Glutton Berserker ch.154

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 154 – Barbatos Castle

We passed through the renovated castle gate. How beautiful it is now. I’d like to take a closer look at the vibrant city, but there’s something I needed to deal with first.
Glancing at the well maintained garden with a lush tree in it, I pressed on.
Seto grinned. Apparently noticing what I glanced on earlier.

[The tree Fate planted has grown really well.]


Taking a slight detour, I decided to take a look at the tree growing near the fountain.

[Ooh, it was still so small the last time I remember! Is this really the sapling from back then?]

[Yes. Still couldn’t believe it myself either.]

[What a big tree it is. This size….this should have taken at least 10 years to grow.]

Roxy who was standing by my side also couldn’t hide her surprise as well.
Mimir didn’t seem to believe this, so she eyed us suspiciously.

[That’s got to be a lie, right? Fate-sama should stop joking either.]

[Mimir, I wasn’t telling a lie. This tree was just a sapling when I was here last time.]

Are you suspecting your own brother! Don’t look at me like that.

[It’s the truth! Right, Seto.]

[It’s true, everyone. I don’t know why, but after Fate left Hauzen, the sapling grew at a tremendous rate.]

Even when being told right in the face what actually happened, Roxy and Mimir still couldn’t believe me.
However, when Eris and Snow saw the tree.

[Amazing! I can feel Fate’s power coming from this tree!]

Saying that, Snow instantly hugged the tree.

[What do you mean, Snow?]

My voice didn’t seem to reach her, as she already closed her eyes, seemingly in comfort.
I tried to peel her away, but she stuck to the tree like a cicada.

[I see. It’s exactly as she said.]

Eris who also stood right beside me probably felt something after she lightly touched the tree.

[What does that even mean?]

[This tree has been influenced by you.]

I suddenly had a bad feeling. I used to believe that my power only affects humans.


[I also want to believe otherwise, but it is how it is.]

If I were to believe in Eris’ words, then that means the power of Gluttony skill can actually influence plants as well.

[You are… truly special kind, aren’t you?]

[Special? Eris also has this kind of power too, right?]

[But I don’t. So far, only my two white knights have been empowered by my Lust skill. Even worse, I couldn’t do the same to plants.]

[Is this… something good?]

When I planted the sapling, I only wished that it’ll grow big. Did Gluttony skill influence it to respond to my wish?
Is the power of Gluttony skill actually stronger than I previously thought?

[So far, I don’t know whether it’s bad or not. The tree itself has no other intention. It just wants to grow bigger. Doesn’t seem to intend any harm either.]

As Eris kept talking, a feeling of relief washed over me.

[But for now, you shouldn’t focus on something else. Who knows, something might go wrong later on.]

[Ahh…. got it. U~n, no strong thoughts, huh…]

Is this really the power of Mortal Sin skill? I could do it, but Eris couldn’t. That didn’t actually make me feel satisfied though. But looking at the result, just as Eris said, maybe I really should refrain from having a strong feeling about random things for now.
Roxy gave me a worried look. She then attempted to encourage me.

[There was a time when Fai wanted to become a gardener, yes? If you can use this power well, creating a garden you want should be a piece of cake, right?]

[Positively thinking, that’s true.]

[Un, un. If I send some grape saplings from Heart mansion garden, would they not grow and bear fruits in no time at all?]

[That’s a good idea. I’ve been wanting to drink some Hauzen’s wine! Not to mention the wine’s color resembles blood, it’s also delicious.]

Mimir also joined in the fray, all smiling as she imagined the taste of the wine. She then looked at my neck and licked her lips.
I unconsciously tried to conceal my neck and hid behind Roxy.

[Really now, Mimir! Stop doing that. I will keep an eye on you tonight.]

[Eeeee! No way… my only source of fun…]

[That can be a problem. Mimir will just have to find some other way to have fun]

Eris was actually unrelated to the topic, but she patted Mimir’s shoulder as if trying to console her.
But Roxy caught Eris’ hand with a hint of anger.

[Eris-sama too. You are the Queen of this Kingdom. Even so… is sleeping next to Faye while in such a vulnerable getup is a Queen-like conduct?]

