The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.132

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 132 – Conquering the North part 3 ~Spectral Sword Murasame~

Shu’s face contorted heavily upon seeing the sword in Ares’ hand.

[That form… A katana?]

Ares swung the new sword around to get a good feel out of it for a bit, then turned to Shu.

[Well well. The troublesome fellow came out. Though I think you should be just fine.]

[What are you saying?]

[Nn, about this fellow. Alright, let’s get on it again. But this time…]

Ares grinned.

[It’ll be a bit different.]


Ares’ attacks were more violent this time. Sharp slash after sharp slash threatened Shu.

[Kuh! You are much faster than before!?]

Even so, Shu still managed to block each of Ares’ slashes. Until a moment of hesitation caused the attack to reach his shoulder, causing it to bleed profusely.

At that moment.


Shu was forced on one knee.

At the same time, the cloak of silver light that enveloped Shu’s body started to grow dim.

[Damn you… what did you do?]

Shu muttered with haggard breath as he gazed at Ares.

But instead of replying to that question, Ares simply said.

[This sword’s name is 『Murasame』]

[Murasame… THE Murasame you said!?]

(TL note: Shu used katakana to say the first Murasame(ムラサメ) in this sentence, but then used kanji (村雨) on the second)

Shu exclaimed in response to Ares’ explanation.

[No way… that sword…]

[Right. I’m sure you know about it…. The special characteristic of this sword is that it’s a 『soul eater』. It steals a fraction of the victim’s soul whenever it causes a wound… A terrifying weapon.]

Looking at Ares, one would notice that he didn’t look as tired as he was before. And the many cuts on his body had somehow disappeared.

[In your case, your body was enveloped in magic power and fighting spirit. So instead of your soul, the sword absorbed that in exchange.]

What a terrible weapon, Ares thought inwardly. The sword is capable of stealing some life force from the opponent away even with the slightest of cuts, then turning it into his own. Keeping himself energized and healing his wounds, while enfeebling the opponent overtime.

[Of course, it’s not without any drawbacks. If it doesn’t draw any blood after a certain period… it is said that it’ll feast on its wielder’s life force instead.]

Ares then laughed.

[But that will take quite a while since it drew blood already just now… not that the battle will last to that point once I show you this following technique.]

Right afterward, Ares positioned Murasama as if it was sheathed around his waist. Seeing this, Shu’s breathing only grew rougher.

[What are you trying to do?]

[This technique can only be executed with a katana… I’ll direct it to the sky… but it’s still a powerful technique, so defend yourself as best as you can.]

An enormous amount of both magic power and fighting spirit converged inside Murasame as Ares said so. The stance he took… was similar to Shu’s when he’s about to launch his final technique.

[No, no way!?]

[Murakumo-style Special Arts 『Dragon’s Roar』]

At that moment, just like Shu did, a dragon-shaped aura burst forth from Ares’ sword.

The dragon opened its large maw in the attempt to attack Shu.


Before hitting Shu directly, the dragon actually climbed up to the sky before slowly dissipating.

Every soldiers’ eyes were following the majestic dragon trail, only turning back to the battlefield after it dissipated. They were startled to find that the ground had been gouged out along the path that the dragon had traversed, and at the end of that path they saw Shu lying on his back.

During the same time the dragon dissipated, the sword in Ares’ hand also disappeared. He then slowly sat back and tried to catch a breath.

[As expected, he’s a tough opponent.]

When everyone heard what Ares said, they soon realized that he had won the duel.

[No way… Shu actually… lost…]

Batu didn’t expect that Shu would lose so he was perplexed for a while…..until he realized what situation he was in.

[This won’t do. We’ll collapse if this goes on, they’ll annihilate us completely!]

Batu quickly attempted to retreat. But first, he needed to order his troop to escape as well. After all, without them, what would become of the women and children of their tribe?

But before he could sound the signal to retreat, at that moment:

[Hold it right there, Barbarian chief!]

A voice loudly called out from the sky.

