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Episode 32 – ~And Suddenly I am a Demon King~

[Gosh, the monsters appearing on this great flood were tough.]

[What are you even talking about?]

Sondark played the straight man in response to my attempt at being humble.
Well, I did single-handedly defeated the monsters attacking Telesco.
The battlefield was now rife with craters, debris, scorched earth, all that crazy stuff. Pieces of monster gore and heavily burnt remains were scattered everywhere.
It was the result of using Maximum Explosion and the strongest magic of each attribute without me pulling any punches. Yes, I wasn’t reflecting at all.

After returning back to the royal capital, I only rested for a single night, before returning to Crossroad once I got myself new armor.
Marl’s mithril mesh hadn’t finished its repair yet, so she remained in the capital as my answering machine again.
My new armor was crafted from mythril, but it’s still just an ordinary armor in terms of quality. There was a lot of it in stock in the capital, so it’s a good pick for a quick buy and if I didn’t bother trying to maintain my Hero look.

[Please take care, alright? For real this time, okay?]

[Don’t worry. I won’t pull my punches this time around.]

If my MP was not depleted already due to the mass troop transfer, I would have more room to improvise during my battle against that black lion. With sufficient MP I doubt that lion would be able to even nick me.
Before learning space magic, I used to travel on horse alongside the marching soldiers. So not only was it more MP cost effective, I could rely on the soldiers to clean up the remaining monsters to further save up my MP. On the flip side, mass transferring soldiers really ate up a lot of my MP thus increasing the risk I’d have to take in exchange for cutting down travel time. But honestly, between the two options, I’d rather pick the third option of teleporting alone and use large scale magic to clean up the monsters by myself.
Therefore, this time around I decided to teleport alone.
I quickly did a long-range transfer to Crossroad’s Adventurers guild office.

[Ooossh, oldman Ultz, it’s been a while.]

[Uooo!? How the hell did you just pop outta nowhere like that!?]

[Your expression looks like when someone realized that there is a worm popping out of their apple. Anyways, tell me how to get to Telesco.]

Ultz was naturally surprised at my sudden arrival, but was quick to recover and brought out a map to show me the way to Telesco.
From Crossroad’s west gate, just follow the road to the north.
It should take three days on horseback, but maybe it’ll take only a day if I run at full speed. Not to mention that I had leveled up some more these past few days.

[Alright then, I’ll now go alone to Telesco and clean up the monsters. Please inform the other sides]

[Wha? Hey, hold your horses the――]

I didn’t even give oldman Ultz time to respond properly as I already ran towards the west gate. It’ll be a problem if I crash into the passersby, so I resorted to jumping from one roof to another.
For some reason when I jumped seriously, I was able to land on a two story building’s roof with relative ease. I’ve completely stopped being a human, haven’t I?
Jumping to the rampart from a nearby roof, I leapt off the city wall and started running.
I heard in passing the soldiers atop the wall making some noises, but I ignored them. I wanted to finish the great flood and finally take some rest at the mansion. I wanted to spend my time flirting or crafting new weapons.

Was the bonded sword not enough? Honestly, not even close.
Make no mistake, it’s powerful. So powerful it can cause widespread destruction with a single casual swing. But using it for small scale fights would be overkill.

And I wouldn’t have invented the gold silver if not for the bonded sword!

What if I forge a sword purely made out of gold silver? Maybe a large greatsword meant to be used on a super huge enemy?
Ah, if I have spare time, maybe it’s best to forge it from orichalcon instead. After all, when it came to greatswords, the heavier it was, the better.
I also wanted to craft some simple projectile weapons. There were many ways to dispel magic after all.
In my original world, there was this game genre called 『FPS』 where people were divided into teams and they had to shoot down the members of the opposing team with various kinds of guns. If things went well, I’d like to make a handgun for both myself and Marl. Just to satisfy my old hobby.
I used to have an airsoft handgun, and I’ve dismantled it before. So I pretty much understood the structure and the mechanisms somewhat.
But it’ll be no fun if I were to make a normal gun. Since we are here in a fantasy world, then why not make a MAGIC GUN?
Though it might blur the line between fantasy and science fiction if I made the magic gun go ZAPZAPZAP firing lasers.
I wanna make a whip, maybe chain sword, perhaps pile bunker, or probably drill, pretty much all kinds of novelty weapons. The problems here were the materials, the knowledge of the principle of how each weapon worked, and various other things.

