Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch.7

Weekly chapters (2/2)


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 7 – Sidestory: Dragon King-sama decides to rely on an acquaintance

I jumped out of the castle where I lived in and flew to the sky.
Why must it be that many?
Isn’t just one of a kind is enough?
Certainly, compared to only one color, having many more will be spectacular, I think?
But, let’s say I only brought back one kind of flower.
Not only will my wife despise me, but the Goddesses of Light and my mother in law will too… but the thing I’m not sure I can endure is my daughter looking at me with disappointed eyes.
After all, among Wazu’s soon to be wives, there is also my daughter Mear.
If she were to see me with such eyes one day……..that day would probably when I die.
Because Wazu is not here at the moment, it’s my chance to spend time with Mear.
I felt like I don’t have enough father-daughter time lately.
However, isn’t it just a matter of thinking?
Like, if I managed to bring back all seven kinds of flowers, wouldn’t that make everyone happy, and in turn, wouldn’t my recently fallen dignity be repaired a little bit?
Also, if I finish the task quickly, wouldn’t I have a lot more time to spend with Mear?

…….Hoo! That’s a pretty good idea now that I think about it.
The seven kinds of flowers will make Mear happy.
And she will look at me with more respect.
Afterward, we can spend some quality time between father and daughter.
I’d be happy and Mear will be happy as well.
The result is my complete victory.
Thinking so, I could feel the power rising in my body.
Seven kinds of flowers, I gotta collect them all.
And that day, I flew around the mountain, looking for seven different kinds of flowers.

………..and, I realized something the next day.
How do I even collect the flowers?
I couldn’t just pluck them all since they’ll wither a day later.
And I want to collect flowers in a way that won’t hurt my pride as a dragon king.
But it’s for the sake of my daughter.
And yet, I also had my dignity to think about.
After giving it some more thought, I decided to ask help from an acquaintance.
Because they’re humans, just like Wazu, I have a feeling that they’ll be able to come up with something….


As I thought, going into a human settlement while in my dragon form would be unwise, so I landed some distance away and went in after changing into my human form.
After a short walk, my destination entered my sights.
There was a queue at the city gate so I lined up as well since it’s a pretty short queue.
I learned about this the last time I visited with Wazu.
Soon enough, my turn came, and the gate guard called me out.

[Welcome to the Lynic City. Can you please show us your ID card?]

…….ha? Eye dee what?
When they saw me tilting my head, the gate guard smiled and explained it to me.

[……ID card? ……ah, something to prove my identity? Then let me tell you, I am the Dragon King!]

So I simply introduced myself.
How is it! The aura of the mighty Dragon King! Fu! Ha!
I am the Dragon King who reigns over that mountain at the center of the continent!


Mu? Why is there no reaction?
Nah, they must’ve been too perplexed by my aura.
I am the King of Dragons after all.
I am a being of a different league to those around――

[Okay okay, that was quite funny. But don’t make that kind of joke while you are inside Lynic. Anyways, we were once helped by the Dragon King so nearly all citizens have been praying everyday to thank him. If you introduce yourself like that, the citizens are bound to beat you up.]

Ooh. Now that he mentioned it, something like that did happen.
However, that was a long time ago though.
To think that they would still remember and even worship me.
………that’s good. Next time, I should visit here with Mear.
If she finds out respected I am in this city, there is no doubt that she’ll praise me.
And she’ll start seeing me as a real father.
No, that will certainly be the case.

……….wait, wait a minute!
That Dragon King is me though!
And yet, this person didn’t even recognize me!
Perhaps because I am currently in my human form, he wouldn’t believe me no matter how hard I insist…
Should I try it once more.

[And I AM that Dragon King!]

[Yosh, okay then! I’ll take that you came here to look for a fight against Lynic!]

After saying so, the human in front of me pulled out his sword and moved to attack me.
Why are you doing that! I was being honest there!
But this is troubling.
It’s easy to kill this human in front of me, and it’s tempting to make use of these people who worship me.
But if I do that, I’ll just end up bothering my acquaintance. And once Wazu returned, if he found out about this, I don’t know what will my mother in law will do to me this time.
Worst case… I might even lose my life.

………..oya? This is…clogged?
Gununu. If this goes on, I will only cement the stigma of me being an unworthy father.
That’s no good. No can do that. Ah, no way.
I need to manage this situation properly.
So I looked around searching for something that may fix the problem.
Then, I saw a person coming out from the gate.
The man, as if it’s what natural for him to do, sneaked up behind the guard I was talking to.