[Well…that’s…you see, I’m the owner of Lust skill after all. I always have the impulse to be intimate with a man. Like this!]


I was listening to the two… when Eris suddenly hugged me and pressed her big breasts onto me. I instantly yelped quite loudly in surprise.

[What was that for! That is totally not allowed!]

Roxy protested, trying to peel off Eris from me.
But since Roxy’s opponent was an Area E, Eris simply wouldn’t budge.
As for me, if I put in some words here, I had a feeling that sparks would only fly out even more. So I just kept quiet. It’s something I learned after travelling with these girls for a while.
While her arms tightly folded around me, Eris stared at Roxy with a grin on her face.

[Ah, I get it now. Un, un… So that’s how.]

[Wha, what now!?]

Eris’ line of sight was now directed at a certain part of Roxy’s body.
Roxy immediately turned around trying to cover her chest area in response.

[You’re jealous because you can’t do it like me.]

[Wha, what does that even mean!]

[Well, calm down. There is still some hope for more growth.]

Was she even trying to comfort Roxy? Her tone sounded like a Queen looking down on a peasant somehow.
There’s no such thing as a win or loss in that department… I could sense the sadness floating from Roxy’s back. But I don’t know what to say to console her. With only my short experience in life, I couldn’t think up any good words.
In the end, I decided to poke at Eris’ forehead.

[Please use your authority for a more proper stuff.]

[Arara, Fate, don’t tell you are angry at me?]

[If we keep going this way, eventually, we’ll arrive at the castle.]

[I knew that already.]

Eris finally released her hug and proceeded to the castle on her own.
Really now? Then, what should I do with Snow who is currently stuck to the tree?
While I was thinking so, I heard Mimir’s voice calling out to the still listless Roxy.

[Roxy-sama, let us go as well! Come on, cheer up.]


[Come on now, your chest is just a tad bit on the smaller side!]

[Do not say that so clearly! Mimir wouldn’t understand my feelings.]

[Ah, Roxy-sama! Please wait!]

Roxy, almost tearing up, stormed off into the castle. Mimir chased after her.
This side also makes me exasperated.
I lifted Snow up and ran to catch up to the girls.

[Not yet, still wanna play here!]

[We can visit the tree again later. Now let’s head to the castle! There must be something more interesting there.]

[Really? Then what are we waiting for!]

The youngest of them all, Snow, was actually the easiest to persuade.
Finally on our way to the castle again. Just as I thought so, Seto, with Ann on his side, closing in on me.

[You really have a hard time, don’t you? At first I was a bit jealous seeing you bringing so many beautiful ladies… the Queen herself, and those former holy knights too. Now that I think carefully, no normal man will be enough to handle escorting them all.]

[So…you understand my pain now?]

[Yeah, but nothing I can do about it, so hang in there, bud.]

As someone who had married before, Seto sympathized with me.

[Oi! What’s with ‘nothing I can do about it’!]

[Obviously, I still want to keep my life intact. Therefore I can’t involve myself in it. I have an important daughter to care about after all.]

[What part of this can be life-threatening… oh, right, each one of them are strong.]

[That’s right. For me who isn’t even a warrior, it’s a whole other dimension. Everything will have to depend on Fate. It’ll be no joke if the newly renovated Hauzen collapsed due to some lover’s quarrel. Also, I hope all of you can refrain from acting lovey dovey while my daughter is around. It’s bad for her education.]

[Yes…..I’ll keep that in mind.]

Pressured by the gaze of a father trying to protect his daughter, I could only relent.
Even the normally soft Seto could toughen up when it comes to his daughter. Even now, he’s still staring at me.
Looks like he didn’t trust me that much. Come on now, I could at least make sure that those girls are in line.

[Let’s go then. I’m worried about Eris and the others.]

[It’s true that Eris-sama is a bit too freewheeling to be left alone inside the castle… I don’t know what she’ll do.]

[Let’s make haste then.]

Looking back, Eris was smiling coyly before she walked away.
I felt like that’s the face of someone who is up to no good. Now that I think about it, did I leave my room locked? I believe I left it open.
I really should make haste now.

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