Turning to the source of the voice… The barbarian couldn’t but shout in shock. Up there was the legendary sacred beast, the Ancient Dragon!

Batu looked at his own troops.
Shu’s defeat and now the appearance of the ancient dragon had caused their morale to reach rock bottom.
Many of them had clearly lost hope.

[And now a dragon appeared…it’s one thing after another. I guess this is it for us.]

Batu laughed to himself.

[But I’m not going to give up just like that. Let me show you our last stand.]

At the very last moment, instead of the signal to retreat, Batu decided to ring the signal to attack. But before he could,

[Wait! Batu!]

A familiar voice could be heard from the sky.

[Heroes of the Wind Tribe. Stop fighting! Listen to my voice!]

Batu and the rest of the barbarians looked up to the sky once more.

Only then it became clear to them, the knight in black wasn’t the only one riding atop the ancient dragon. The Wind tribe chieftain Bahar was also there.


[Everyone…it has been hard on all of you… I apologize.]

Bahar said as he descended from the back of the ancient dragon.
Batu immediately rushed to him at a loss for words.

[Father… your leg…]

[Ah this… Those bastards got me.]

Bahar laughed.

[I tried to escape. You kids have been worried about the captured Wind tribe, are you not? That is why…]

[It… must have hurt…]

Batu’s vassal Batoru fell on his knees after seeing the chief’s condition. Mukasa on the other hand was weeping in tears.

[But at least I am still alive and now is here to meet you. Let us consider it a fortune.]

[But why is Father here with the people of Grants? Something doesn’t feel right.]

Batu spoke up his mind. The other barbarians also nodded, obviously suspicious about the current affair.

[Ah, about that…]

Having said that Bahar glanced at Sigurd.

[They helped free us up. Me… and also the other hostage tribe members.]


What really happened? Bahar explained.

[It was a few days ago. A detachment of Grants army launched a surprise attack. They targeted the area where our tribespeople were imprisoned.]

It was a moonless night. Dozens of flying dragons attacked with an ancient dragon on the lead.

[Amqa’s men fell into confusion and fled. But of course, the Grants forces were anticipating this as well.]

The surprise attack was mounted by not only one, but many flying dragons. Amqa’s men would have trouble dealing with one flying dragon, not to mention multiple amounts.

Thinking so, there was no other way for the defending barbarians other than escaping.

But then… Those who escaped were crushed by the cavalry that had hidden themselves among the hills.

[Then…everyone is…]

[Yes, freed.]

[My wife Klan too…?]

[If all this happened a week late, I am afraid Amqa would have lost his patience. By then, she would be forced to become his sex slave……fortunately, nobody has touched her. She is safe.]

Upon hearing this news, Batu finally collapsed in tears of relief. Along with him, all other Wind tribesmen either shouted in joy or broke down into tears.

Bahar looked up to the sky, laughing in satisfaction… Then he turned to Ares.

[Are you the current master of Grants?]

[Yeah, that’s me.]

After that simple reply, Bahar quietly bowed. Many people, including Batu, were startled by this scene.

The Wind Tribe was known for their pride. It’s because….they never bowed to others, especially their chief.

[What can we do to repay the debt for saving me and my tribe? The Wind Tribe shall never forget this great favor.]

Hearing that, Ares simply smiled, and replied with one word.


Bahar raised his head in disbelief. He thought that the young ruler would demand their surrender.

[I will not force you to become my subordinate or anything like that. I much prefer that we could build a friendly relationship and prosper together.]

After hearing that, Bahar laughed.

[Not being greedy, are you not…..? But that is fine too…]
Bahar then turned to Batu for a while, before speaking to Ares again.

[O’ Chief of Grants. I am no longer in position to serve a tribe chief no more. The decision shall fall on the current generation chief, Batu’s hands. But we need some time… would you give us a few days to think this through?]

Ares simply smiled and nodded as a reply.

And that was how the Battle of Troia Fort was concluded.

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