I sprinted to Telesco while pondering about such things. The Wind Shield had been deployed beforehand to eliminate air resistance.
I don’t know how fast I went because there was nothing around that I could use as comparison, but if I had to make a guess, I’m probably as fast as the shinkansen.
About three hours after I started running, I arrived at Telesco. I also decimated the small monsters I came across along my way. I was pretty fast if I had to say so myself.

Telesco city wall seemed to be more robust than the wall around Crossroad.
Maybe because it’s close to the border with Geppel Kingdom? Most likely that’s the reason why.
Due to the wall’s robustness, it seemed to be easier to deploy troop along the ramparts when compared to Crossroad.
Even now, the siege weapons such as the arbalest and catapult were already deployed on the ramparts to cut down the number of the invading monsters.
The bulk of the horde this time were made of bipedal beasts. They were poorly armed, some even resorted to flinging stones.
There were also small flying monsters and large sized monsters like the cyclops.
However, the flying monsters and the large sized monsters couldn’t breakthrough the intense resistance the city spat out. The cyclops were particularly good target practice for the arbalests.
The monsters were actually kept at bay by the impressive artillery barrages.

[Alright, I noticed that you were absent this morning. What did you do during that time?]

[Do you have any problem with that?]

My reply caused Sondark to sigh as he rubbed his temple. There were too many people who I needed to give some face to in the Karendil Kingdom. It’s troublesome, but it can’t be helped either.
This time, I did it like a boss. Launching maximum explosion and highest level elemental magic left and right without leaving any gaps. It was over much faster than I expected.
I had raised all earth, water, fire, and wind magic to the max level 5, and pretty much used the horde as target practice.
The strongest earth magic turned out to be just a giant spear made of rocks jutting out with extreme force from the ground. How should I say it? Unsatisfying? I thought that it would be more of an explosive magic.
The rock spear protruded out from the ground one after another, shattering any monster that it struck while raising an intense amount of dust cloud. It’s like the ground itself had bore its fangs and is chewing on a wide area.

The strongest water magic produced a water sphere the size of a basketball. It’s plain at first sight, but I was fairly surprised once I launched it.
When the sphere landed in the middle of a group of monsters, it vanished instantly. But right after that, a huge area around the landing point was frozen over. Any monster caught in its radius was frozen in an instance and shattered on its own.
I’m not sure about it, but it’s a magic capable of instantly freezing and crushing all targets in a wide area. Scary.

The strongest fire magic looked similar to Maximum Explosion; a fist-sized fireball that caused a wide area of burning zone on where it exploded.
The difference was that this burning zone lingered for a while after the initial explosion. In comparison, Maximum Explosion was more neat and clean.
By the way, the burning zone generated an updraught and caused the flame to turn into a fire whirlwind which burnt an even larger area. All in all, it’s pretty much a scarier looking maximum explosion.

The strongest wind magic turned out to be the most exciting. It created an invisible gusts of wind that are sharp enough to cut down mostly anything I tried it upon.
Simply speaking, it’s like turning a 10 meter tall and 100 meter wide area into an invisible giant blender. Invisible and extensive.

And it’s relatively easy to adjust its range compared to the other max level magics of other attributes. Superb killing ability, coupled with adjustable area of effect, makes it a good tool to use when fighting in a team.
Ah, I also learned 『Flying』 at Wind magic level 4. It seemed slow in terms of speed, but I guess, with some alterations, I’ll be able to fly at mach speed like a jet once I got used to using it.

And thus, once I finished experimenting my new elemental magics and cleaned up the rest of the monsters with maximum blast, I returned to the capital and reported to Sondark.
After receiving my report, Sondark sighed, but nevertheless arranged post processing personnel right away, and asked me to open a transfer gate to Telesco.
I tilted my head wondering why Sondark wanted to personally come to Telesco, but apparently his sister that was married off to another noble family lives in Telesco.
It was publicly known that Telesco’s city lord was Sondark’s brother in law. Considering that, I suppose it’s normal if he wanted to have a talk with his brother in law regarding various things.

[Then, can I go home now?]

[….I would appreciate it if you are willing to come with me to greet the city lord.]

[He’s your brother in law, isn’t he? Is helping clearing out the monsters not enough of a favor already? At this rate I’d just end up stuck in here forever. I’m going back home! Oh, I’m fine with the reward being paid at a later date. And it should include ores and alchemy materials. Don’t be stingy, or else I’ll be mad.]

[Haa… very well. Don’t worry, our country does not have the guts to make an enemy out of a hero as of now. But it will take sometime to stabilize the country, so the reward will take awhile to prepare.]

