29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai ch.37

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 37 ~ Starting to make my moves ~

The next day, I traveled alone to the commerce guild to receive the supplies I ordered.
Marl would continue the negotiations with the King and Sondark. With me finally deciding what I wanted, the talks should proceed forward now.
At the same time, things like road maintenance and trade routes could only be mentioned as passing for now. Well, many things were still left undecided as of now, so we couldn’t even talk about it yet.
I’ll just go to the beastkins village for now, although it would be without a companion again.

Ee? Last night?

[….you look somewhat tired this early in the morning. What’s wrong?]

[Ah, un. I’m alright. Things just got a bit intense last night.]

[I take back my concern for you, you bastard!]

Huey struck the wall of the commerce guild office with all his might. That looked painful. Is he stupid?
Well, Marl and Flam double teaming me was formidable.

The commerce guild office as a whole was actually pretty large.
Next to the main building was the collection site for loading and unloading products. And behind it were many large warehouses.
Next to the collection site was a stable for the horses meant for pulling the carriages. Horses were just 『one of many』,though. There were many other animals that can be used to pull a carriage in this world.
Horses are the most used, sure, but large land-based birds like the Landrunner, and also large reptiles called Chariots were also used here.
Horses had more balanced speed, stamina, and traversing capability. The giant birds excelled in explosive speed, but in exchange lacked stamina and traversing capability. The reptiles are superior in stamina and traversing capability, but lost out in terms of speed. I guess each one has different uses
Although the horses are a bit more mainstream due to the cost and various other reasons.

[I see that it’s been prepared.]

[The military released a huge amount of supplies they’ve piled up. Lots of these supplies were left untouched because they were meant to be consumed during the Great Flood.]

Huey explained to me.
The capital Alfen was still in chaos due to the many evacuees still having not returned back to their home villages. On the other hand, the nobles and church had been providing food for these people using the supplies that the military released.
In addition to that, neighboring countries like Miscronia and the Dwarven Kingdom on Mount Bus were still in the midst of the great flood. Apparently the Kingdom planned to send relief supplies to these neighboring countries. But it’s said that the plan was stalled because of how dangerous it is to transport anything at all to a country where the flooding was still ongoing.
Uーmu, wouldn’t it be much simpler if I were to go? But neither Sondark, Karendil King, nor Marl had mentioned that to me, so I suppose that’s also part of their negotiations…

[Anyway, I shall take these supplies first.]

That said, I transferred the supplies into my inventory while sorting them out carefully.
It mostly consisted of things with a long shelf life like dried fruits, baked breads, salted meat, pickled vegetables, and food ingredients such as onion, potato, root vegetables, salt, flour, and cereal. There was also water, wine, clean cloth, blanket, medicines, and even fuel such as firewood included in the batch.
Can the beastkins actually eat onions?

[You intend to take all of them?]

[I can afford to do that. Actually it would’ve been better if the supplies were all stored in bags.]

A huge bag will only occupy one slot in my inventory regardless of what’s inside the bag.
But anyways, I’ve stored all the supplies in my inventory. With this, I can fulfill my promise to Torn.

[Please buy more supplies for me. Of course only up to the funds I have in the deposit.]

[Wha? Are you sure? That’s a really huge amount.]

[No problem, I have plenty of space. Just that, don’t divide the supplies into too many bags; just pack as many as possible in the largest bags you can get. And well, please make sure that my purchases don’t end up ruining the market.]

I do want to secure supplies, but I also don’t want to cause unnecessary confusion in the market.
Although, I shouldn’t be one to talk. Especially after flooding the market with super high quality weapons that almost rendered many workshops out of business. I was happy back then, but now I regret doing that.

[So for whatever reason you actually still have some common sense… Very well, I’ll make an arrangement. When I have something ready, I’ll send it to your mansion.]

[Yeah, thanks.]

Parting with Huey, I finally left the commerce guild office.
Umu, is there anything else I should prepare? I remember there were quite a lot of children, so maybe I should buy some sweets? Ah, and perhaps some liquor too.


[You’re here.]

[Well, I told you I’ll come to visit.]

Torn greeted me as soon as I returned to the Beastkin village, showing his fangs in what appeared to be a grin.
Guided by Torn, I proceeded through the village toward the village warehouse.
Along the way, many of the villagers we passed by either bowed or thanked me. It was such a stark difference from yesterday. I’m not going to say,『It’s not like I meant to do that』 while blushing. Feel free to praise me more actually.

