which he did pretty well. Although it looks more like a brave face instead.

There is a fountain in the middle of the garden. Shingen chose to go through the stone pavement connecting it with the garden. By doing so, he could reduce the noise of his footsteps to a minimum.

After walking for a while, he stopped and turned his face around. The mysterious figure is nowhere to be seen.

[Did I got noticed…? Or did they escape?] (ED note: Used “they” here since gender is unknown) (Shingen)

There were still signs. Shingen could also still hear breathing. The other party seemed to be alone. Fortunately, there is no movement from the opposition. It means that he hadn’t been noticed yet. Shingen slowed his breathing and kept his footsteps as silent as possible. His hand ready on his sword.

Suddenly, the surroundings became dark. It’s as if someone had put a dark curtain over the eyes. Apparently, a thick cloud had covered the moon, rendering Shingen unable to see anything. This is bad for him. However, he could sense that the owner of the shadow had moved away from him. It’s just his intuition.

For the time being, Shingen decided to follow while keeping some distance and observe. In his mind, he imagined striking the figure from the back, then restraining its head. He only has one attempt. If he successfully restrained the enemy, he won’t need to worry about counterattacks. He can’t use his sword. Lest there will be a lot of noise and the other residents will be alerted.

While he was thinking about that, the opportunity arose. The moonlight returned and shone upon the shadowy figure. Shingen could see a small back. It’s a girl with silky short hair, wearing lightweight armor made of leather. She had pretty limbs and her white skin apparent under the faint moonlight. Shingen knew who that girl was. The moment he saw her appearance, he dropped his guard. When he was about to call out to her, he accidentally stepped on a dry twig, making a dry cracking sound.

Elize reacted sensitively to the sound. Her body shook in surprise. She quickly turned around, drew the dagger that has been kept behind her waist, jumped lightly and thrust the dagger toward her opponent. She was full of killing intent since she didn’t know that it was Shingen. Shingen shouted.

[Wa-wait! It’s me!] (Shingen)

Elize’s eyes shone silver under the moonlight. Before he knew it, she’s already pushed him down.

[Wa!!] (Shingen)

Shingen who let out a strange yelp when his back hit the pavement. When he came to, he realized that there is a dagger a hair’s breadth away from his neck. If he moves even just a bit, the tip will definitely tear his skin.

They stuck together unmoving and only after three breaths, did Elize finally blinked her eyes. Apparently she realized that it was Shingen just now.

[What the…so it’s you.] (Elize)

She sighed in relief, but didn’t attempt to move away. She instead said angrily while still straddling Shingen.

[….why did you stand behind me? I’ll kill you if want to do any harm.] (Elize)

Shingen started to pour cold sweat.

[So, sorry….I didn’t know that it was Elize.] (Shingen)

[Fuhn, right.] (Elize)

Afterwards, after letting out what seemed like a groaning sound, she returned the dagger behind her waist. Elize finally looked like she was lowering her guard. After sighing in relief for not misunderstanding Shingen, she fell into some thought and once again questioned him with an doubtful voice.

[Then who are you actually…? At first, I didn’t notice that you were there. In fact, I didn’t feel your presence at all……suspicious…..un. As I thought, you must be――――――] (Elize)

While saying so, she reached back to the dagger behind her waist. The sound of steel being pulled from the leather sheath could be heard.

[No, no, errr, why are you doubting me again?] (Shingen)

Then the two were left gazing at each other for a while.

[……] (Elize)

[…….] (Shingen)

[………Nn, suspicious….] (Elize)

As she said that, she leaned closer that their faces were only inches away and started sniffing like a dog. It was a really weird situation.

Though the encounter can’t be said to be fortunate, Shingen found that Elize is actually quite pretty. Her big eyes, and her face outline formed a beautiful looking face.

Well, it’ll be better if she can act a little more on the cute side. In addition to that, she has beautiful clear silver eyes. Shingen couldn’t help but to wonder how she’ll look like when she’s grown up.

[…….nn, this smell…..] (Elize)

[……Eh?] (Shingen)

(―――――My, smell……?) (Shingen)

Since he didn’t know how to answer, Shingen could only smile bitterly. If it’s according to her, it means that he’s smelly.

Elize still had some doubt in her eyes. But since she couldn’t understand why, she decided to give it up. She finally stood up and stepped back. Normally, people would’ve offered their hand to help the other to get up, but she didn’t…….Shingen sighed as he realized that he had to get up on his own.

Shingen, feeling a little lonely without anyone to grab on, stood back up. He brushed off the dirt on his butt with both hands afterwards.

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