Leaving Sondark to his own devices, I departed from Telesco immediately. If Sondark informed Marl that I went to Telesco alone this time, she’d definitely force some of her specially made potions to me. That would be horrible.
I did a long-range transfer to my residence at the capital Alfen, stashed my equipment such as the armor and bonded sword into my inventory before walking towards the entrance.

[Welcome back, Master.]

Flam who was polishing the stair railings greeted me when she noticed my arrival.
Glossy black hair, dignified but willing looks, and that tight maid uniform she wore. Totally the kind of maid I’d bang.
Should I entrust her with a sword too? But I guess it won’t fit well with the maid uniform if she were to carry it around on her waist.
Let’s think of something better then.

[I’m back. Where is Marl?]

[She went to the alchemy workshop, then to the living room, then to the bedroom. In short, wandering around restlessly. Probably relaxing in the living room now?]

[I see, thanks.]

[You are welcome.]

Flam let out a natural smile for a few seconds there. Since that evening, Flam had exhibited this kind of smile on occasion now.
Why, I’m not sure.
We only talked once over a glass of water before. So I couldn’t be sure if I was the real cause behind those smiles.
Uumu, I should stop thinking negatively when it comes to Flam. I should be glad that we’re getting along just fine now.
Maybe I should talk with her more often.

[Is there something wrong?]

[No, it’s nothing. Thanks.]

I finally parted with Flam, and headed to the living room.
There, I found Marl sitting on a couch as she drank tea relaxedly. When she saw me, her face shone brightly.

[I’m ba- [Welcome back! Are you alright!? You are not injured, are you!?] …no worries, I’m fine-ouchouch.]

Marl promptly charged at me and started checking my body for wounds.
Hey, Marl-san, why is it that any body parts that should be unscathed felt hurt when you check on it? Are you actually trying to hurt me?

[Now that Karendil Kingdom is mostly safe… I wonder about Miscronia Kingdom? Shall we go soon?]

[I think Miscronia should be safe. There are three heroes residing there after all.]

Marl replied to me in a seemingly uncaring tone.
There are three heroes there?
Are they as strong as me? If so, then of course Miscronia will manage just fine.

[Do you know anything about them?]

[My father, the eldest son of a influential noble, and woman who was a former adventurer.]

[Ee? Marl’s dad is a hero?]

[Yes, my father is also a Hero.]

I had only bad feelings about this.
I felt like he’d go 『Defeat me first if you want to marry my daughter!』 if I went to Miscronia. No, nope. I should try to convince him some other way.
The bonded sword might be a bit of an overkill, so let’s forge a regular sword first. Also, maybe I should try myself on crafting armor.

[I somewhat can guess what Taichi-san is thinking, but it’s going to be fine. My mother won’t allow such a thing.]

[He’s a hen-pecked husband?]

[Yes, my father can’t even raise his head against mother.]

No matter whether he’s both a hero and a member of royal family, the relationship with his couple turned out to be the same as a regular family
For the time being I settled myself on the sofa. Marl stuck to me like a magnet, probably still worried. All lovey dovey on me.
Meanwhile Maybell came in to bring us more tea.

[Welcome back. It seems that master is fine.]

[Yeah, I’m fine.Tonight, I want steamed rice as a side dish for dinner. I’m also going to need a massage after the bath.]


Maybell-san also looked happy. Not that important, but still, I’m glad.
Now all that is left is flirting with Marl.

And thus I enjoyed a thighs pillow while having my ears picked, followed by some playful tickles and other fun stuff until it’s time for us to have dinner.

[Thi, this is…!]

That’s unmistakably shredded kelp right there on the table.
Moreover, it’s wrapped around a lump of rice shaped into a triangle――yes, it’s actually the tororokonbu onigiri (shredded kelp rice ball).
Today’s soup also had kelp in it.

[Finally the menu is completed. And it’s actually really tasty.]

[It’s perfect, Jack-san.]

By the way, a separate case filled with white rice was also prepared, and the side dish appeared to be baked dried fish. There were also hot vegetable salad.
Let’s try the tororokonbu onigiri first.
When I picked it up, a hot mist wafted out from it.
Not only the kelp, the amount of salt was also perfect. The moderate saltiness spread through my mouth as I tasted the tororokonbu onigiri.
Ahh, onigiri is truly the soul of japanese food. I almost felt myself tearing up.
Was there shoyu or miso, maybe nori or natto too?
Apparently it’s possible to import the konbu from Geppel Kingdom. Were there traces of japanese culture in the Geppel Kingdom? I felt the need to investigate it now.

