Amayui Castle Meister’s Translation Update

I think I should give some update(s) about it.

Some of you might know and still remembered, currently I’m helping on this visual novel translation project as one of main translator. So, yeah, the project is still alive.

Here is a teaser video~

I can’t say when the full patch will be released. Most of script has been translated. TLC has already started, along with editing. Well, anyway, if not this year, likely next year.

Please look forward for the full english patch in the future.

9 thoughts on “Amayui Castle Meister’s Translation Update

  1. thx a fucking a lot, I really tryed to learn the language,kanji gave me so much headache so I dropped out after 2 months


    1. The group first announced a translation with the release of a prologue patch in may of ’18.
      They announced their first update —-[4 months later]—- in October.
      The next update came —[5 months later]— in February. Announced loss of TLC, however this post 1.5 weeks later shows most of the translation completed and TLC work has already started, along with editing. Stated intent to wrap up the finishing touches of Entirety of game and release the completed patch with next update.

      —[5 months later]— in July…
      “So has the project been dropped..?”

      Should I even respond……
      Bruh it’s not even been that long past the usual announce……

      Prologue Translation v1.0.1
      released 5/22/18

      10/18/18 Update:
      We are around 69% of the way through Chapter 1 Translation.

      2/14/19 Update:
      We have translated about 50% of all dialog, unfortunately we have no TLC’s but will accept anyone who wants to help with that (proof-reading). [if you didn’t know-> TLC=translation checker]

      ->and 2/25
      Most of script has been translated. TLC has already started, along with editing.


    2. Here is more reassurance that calm your worries, check the description in youtube link.

      “The project is still alive. I did most of the prologue and the main story. Currently translating the remaining untranslated lines.

      The patch that I am using on this video is staff-only patch for checking purpose so it’s still UNEDITED. [[[When ZAP releasing the next english patch, it’ll be FULL english patch, so please be patient.]]]

      This video will showing some teasers our current progress. I did my best to show less/free spoilers in the video. As you can see, most of the chapters has been translated. TLC soon.
      As Eushullyfans, I want to see this game fully english translated.”


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