Arriving at the warehouse, I noticed that some beastkins were distributing the supplies I brought yesterday to the villagers.
There were Deborah, a young-looking female centaur, a half-tiger girl, and Relix the black pantherkin. The horsekin I healed yesterday was also there.

[Yo, you’re the one from yesterday.]

[You’re here today as well, huh.]

A big fluffy looking apron-wearing brown bear greeted me with a small wave of soup laddle. Well, that’s actually Deborah.
The female centaur greeted me with a bland voice, while the half-tiger girl didn’t even look at me. Could it be that these two hated me for some reason?
Relix was busy transporting stuff in and out of the warehouse, while the horsekin took record of each. Makes me wonder if this horsekin is actually an intellectual type.

[Additional supplies here.]

[Okay…how much?]

[Is it okay if I leave it in the warehouse?]

Deborah nodded at me before returning to distributing soup.
Me and Torn greeted Relix and the horsekin as we entered the warehouse. Then I began taking out the supplies.
Goods started to pile up in the warehouse. For ease of management, we sorted them out by type. Foods and raw ingredients that need to be used as soon as possible are placed nearer to the entrance, while long-lasting stuff is stashed at the back of the warehouse.

[We somehow fit them all in, if barely.]

[Just how much did you bring…]

[Enough to support a platoon of knights, which means it’s sufficient for 40 to 50 grown men for a full month.]

Torn made a dumbfounded face. Fufu, did my connection and speed of procurement amaze you?

[Are these items, even legal? Don’t tell me you attacked a knight platoon somewhere and robbed them clean?]

[I know why you look at me like that. But no worries, it’s all perfectly legal.]

With that said, I took the chance to ruffle up Torn’s fluffy furs a little.
It’s useless even if you try to avoid it! My hands, which moved so fast they left afterimages, didn’t even give Torn any chance to defend himself. Martial Art level 5 doing its work.

[Oouch! Stop, it’s hurt! Please stop it!]

[….chi, consider that my forgiveness after you falsely assumed that I procure these supplies illegally.]

Leaving the writhing Torn behind, I was met with Deborah at the entrance. She was still busy distributing soup, but she handed me a bowl of soup nevertheless once she noticed me.
My, it’s delicious. It seemed to be made using the cabbage-like vegetable and salted meat I brought here yesterday. In addition to the moderate saltiness from the meat and mild sweetness of the vegetable, the soup had a delicate thickness, making me wonder if there’s potato starch in it.


[Right? I cooked it myself.]

Deborah looked so proud after hearing my opinion. Cooking bear, huh? Looking at her now, the apron and the sling actually seemed fitting on her.

[My cooking skill is pretty much equal to my physical strength.]

[I guess so? This taste pretty good.]

[How about as a lady?]

[Puuh… do you even look like one?]

Deborah scoffed at my reply, shrugging her shoulders as she turned to me as if to show me.
She had thick arms that were covered by brown furs, just like her entire body which easily tower over me. Her face certainly looked charming, but it’s still a bear’s face. And she does have feminine features, but her body is still that of a bear.
But well, she does have a female body. And it certainly shows. Those are certainly the largest set of mammary glands I had ever seen so far.

[I simply can’t tell the difference between the male and female of your kind. But you look good in that apron.]

[Ri, right?]

After I said all that, Deborah suddenly shriveled as if she was sick. No, un, did she get embarrassed? Did I just trigger the flag for this bear just now?
Let’s not think about it too deeply. Un.

[Anyways, I have deposited a new batch of supplies in the warehouse. I have the details of the inventory here. Should I give it to the horse guy over there?]

[Ee? Yes, you should. Yamato!]

When Deborah called out, the horsekin that had been burying his head in his notebook finally raised his head and came towards us.
He was huge, as his height easily surpassed 2 meters tall. The black mane and the brown fur gives him an heroic air. There was a mace hanging on his waist. Does that mean he could also fight?

[What is it?]

[This is the list of supplies I’ve brought with me today.]

[Oh, I see. That really helps.]

I handed over the catalog to this horsekin called Yamato. Without having this, the management would take a lot longer after all.

[…..is this really all?]

[Yes, you can go check it yourself later.]

Yamato was briefly stunned before checking the catalog again. Probably curious why Yamato acted like that, Deborah also took a peek at the catalog. Her expression quickly changed.

[What’s the matter?]

Those two’s reactions were clearly weird. Was it really that strange?

[Uーn, it really helps for certain but…]

Deborah quickly whispered something to Yamato’s ear. The horsekin nodded and left to enter the warehouse.
Deborah took off her apron then asked the half-tiger girl and the female centaur to continue distributing the soup. She motioned me to follow her to the warehouse, so I just tagged along.

