Glutton Berserker ch.62

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Fate and Roxy.
Finally they reunited again… in an awkward situation.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki and Xaga

Chapter 62 – Mixed Color

My heart was quite shaken due to this turn of events.
But it should be alright. Thanks to the Skull mask’s recognition inhibitor, Roxy won’t know that I’m actually Fate. Perhaps, she’ll simply think that I’m an eccentric guy with a suspicious-looking mask.
I opened my mouth and was about to reply to Roxy who was looking at me, but I stopped myself.

That was dangerous…..I was about to say what I used to say when I had been working as her servant.
I’m not her servant anymore so if I were to speak humbly to her, she might suspect me. I guess it’s better to talk roughly like a warrior should.

[So what if it’s me?]

I said that and waited for Roxy’s response. I was sweating bullets under the skull mask.
She said while pointing at my feet,

[Please retreat from there first. I feel sorry for them for being stepped on by you.]

[Oh, oops.]

Apparently I had unknowingly stepped on the fallen warrior from earlier. I did do it deliberately before, but I didn’t mean to do it again on exit.
However, Roxy’s appearance had shaken me so I accidentally stepped on them again.
I felt bad of course so I looked down on the still-unconscious warriors.
Although it might be useless, I tried to spin an excuse for this situation.

[It was legitimate self-defense. I merely fought back when they attacked me.]

[I see….so that’s what happened.]

Roxy put her hand on her chin as she gave the 8 fallen warriors a glance and nodded.
Four of them were still holding their weapons so I thought she’d be able to tell that they had indeed attacked me.
After observing the 8 warriors, she asked the facility staff and heard their stories. I see, not only did she listen to the testimony of those involved, she also did site verification and asked information from a third party.
In this case, it should be proven that I was involved in a scuffle with them and that they attacked me first.

After thinking for quite a while in the corner, Roxy dispersed the staff and finally said [I understand the situation now.]
She came, walking towards me. Unlike before, I was calmer now.
I felt something strange when she came next to me.

Ehh!? Was Roxy this small?
Back in the Kingdom, I had to look up a little since our eyes didn’t match. But now, I feel that I had to look down slightly.
Could it be that Roxy had shrunk!? No no, that’s not it.
Now that I think about it, my clothes do feel shorter than before……I guess I’m growing taller.
I’ve been constantly fighting to get here, so I didn’t really notice. Perhaps it’s because my diet has improved and I absorbed a lot of nutrition thanks to that.

When I was still working as a gatekeeper under the Burix family, I had to make do with small meals due to my small salary. After I became Roxy’s servant, I was able to eat more delicious meals and now as a warrior, I’m able to eat more nutritious food.
The time when I was with Myne, she tended to squander a lot on meals. Of course, it was all at my expense.

Hmm…..or perhaps, I’m just a late bloomer and has now just entered my growth spurt. Well anyways, I’m still 16 years old. No need to rush things.
I see….so now I’m taller than Roxy….while I was still recovering from this surprise,

[Are you listening?]

Roxy called out to me. I replied while pretending to be calm.

[Ah, of course I was listening. So, what is it?]

[So you didn’t listen at all!? Good grief…..I guess I have to put you in jail too for that.]

Uuuuu, anything but the prison, please.
After lightly threatening me, Roxy smiled and apologized.

[Let me ask you again then. What is your name?]


[I see… that’s quite a strange name.]

Roxy may have guessed that it’s not my real name. However, warriors tend to use nicknames according to their work so she didn’t pursue it any further.
While I was sighing in relief, she started to explain about this uproar.

[Well, I’ll overlook you this time. According to the staff, they deliberately find weak-looking warriors and extort them for money. In addition, the Holy Knights had been absent so they kept doing that for quite a while. What you did was quite raucous actually. Just don’t think that there is a part in this place that isn’t managed by the kingdom.]

[I’m glad to hear that. Then that’s it for me.]

[Whatever you do next time, please keep it low profile. Also, please replace your clothes as soon as you can. It’s… not pleasing for others’ eyes.]

