Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch. 5

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Wazu’s status is unique as usual, haha!


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 5 – It’s a custom because you do it every time

Its numerical values represent your power to make it easier to understand.
But I myself don’t know how my status truly look like.
Well, it’s not like I can’t check it. Un….I can check it just fine.
It’s just that, for a reason that I never know, instead of numbers, my status was represented by [letters] instead.

……right, text.
To be more exact, sentences…
Anyways, it’s definitely not displayed properly.
By the way, here is my most recent status.

Name: Wazu
Race: Human
Age: 18 years old

HP: A high mountain nobody could climb
MP: A sprout waiting for spring that never comes
STR: Overwhelming beyond reasons
VIT: Impregnable sanctuary
INT: Unattainable wish
MND: Immovable
AGI: Impossible dream
DEX: turning mud into gold



[Swordsmanship] Lv : 2
[Martial Arts] Lv : Max
[Detection] Lv : Max
[Crisis Sensing] Lv : Max
[Divine Eater of Everything] (Unique)
[Near-complete Status Immunity]
[Complete God] (Unique)
[Unique Magic : God] (Unique): Currently Unavailable
[Evil God] (Unique)
[Chaos God Race(?)] (Unique)

by permanent butler – Floyd


……right, the person standing next to me, Floyd, was the one who wrote all those.
My status was written specifically with letters by the gods.
No matter how one looks at it, they won’t understand anything.
I understand that I’m quite strong, but I can’t measure how much since it’s not written in concrete number.
Meanwhile, other people are measured normally…
However, because of the goddess of light, the skill list became at least readable.


That’s the story if I’m still in my original world.
We are in a different world now.
So my status display should be different now, right?
What I mean is that I should be properly measured.
The time has come for my status to finally be properly measured.
Dysor and the other also seemed to be excited to check their new status as the silently chanted [Status Check].
Shortly after, I could hear mentions such as [My speed has increased exponentially] or [My magic power has greatly improved] coming from the crowds.
To be honest, that doesn’t matter much for me.
Right now, my top priority is to check my status and see just how good it actually is.
Not only that I’m a God, but I’ve also defeated the Evil God.
It must be quite some great numbers there.
I took a deep breath and exhaled to calm my mind.
Then, I silently thought [Status Check], which promptly generate a picture in my mind

Name : Wazu
Race : Human maybe?
Age : 18 years old
HP : Nice to meet you
MP : I’m Ilmstad
STR : this world’s creator
VIT : Goddess
INT : I’ve heard about Wazu-sama
MND : from the Creation God
AGI : To actually come here to save my world
DEX : thank you very much



[Swordsmanship] Lv : 2
[Martial Arts] Lv : Max
[Detection] Lv : Max
[Crisis Sensing] Lv : Max
[Divine Eater of Everything] (Unique)
[Near-complete Status Immunity]
[Complete God] (Unique)
[Unique Magic : God] (Unique): Currently Unavailable
[Evil God] (Unique)
[Chaos God Race(?)] (Unique)
[Goddess Ilmstad was here] (Unique)

by Goddess Ilmstad


………of course.
…..I knew it…..I just KNEW it.
This would happen.

Of course these Gods always end up crushing my expectations.
And now you too, Goddess Ilmstad!
I think I’ve realized something.
The Goddess of this world actually contacted Floyd of all other Gods so she’s surely just as bad as him
Everything clicked now.
……that’s it.

By the way, Goddess Ilmstad, your writing style is wrong.
Maybe my power didn’t change much, but she should’ve used a full phrase on points like HP and STR, not fragmented sentence like other points.
And the entire content is pretty much a greeting…. But, as I look further, I noticed that there is an additional skill in my skill list.
I tried to focus myself so that I can see the new skill’s detail.

[Goddess Ilmstad was here] (Unique)

……..eehh? Was there something like that before?
Ah! And here I thought she was just here to greet me.
This is rude.

I’m Ilmstad, this world’s Creator Goddess.
I hope you can somehow save my world.
…….Just fix my status already, please?

……..Nn? Nnn?
You’ll fix it…….?
Perhaps, it’s really gonna be the time I’ve been waiting for!
To prove that, a portion of my status began to change once more.