[I’m not really good at bargaining, and I don’t like where this is going. Tell me, what do you really intend to do?]

Deborah’s question caused me to tilt my head. Is it really okay for me to be frank now?

[As I have said already yesterday, I want the people of this village to become the residents of the territory that I’m going to acquire.]

At my words, Deborah and Yamato promptly turned to Torn for confirmation. Both had obvious confusion on their faces, while Torn looked somewhat reluctant to explain. Actually their expressions are really hard to tell.

[Are you for real?]

[I am.]

[For what reason?]

Yamato looked at me as he asked those questions. I didn’t actually like the feeling of being stared at by a horse like this. So I decided to imagine Yamato as a man wearing a horse mask instead. An intelligent man wearing a horse mask to be exact.

[There are various reasons…. But which one do you want to hear? The nice sounding one, cold hard reasoning, or the truth?]

[Let’s start with the nice sounding first]

[I simply want to help since you people were in trouble. At least I believe it’s still within my power to help. You can say that it’s out of sympathy, and I won’t deny that. But it’s actually the lesser part of my motive]

[The cold hard reasoning?]

[Helping people in trouble will make it harder for them to decline my request. Especially so if it’s a life-threatening trouble.]

[Then what about the real truth?]

[I just love the fluffiness of the beastkin and half-beast. I want to stroke, rub, even lick them]

[So the real truth is just because you’re a perv!?]

Torn rushed at me with all his might. That’s a nice tsukkomi there, probably enough to bring him to the top of the comedian world. Ah, that makes me the one who plays the role of bokke. Teaming up with a werewolf? Doesn’t that sound crazy?
Meanwhile Deborah was laughing so hard. Did I say something funny?

[So that’s how. You are still human too after all. Do you see us as some sort of pets? Hee?]

Torn growled at me. His fangs showing out. Hoo, scary scary.

[Ahahaha, chill out doggy. Look, I got your favorite chew meat bone hereー]

[Who did you call doggy just now!?]

I took out a chew meat bone (teriyaki) from my inventory, flailed it around for a bit before tossing it to Torn’s mouth right when he opened it. Perhaps I threw with a bit too much power, as Torn also flew to the back of the warehouse. Throwing level 5 is truly formidable.

[Ahー, really now. If that’s really your intention, there is no need to do it in such a roundabout way.]

[Make sense. It’ll be easier to just kill all the male and capture the female and children]

Yamato nodded as his head still followed after the flying Torn. Somehow when he said that, I sensed the air of a devious man coming from the horsekin.

[I won’t deny that my action was driven by my desire. But it’s not like I’m doing all this for charity. I might be a Hero, but I’m no Saint.]

That’s why I consulted Marl regarding the land acquisition yesterday.
According to her, there’s not much of a problem convincing Karendil Kingdom, but I still need to acquire Miscronia Kingdom’s agreement. That means we’ll have to head to Miscronia to negotiate.

[That’s why, I’ll be heading to Miscronia Kingdom shortly. Even so, I will still visit frequently since I can use Long-range transfer magic.]

While I was saying that, Torn finally rejoined us. Did he only return now because he fainted, or because he took his time eating the teriyaki?

[Yo, was it delicious?]

[Delicious my arse, I thought I was going to die!]

Torn’s fur rose up like bristles. What’s your problem, wasn’t it just a chew bone?
But you need to calm down, okay. I don’t have anything else for you to eat. I know you’re hungry and I know it’s frustrating, without a doubt.

[But anyways, let’s put all that aside for now. Today I’m here to set up a barrier.]


[Yep. it’ll be troublesome if monsters like those appearing yesterday popped out again. I’m thinking of setting up a semi permanent anti monster barrier.]

While saying so I navigated through the menu, and promptly raised barrier skill from level 3 up to the max level 5.


【Skill Point】168 pts(Skill reset available)
【Name】Taichi Mitsuba  【Level】64

【Skills】Swordsmanship 5, Martial Arts 5, Pole Arms Mastery 5, Throwing 5, Shooting 1, Magic Art 3, Fire Magic 5, Water Magic 5, Wind Magic 5, Earth Magic 5, Pure Magic 5, Recover Magic 5, Origin Magic 5, Barrier Magic 5, Space Magic 5, Life Magic, Body Strengthening 5, Magic Strengthening 5, Magic Recovery 5, Negotiation 5, Cooking 1, Equestrian 5, Blacksmithing 5, Detection 5, Danger Detection 5, Appraisal Eye, Magic Eye, Poison Resistance 5.