Roxy blushed when saying so, then moved away from me.
Could it be she considered me a pervert….? Although it’s good that I didn’t go with my real name, I guess her evaluation for Mukuro had dropped significantly. That’s fine, it’s a fake name anyways…..uuuuuu…

Roxy, who had moved away from me, motioned to the soldiers she had brought along to carry the 8 still-fainted warriors away. Perhaps to the prison. I hope they reflect on themselves a lot while staying there.
Well, let’s leave the facility then.

When I just started walking, Greed talked to me through 《mind reading》.

『Aya〜, I thought I was going to be bald in no time. Because……Fufufufufufu! Fate, your acting……was so bad! You were too stiff. So stiff that I might mistake you for adamantite. Instead of Fate Graphite, why don’t you change your name to Fate Adamantite?』


『Moreover, you were too rash. It’s really hard to watch. It makes this me irritated』

Bastard. This fellow Greed…He was having fun while I was scared shitless from the sudden encounter with Roxy. This guy is really……goddammit.

[Fine, just go on. I won’t buy you a new sheath.]

『How dare you say that! That has nothing to do with this. You know, I think watching you acting foolish in front of Roxy was the most enjoyable moment that it might become a great hobby! It’s too much fun. Isn’t it, Fate?』

[Why do you even ask me? And don’t make such a weird hobby.]

In that case, I’ll just do better the next time I meet Roxy. Ignoring Greed’s rants, I hurried ahead.
Because I want to replace my clothes as soon as possible.

『Ah, Fate. Are you perhaps concerned about what Roxy had told you?』


『Hit the nail on the head, huh』

One hundred percent, it was indeed on the mark.
I entered the commercial district and quickly found the shop that sold affordable equipment. I caught sight of black-colored, light clothing being exhibited in a glass case. It’ll be very easy to move in it the way I see it.
It also doesn’t neglect the defensive stats. The plating seems to be the key point. It was sewn together so exquisitely, showing the effort and time spent to craft it.

Let’s try using 《Appraisal》 on it. It actually has 400 durability. Normal clothing has around 100 durability so it will last much longer.

What to do…the price is 80 gold. I have 103 gold in hand right now so buying it will use up most of it. However, it’s not bad.
Greed said to me when I’m about to enter the shop.

『It’s black again at the end of the day. Buy something more flashy. Also, what about my sheath?』

[If it’s not enough, I will hunt again at noon.]

Gallia is overflowing with monsters after all. Making money from it is a no-brainer.
It’s also convenient for me who’s wanting to raise stats.
With that said, Greed was unusually convinced and fell silent. I promise I’ll buy it as soon as I can.

I’m going in to the calm and stylish shop. The bell attached to the door rang a pleasant sound.
Then a young man, a good two or three years older than me, appeared from inside the shop.

[Welcome, what are you looking for……]

When he saw me, his eyes looked as if he was staring a plate of fine dish, then he started to stare at my clothes.

What’s with this guy!?

It’s to be expected to get some customer service here. I never really mind with that, but this young man seemed to be obsessed with my clothing. Face too close, back off!
With a stiff expression, he asked.

[Customer….what kind of situations have you gone through? It’s like thrusting yourself in an ocean of fire… this is a first.]


This guy….it’s as if he could see the battles I’ve been through just from seeing my equipment…
It’s an amazing talent. Too bad, it’s not well known yet. Thinking that, I tried to leave the shop.

[Wait a minute.]

He had already blocked my path preemptively.
Then he grabbed my hand and asked.

[How about this, can you please wear the equipment from my shop? I’ll sell them to you at half price…]

[Half price!?]

[That’s right. Half the price.]

When I asked why would he do such a thing, he looked frustrated and started to explain the reason.

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  1. Hunt again at noon??!! Does he mean the next day? If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it already sundown by the time he was done with the orcs. How is it now morning? “The author better not be getting this sloppy” . There was also the fact that he had earlier said, he didn’t even have money to pay for his inn fee for the current night because she spent several gold coins on drinking (a la his 4 gold coins), yet now suddenly he still has 3 gold coins? It’s starting to look like the author is poorly keeping track of what he has previously mentioned. It was just a few chapters ago too. *Sigh*

    Anyways 80 gold coins on a dress, how bold. Guess he becomes a model and sponsorship fee is half off discount.


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