[I’m behind you~u]

[Nn? …..ah, Ruto-dono. Going to the usual place again today?]

[That’s right! …..fuu, can’t be helped, right? Because a lot of women are waiting for me. Popular guys like me should be ready at all times.]

[….that’s a lie, and everyone knows that already, you know?]

[That’s not a lie! It’s the truth! …though, the one waiting for me is a male elf, and he’s asking me for battle training.]

That last part was more of a muttering, so I couldn’t hear him clearly. But there was no mistake, he’s my acquaintance――the high elf Ruto.
However, the way he talked to this gate guard felt strangely familiar.
This might be the help I need.
In Ruto, I saw hope.

[A-ah! If it isn’t Ruto!]

[ [ …….] ]

The look that the guardsman gave me was like, “Are you not finished yet? Acting familiar like that, who are you compared to Ruto?”. It’s that kind of skeptical look.
……and what’s with you impersonating Dragon King earlier? he probably thought.
No no, don’t be provoked!
I am the Dragon King….. I am the Dragon King….. the Dragon King….. I am

[Bastard, so you’re still here!? You Dragon King imposter!]

The face of the guardsman turned horrible.
…………I felt like I’m gonna cry..

[Eeh? What did you say? Someone is impersonating Ragnir? This guy?]

[Yes, he did, Ruto-dono.]

[That’s no good, friend. Lynic is a place with a lot of people who worships Ragnir. If you keep lying like that, you won’t end up with merely a slap in the face.]

………I really felt like crying now.
How could you too, Ruto, to not recognize this person standing right here?
I guess our friendship was not worth that much huh?
……if it’s Wazu, he’ll immediately recognize me.
Isn’t that what it means to be a close friend?
Wazu, please come back soon~!
No, in the first place, I had to slave myself away like this because Wazu was gone without permission.
Gununu. When he returned, I’ll have him taste of my improved super powerful [Fire Breath].
…..though I don’t think it’ll even tinge the tip of his hair.

Well, that’s something for later.
Now, I have to deal with Ruto and this guardsman.
Should I just turn hostile to the human now? But if I do, Ruto will certainly go to defend them.
There is nothing else I could do anymore.
And I don’t actually want to make a ruckus.
After I sighed, I released my transformation and returned to my dragon form.
Then, I spoke up from above them.

[….does this convince you now? Foolish human and Ruto.]

After doing so, I transformed back into human form.
When I noticed, Ruto was stunned while the human was down there on the ground in prostration.
Well well, it’s good if you know your place.
I feel better now, seeing someone actually showed me reverence.
Umu. This feels wonderful alright.

[My greatest apologies. I didn’t think that it’s the real Dragon King. Pardon me for saying something rude, please forgive me. Recently my daughter finally be able to call me dad. So forgive me for being ignorant. Please spare this puny life…..]

…..I see.
So this human is also a parent.

[Umu. I too have a daughter. Therefore I will forgive you for your daughter . You are just doing your job. I cannot blame you for that.

I have to show how big-hearted I am.
After all, he’s one of the people who worship me.
When I gave him my forgiveness, the man started shedding lots of tears, then prostrated even deeper.

[……then, what brings you here, Ragnir?]

After recovering from his bewilderment, Ruto asked me.
I actually wanted to scold Ruto for his ignorance, but I had no time for that.
After all, before Wazu returned, I need to collect all seven kinds of gorgeous flowers.
So let’s keep it simple.

[I came to see an acquaintance of mine, Regan.]

[Regan? …..Ah, the Lord of this city?]

Hou. So Regan has become the city lord?
I thought he was just an adventurers’ guild master before. I guess he got a promotion there.
As a friend, I’m happy to hear that.

[Then guide me to the lord’s house.]

After Ruto gave me an affirmative, I turned to the still prostrating guardsman.

[Is it alright for me to enter?]

[Yes, Dragon King-sama! Please pass. To be visited by the Dragon King is the greatest pleasure.]

[Umu. Your job is necessary to protect this city. Work well.]


This! This is how people should treat the Dragon King!
In this town, perhaps I’ll be able to recover the lost majesty of the Dragon King.

[Well then, let’s go.]


I followed after Ruto, entering the gate.

[…..Ruto, what about your previous appointment?]

[…………………it’s a place where there are no female elves; what’s the fun in that?]

Somehow, I could feel gloominess rising from Ruto.
Anyways, that’s how I got myself inside Lynic.

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