Fumu, I learned the anti-monster barrier and monster-sealing barrier at level 4. Level 5 taught me Great Barrier and Great Six Calamity Stars Formation.
The knowledge on how to set up these barriers also came together with level 4. Apparently I needed to set up a starting point in the middle of the spot where I want to erect the barrier, and also some places around it.

[I’m going to need a medium, preferably something with good magic conductivity.]

Then the mithril dagger should do, right? Let’s just give it a try.

[Oi, can you really do that?]

[I’ve never tried it yet.]

I replied to Torn’s question before heading out of the warehouse. Taking a glance behind me, I saw Torn following me, while Deborah and Yamato were discussing something.
Anyways I arrived at the well situated in the center of the village. There were already many female and children beastkins around the well to fetch water. The well itself looked pretty deep, so fetching water might require some efforts.

[Oy, Torn, help them out. We’re going to set up the barrier here.]

[Why are you ordering me around now?]

Despite complaining, Torn-san took the fetching bucket and started fetching water from the well. Perhaps because his level was pretty high, he did it rather effortlessly.
I assumed that Torn-san had been helping around the village frequently, considering how friendly the reactions of the females and children were. But for some reason, Torn-san turned his face away. Don’t tell me he’s being shy? Why are you feeling shy?

[What are you waiting for!]

[Sir, yessir.]

I simply grinned in return to Torn’s glare. Thinking that it’s not wise to push it too much, I took out the mithril dagger from my inventory and began casting the anti-monster barrier.

[I think it’s already activated now.]

I could see a thin filmy layer of light that covered the entire village through my magic eyes. Although I’m not sure how effective it is.

[Can it really prevent monsters from coming into the village?]

[As I said, I’m new to this whole barrier business. So I’m not sure how effective the barrier is. You want to test it out?]

No matter what it’s still a level 4 skill, so it’ll certainly work according to its intended function to a certain extent. Whether it’s less effective or more effective than I expected, I’m still happy for my success.
Torn wasn’t convinced yet, so he tried to touch the barrier, only to find that his hand passed through the filmy layer easily.
The anti-monster barrier seemed to work by preventing monsters from closing in. On the flipside, the monster-sealing Barrier was meant to keep monsters inside the barrier.

[Now I’m done with what I want to do here today. Ah right, I almost forgot.]

I took out a bag from my inventory, and handed it over to Torn.
Torn seemed to immediately realize the content of the bag by sniffing at it.

[Why does it smell like something sweet? Is it sweets?]

[Yeah, I almost forgot that I bought those for the children. Please give them away.]

I couldn’t help but smile upon imagining the scene of Torn giving out the sweets to the children. I would like to see it myself, but I had no time to spare.
Torn had a complicated look on his face as he stared back at me. What? I don’t have the hobby of being stared at like that by a man.

[You, what are you thinking about?]

[How amusing the scene of Torn giving out sweets to the children will be like.]

[Don’t laugh! I mean, that’s not it. Read the situation!]

Torn stomped on the ground. What an amusing guy he is.

[Well, there is really nothing much behind my action. I did it for my own satisfaction. I just want to help people in trouble, and a place where I can seek help when I finally raise my own flag. But above all, I just want those cute, fluffy little beastkin and half-beasts to be happy. As a fluff lover, I will certainly protect those fluffy kids and ensure their freedom.]

Of course I didn’t say that all I actually wanted was to pet their fluffy heads. Well, otherwise I have a feeling that I’ll have a pair of eyes watching intently behind my back all the time, right?
That kind of thing will only reduce the sense of satisfaction from petting fluffy stuff after all.

[Is that really it?]

Torn seemed troubled by my answer. His face told me that he still didn’t understand me. Fuh, of course you won’t understand unless you are also a true fluffy lover like me.

[Anyway that’s how it is. Well, I’ll be showing up frequently from now on. It’ll be uncomfortable if our relationship remains one-sided, so please prepare something that’ll make me happy on my next visit.

Without waiting for an answer, I teleported back to my mansion at the capital Alfen.


[…..he isn’t here. Uncle, where is he?]

[Unc…ha, he’s already gone. He said that he’ll be heading to Miscronia Kingdom.]

[Then he won’t be visiting for a while?]

[Um well, he said he’ll still visit frequently.]

[…….I smell something sweet.]

[Nn? Ah, it’s a souvenir for you kids.]


[I get it, I get it. Let’s head to the village plaza to distribute this. You kids should help too.]

[Yes!] [Alright.]

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