HP : A castle full of sweets that will never decrease
MP : Like an empty box
STR : Uncrackable candy
VIT : Unbreakable rice cracker
INT : Melted ice cream
MND : Undissolvable chocolate
AGI : Gum losing taste in an instant
DEX : Highest tier of stacked cake

………good grief what in the world is that.
Fixed or not, I still can’t understand anything.
Really now? Floyd, the Goddess of light, and now Ilmstad. Aren’t they having a bit too much fun with my status?
Did you guys think I’m happy seeing this?
Not at all.
I’d prefer normal numbers any day over this.
If the image in my mind was a card like before, maybe I would’ve already slammed it on the ground.
I wonder why I always got involved with less than normal kind of gods.
……well, maybe except the War Goddess.
Really, all I can do now is sigh.


Then I turned to Floyd.
I’m just curious how the other’s status looks like.

[……speaking of which, how does your status looks like?]

[Do you want to see it?]

Ee? Can I?
Just as I thought, Aurelia spoke from the stage.

[Hopefully the benefit is good enough. Now, if Heroes think of the words『Status Open』, your status will be visible for others to see. If the heroes don’t mind, would you please show me your amazing power? Of course, Heroes can hide parts that you want, and it’s not mandatory to do this.]

Fu~hn. Is that so?
But of course, when Floyd showed me his status, it’s all measured properly in numbers.
I just don’t get it.
How come it’s only me?!
However, looking at Floyd’s status, I came to realize something.

[…..aren’t those somewhat low? You’re actually weaker than I thought you would be.]

Right. Floyd’s status was actually lower than expected.
As far as being an adventurer is concerned, he’s only as strong as a top B rank, barely qualifying for A rank.
No no, he did say that he’s weak, but he’s still a god of creation, so he couldn’t possibly be this weak.
Meanwhile, a little further away, Dysor showed his status to Aurelia, and the princess was visibly pleased.
We can really beat the demon king! After seeing Dysor’s status, everyone started to shout and cheer.
At glance, Dysor’s status was indeed comparable to the top S-rank adventurer.
However, it’s getting noisy here. Can you people cheer and shout elsewhere?

[Of course, my status shown in here is『disguised』. In any case, there are still other people around that might accidentally see it, so I cannot show my real status.]

[Disguised? Can you really do that?]

[Yes. It should be possible in Wazu-sama’s complete God state.]

That’s new.
So it’s not stopping others from seeing it, but just masking it?
…no, I’m not sure if I can remember how to do it even if Floyd teach me, so I’m fine as is.
As a precaution, I also asked Shiro and Dark Goddess to show me their status, but apparently they did the same thing to theirs.
A perfect disguise, huh?
Then I should too! Let’s enter complete God state for a moment and try it out.
Then I checked my status again.

HP: Eternally Nondecreasing Castle of Snacks
MP: Leftover Empty Box

STR: Absolutely Unbreakable Candy Ball
VIT: Unsplit Rice Cracker
INT: Popsicle Stick that Remains
MND: Unmelting Chocolate
AGI: Bubble Gum Whose Taste Fades In an Instant
DEX: Layers of Cake That Stacks Up Continously

………….nothing has changed.

[But nothing has changed! What the hell is wrong?]

Floyd approached me.

[Hmm… it appears to have been firmly locked. In our own world, we could’ve broken through this, but while we are here, the God of this world takes priority. I guess since it’s written directly by the Goddess of this world, there is nothing we can do to change it.]

Floyd’s explanation made me want to cry.
In other words, I have to spend the entirety of time in this world while bearing this kind of status.
I don’t want this anymore! I want to go home already!
But I can’t!
…..I’ll make sure that the demon king will also feel the same dreariness!

[Then what about the Heroes over there, how about your statuses?]

Aurelia called out to us four.
All the gazes were pointing at us instantly, as if expecting something.
They were probably expecting something surprising to see from our status since Dysor’s was higher than everyone thought.
However, while Floyd and the other two are fine as it is, I can’t really show my status.
I can also sense Dysor eyeing us with expectation as well, but while I was busy thinking about what to do, Floyd already stepped forward and bowed.

[My status is as follows. However, all four of us have similar status and unfortunately did not really gain too much from the benefit given by the god…. Pardon us, but it seems we could not meet everyone’s expectations.]

After hearing Floyd’s explanation, Aurelia took a look at his status and was visibly disappointed.
Well, there is no helping it.
Although they had summoned us with so much effort, it turned out our statuses are not up to par.
While I was thinking so, Floyd then turned to me.

[With this, they will not expect much out of us. If we are tied up, we will not be able to move freely, and in turn not be able to return home within 7 days.]

He said that in a whisper that only I could hear.
… that’s what he meant.
He did this while keeping my situation in mind. Floyd can be very thorough sometimes.

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