[it seems that it’s safe to assume that Master enjoys it.]

I was surprised on myself when I heard Jack-san’s comment. Apparently I already reached out for the second onigiri when he said that.
I was so impressed that I didn’t even realize what I was doing.

[Yeah, it’s really excellent. Thank you, Jack-san.]

Jack-san responded with a perfect butler style bow.
Marl seemed to enjoy the onigiri as well, eating it quite voraciously. She looked cute like a kitty that way actually.
The kelp soup and the baked dried fish were also good.
Well, the soup felt like there was still something missing, but it’s delicious regardless.

After dinner, I took a bath with Marl.
I didn’t go too far yet because the maids would enter the bath shortly, so I held down any lewd thoughts for now.
But once we’re done bathing, we headed right away to the bedroom on the second floor and I could finally relieve myself. It’s been several days since the last time, so releasing it now felt especially gratifying.

I actually planned to not use the origin magic, but I ended up automatically using it anyways.
What can I say? It’s a pleasure that comes from the union of not only body and mind, but also our soul.
And because of the obvious difference in our physical strength, Marl ended up reaching her limit first.
Stroking the head of the sleeping-more like she’s fainted- Marl, I checked her status for the first time after a long while.

Name: Marl (Fake), Mariel Blanc Miscronia
Level: 25
Skill: Ethic 2, Deception 1, Danger Detection 3, Performance 1, Reputation 3, Shooting 2, Swordsmanship 3, Origin Magic 3, Alchemy 3, Water Magic 2, Wind Magic 2, Magic art 1, Twin Swords style, Royalty’s Charisma (True)
Title: Gale Sword Princess, Fencer, Alchemist, Saintess, Hero’s Lover, Hero’s Squire, Sex Fiend, Beginner Magician, Elementary Alchemist, Veteran Adventurer, Adventurer, Swordsman, Male Semen Draining Machine, Runaway Adventurer, Runaway Daughter, First Princess of Miscronia Kingdom (second in line to inherit the throne)
Achievement and Crime: None

When I first met her, she was only level 2. Now she’s already level 25.
The swordsmanship skill had risen to 3 in such a short period thanks to her constant effort. Well, I guess she inherited the prowess in martial arts and sword fighting from her father.
The alchemy and magic level were also good if I had to say so myself. The growing speed could be considered as really fast even if she kinda cheated with origin magic usage.
People with a level 3 skill are usually deemed pro or elite. That said, Marl who owned several level 3 skills could be considered as having amazing talent.
Now that I think about it, Miscronia Kingdom had long been known to favor Heroes highly. I have a feeling that they deliberately mixed their royal blood with these heroes to produce strong heirs.
I shouldn’t rush to an assumption that cannot be clarified. Don’t just don’t.
Anyways, let’s check my status.

【Skill Points】177pts(Skill reset available)
【Name】Taichi Mitsuba  【Level】64
【HP】813 【MP】4438
【STR】1687 【VIT】1656 【AGI】1565
【DEX】461  【POW】928
【Skill】Swordmanship5, Martial Arts5, Polearms Mastery5, Throwing5, Shooting1, Magic Art3,Fire Magic5, Water Magic5, Wind Magic5, Earth Magic5, Pure Magic5, Recover Magic5, Origin Magic2, Barrier Magic3, Space Magic5, Life Magic, Body Strengthening5, Magic Strengthening5, Magic Recovery5, Negotiation2, Cooking1, Equestrian5, Blacksmithing5,Detection5, Danger Detection5, Appraisal Eye, Magic Eye, Poison Resistance3

The growth was certainly high.
The obscene amount of STR, AGI, and VIT is probably caused by Body Strengthening Lv 5. Since it increases corresponding stats by 50% per level, my current STR, AGI, and VIT are actually 3.5 times of the actual value.
Without it, my STR, AGI, and VIT amounts to around 500 or less. Around the same number as my DEX that has no stat strengthening.
My initial DEX should be around 30, so I gained around 430 points after leveling up 63 times. Other than POW, apparently all of my stats shared a similar amount of growth per level.
The average appeared to be 7 points per 1 level. Average of 7. Where did I hear this before?

[The average of the result when two dice are rolled…?]

There are some variations. It’s just a rough calculation too, but I think I’m pretty close to the truth.
However, POW growth does not fit this hypothesis. It has much greater growth than other stats, and its initial value was certainly the highest either.
I still remembered that the initial value was 130. It gained 790 points after 63 times level ups. If I simply divide the former with the latter, we get 13.
Does the number of dice increase? But if I simply double the number of dice, the average roll would become 14. That’s a bit low. But, I don’t know for sure.
It’s hard to imagine that it’d make use of a different law, so there must be some sort of modifier――ah, of course! Maybe the two dice has modifier in them
The average roll result for two dice is 7. Giving 6 as a modifier would give the average growth of POW I’ve estimated just now. Alright, I think I get it now.
And now, what to do with the unused skill points?
I don’t think I need the skill reset yet, since I’ve accumulated a fair amount of skill points to do what I want.
In addition to the elemental magic, I’ve also raised danger detection to 5, then Throwing to 5 as well.
Why throwing instead of shooting? Given my STR and AGI, I thought throwing directly would deal more damage. It also helped to cause chaos by throwing one monster at another.
But even after using a lot of it, I still had 177 skill points left in store.
There was no urgent need to use them all right now, so let’s just examine the available skills leisurely.
My level up should slow down starting from now, as events where I get to fight a lot of monsters like the great flooding shouldn’t occur that often. So I guess leveling should be shelved for now.
In other words, I wouldn’t be able to add anything else for a while once I ran out of skill points. I suppose I should stick to that mentality. Who knows if I encountered a strong monster during my explorations?
There was also “title” on my status menu, so let’s check it out.

Stranger, Magician, Swordsman, Fist Fighter, Beginner Adventurer, Rising Star, Pure Magic User, Martial Artist
Troll Crusher, Adventurer, Hero, Intermediate Magician, Barrier User, Veteran Adventurer, Interrogator, Executioner, Karendil Kingdom Certified Hero, Sword Saint, Master of Fist, Master of War, Sex Fiend, Beginner Blacksmith, Blacksmith, Veteran Blacksmith, Supreme Blacksmith
Divine Material Creator, Magic Swordsmith, Veteran Magician, Conqueror Hero, Brave Hero, Divine Sword, Divine Fist, Divine Polearms, Exterminator, Supreme Magician, Demon King, Breakwater, Demon King Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Magician of Space
Mage of Rumbling Earth, Mage of Glowing Water, Mage of Exploding Flame, Mage of Extreme Wind, Master of Elements.

This is somewhat amazing. And I realized that it’s been arranged according to the order of acquisition.
There are quite a few obtained after gaining a certain skill, some because of my achievements, while the rest were given by other people.
Let’s just leave it alone for now, as the title effect on my stat is trivial at best. And I’m not aiming for completion anyways.
But I know how I ended up with the “Hero” and “Demon King Slayer” title, but what’s with this “Demon King” title?
From my understanding, that creature coming out from the darkness was considered as a demon king… No, the Demon King title was acquired before I killed that creature.
Was it because of Level….? I believe I reached level 50 before killing the first demon king I encountered. Don’t tell me everyone received this『Demon King』title upon reaching level 50?
Because those creatures appearing from the darkness were well above level 50, that they were considered as demon kings?
When I checked the title for more information, a new window was shown.

【Demon King】:Reached lvl 50. An individual who had devoured many souls, and grew stronger from it.
 【Demon King Slayer】:Earned by defeating a level 50 or above enemy who has obtained『Demon King』title.
 【Sex Fiend】:Earned by absorbing magic power from others through physical contact.
 【Executioner】:Earned by killing 5 or more criminals.
 【Breakwater】:Earned by stopping the『Great Flooding』.
 【Element Master】:Earned by mastering four elemental magic. Chaos Magic becomes available.

Why of course.
I get how to obtain the title now, but it didn’t offer any clue whatsoever regarding the great flooding.
On the other hand, I’m wary of this Chaos Magic. It’s not there on the skill learn section. In other words, it’s probably something I have to learn and understand manually, just like Magic Art.
By the way, the skill that is inaccessible via skill learn menu cannot be raised with skill point, which is why my Magic Art still remained at level 3.
Umu, let’s do a research about this chaos magic in the near future. Perhaps it’ll allow me to fuse two elemental magic? Like producing Lava by fusing fire and earth, or lightning by combining wind with water?
Anyways, I need to get some sleep.

Ah, I forgot about Maybell’s massage.


[What’s wrong, Maybell? If you’re looking for Master, you must wait until tomorrow]

[Uuー…….Master told me that he wanted a massage though]

[Too bad, but you should postpone it till tomorrow. We should leave it to Marl-sama today]


[Yes, today]

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